Man Accused of Kennedy Compound Intrusion

A man was arrested for breaking into the Hyannis Port home of Ted Kennedy Jr.
4:01 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for Man Accused of Kennedy Compound Intrusion
The mystery man in hand cops found hanging out inside the Kennedy compound. On Cape Cod and he wasn't invited. No one knows. -- -- was and white was doing there hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York that stranger is accused of breaking into the hyannisport. Home of Ted Kennedy Jr. For more on this bizarre story let's go right to -- OK our Boston station WCVB. He's in neighboring Barnstable Massachusetts on the cape Jim thanks for joining us. Good afternoon Michelle and get an idea how more police tipped off that there could be a stranger. In the hall of this Kennedy compound here. Well this up around 930 last night when Ted Kennedy Jr. who's the son of the late senator who lives in Connecticut. Called the Kennedy compound to check on his teenage son -- teenage son is sixteen years old but when he called. The voice of have a -- was not that -- son. But that of a strange -- didn't recognize the voice immediately behind apple phone and called police police went to the home to check -- see what was going on there. Now we have a sound -- from the police chief earlier talking about the suspect when they encountered him. Com news Perry collected. In protecting went to one. No distress he wasn't concerned that we can't some assistant keeps -- friend of the family. Now it is known as the Kennedy compound there is an open access though on the -- give us an idea of the lay out here in neighboring Barnstable do police know how he got -- And what security that you know -- is in play. -- -- a would you look at the Kennedy compound obviously you have this image of these large giant -- in a home in question here. Is actually to all the -- to former president John F. Kennedy however this one. Is not the main home on the compound it's off to the side it's awful awful road it's very easily accessible so what it appears is this man drove his car -- to that home. Parked in the driveway and walkway inside and this is the amazing -- -- figure the Kennedy family would have a lot of security at the home and maybe they do. But the easiest piece of security the one -- you -- I have -- homes that the Kennedys but did avenues at the time a door lock. It was a lot he was it would just a walk in and go right at a -- -- that's -- he was there for about three hours before police showed up. Walking right through an unlocked door and what are they saying about the suspect who -- he lives in the area and how was -- acting when police arrived home. What we -- not achieved magic is very called at the time and what was interesting was he went into the home. Apparently at some point when Ted Kennedy the third the grandson public senator came home he -- the -- thought. It may be a family friend a baby business associate the Kennedys. Obviously know a lot of people here in this part of Massachusetts so the grants it didn't think much other color when police showed up and asked what he was doing there. This is that this is really the strange part of the story and one of the reasons we're still waiting for this man outside -- court. He said he was looking for JFK or Katy Perry. The -- of course. So at this point they brought the man in for custody he's here in a court he would undergo mental health evaluation the time but they don't know -- they've never met this man police -- -- -- the man before. They really don't know what's at play here wanted to find that out -- at some point today. 53 year old James -- -- -- -- they've identified him adds that he's making that court appearance today what charges will be facing. Very simple charges -- Michelle doesn't look like they're there they're pressing up. The -- many major charges that in just a simple breaking and entering charge but again it was enough for them to take him into custody there to do -- valuation and then wolf this will determine later on today a what his status will be. Moving forward as a continue to investigate. Why he was there on -- first. Points. Jim thank you very much for joining us from Barnstable Massachusetts on the -- You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring this story or exclusive updates on -- -- For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24587359,"title":"Man Accused of Kennedy Compound Intrusion","duration":"4:01","description":"A man was arrested for breaking into the Hyannis Port home of Ted Kennedy Jr.","url":"/US/video/kennedy-compound-break-man-arrested-intrusion-ted-kennedy-24587359","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}