Key moments from Lt. Col. Vindman’s testimony

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams testified on Capitol Hill in a tense back and forth with Republicans and Democrats.
6:17 | 11/19/19

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Transcript for Key moments from Lt. Col. Vindman’s testimony
We have cure Philip standing by along with our Devin Dwyer and guys right when this wrapped up the ranking member Devin Nunez called this act one of today's circus I felt after watching this for three days. The tone today got a little more vicious we saw the White House get a little more aggressive. Republicans were more aggressive in questioning people like lieutenant colonel Alexander veneman but much like what should you guys what we're some of the key moments for you that that you thought maybe the Tonys is changing in that room. Let's start with the circus Tom because right behind us here as you we've been listening to you and the guests talk a circus is unfolding. I don't hear along independence avenue at the hearing room is just over here along went behind us there are dozens of protesters. I was signage we didn't see it all last week and yet impeach trumping factors at a mock graveyard on the capitol lawn back here. I would grave stones signifying ukrainians who died because of the lack of military aid her dad that was held that's secure I would certain. We see David he's finally stepped out and pretty impressive tally is likely circus atmosphere all day today at a Joey and grabbed seven this picture behind us. But your point Tonya absolutely this is this has been a much more. Pointed I think we were very brewers used emotional. Tense I would say in an afternoon did it really do you think move more toward impeachment. I mean it was it there was tension there was. It intense discourse but really. Do we move any closer toward a valid argument toward impeachment yet these two witnesses religious seem to corroborate the consensus view that we've seen in our own. ABC news its us polling that most people think what happened on this call including the two witnesses today was wrong and unusual inappropriate. But they're still cure a lot of divide over whether this is impeachable and I don't know whether this testimony actually it. Advance then there and with regard to talking about been in and his credibility let's look at this exchange. Between Kidman and also the densely layered Daniel Goldman just talking about these. Bullet points apparently he had prepared for the president. Two to go over on that call with Lewinsky well apparently those bullet points were never tackled. Let's discuss after we listen this back and forth. I want to go to the White House readout from the April 21 call. And at I'm not gonna read the whole thing but you see the highlighted portion where it says root out corruption yes. So in in the end this readout was false is that right. That's. That's. Maybe that's a bit of and it's not entirely accurate but non match or are described as false it was consistent with US policy. And these items are used as messages tools also source statement that goes out. It in addition to know katic oh. Reading out the media itself is also a messaging platform to indicate what is important Richard arts US policy. So it is a part of US official policy. That Ukraine should root out corruption even if president trump did not mention it in that 21 April 21 phone calls at Wright certainly. And he also did not mention it in the July 25 phone call is that right. Prayer. So. Even though it was included in is talking points. For the April 21 call. And presumably even though you can't talk about it for the July 21 call. It was not included in either is that right. Triggered the April 21 caller not mention it in either rather correct. So when the president says now that he held up security assistance because he was concerned about rooting out corruption in Ukraine. That concern was not expressed in the two phone conversations that he had with presidents a Lansky earlier this year is that right. Burke. And I think DeVon you and I both agree that was a pretty pivotal moment because. That that that gets to the heart of the phone call and white Inman was so concerned and why he went straight to Eisenberg White House counsel to say. There was something not right about that phone call he had wrapped the president talked about corruption. He says can we solve a transcript the president didn't bring up corruption. Oh yeah also goes to the heart of Republicans defense I think Tom that's one of the headlines for me today was that exchange Republicans the president had been seen that money was held up. Odd the president wanted those investigations because you want to root out corruption they keep saying it that's been there. Tag line for all of this in yet here you have the president's top Ukraine advisor red recommending the president bring up corruption in Ukraine on that first phone call. It didn't happen none of the transcripts show that the president explicitly talked about a broad effort to root out corruption I think so that was. That was a big score for Democrats say Republicans certainly and notched a couple points as well and there but that was. The biggest take what for them. Did you guys also pick up at sea what Republicans were poking pretty hard. About the chain of command and that even though lieutenant colonel Lyndon in. Is a member of the military he somehow didn't go to his supervisor first he went to the lawyer first what do you think. Think the strategy what we think Republicans were trying to do there. You know ally said to DeVon it's sort of like when you don't trust your boss you go to HR. That's sort of let it appears. He did as well that he had concerns about that phone call so he decided goes straight to the lawyer and say something was inappropriate. Meanwhile his boss also went to White House counsel. But not because he had concerns about what was on that phone call he went straight to White House counsel to say. We'd better put this transcript in a more or hide the secret or hide the phone call right in a more secret I'm more secrets servers so. Little people have access to this the concern of course with that was that there was going to be leaking. It's if this is just going to be fascinating this afternoon Tom because it did these two people in this HR dispute will. Testified back to backs are here we have Alexander veneman telling his side of the story and then this afternoon as you've been talking about we'll have. I'm Morrissey coming in sitting down that is Finland's boss we will both get a chance to tell their version of events and that should be some pretty dramatic testimony.

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{"duration":"6:17","description":"Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams testified on Capitol Hill in a tense back and forth with Republicans and Democrats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67141199","title":"Key moments from Lt. Col. Vindman’s testimony","url":"/US/video/key-moments-lt-col-vindmans-testimony-67141199"}