Kids and coronavirus: CDC finds "little evidence" of transmission in schools

A new CDC report says students can return to the classroom with proper precautions, plus, Johnson & Johnson could report vaccine trial results early next week.
8:07 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for Kids and coronavirus: CDC finds "little evidence" of transmission in schools
For more on covad and schools let's bring in ABC news medical contributor and infectious disease specialist doctor Todd Halloran doctor L or good morning to you always great to see you. We just saw in Steve's piece there the news CBC report finding little evidence of cove a transmission. In schools within the classroom but we're seeing some districts like Chicago the teachers union this is been an issue in New York as well urging its staffers to work remotely. What do you make of this new CDC report. Well I think Steve just really don't be elegance very clearly there's little evidence that there is any meaningful spread of coping nineteen in the classrooms you just saw this CDC study from Wisconsin the risk of transmission in the community is greater than in the classroom why is that. Because our infection prevention measures in the classrooms are working. Deep down justifying these classrooms universal mastering. Making sure there's physical distancing especially between the teachers in the students all of these things are minimizing transmission risk what does that all mean. That teacher is how to lead with the science we have to get our kids back into the classroom. It's not contributing to increased transmission and multiple studies not just Wisconsin one other ones from Mississippi from North Carolina are all saying the same things teachers are not getting infected by their students teachers who get infected. Much more likely to be infected. Back at home or in the computer or in the community a large. Yeah I can speak sits in my kids' school they were in a hybrid system and it's done really well even cases that have been better come back positive within the classroom they weren't spreading among the kids or the staff there. But I do want to ask you does over the past few weeks we've seen. A 16% increase still of cases of corona virus in children. What do you think is behind that if it's not happening within the school. Right so remember our children are microcosm of the community when you see increased community transmission as we've seen especially in the fall and winter as as it's gotten colder as we're spending more time indoors of course we're going to see more children get inducted they key is and you show that crap nicely it's not happening with in the classroom by the way where. Remember. A recent study from the CDC showed many more young adults eighteen to 24 are getting infected and the younger age group and the younger you are the less likely you are to be infected with code in nineteen or transmitted to someone else. I'd certainly encouraging news I do want to turn says some of the updates on the vaccines though because. There's this potential Johnson & Johnson vaccine which would be the third to come online in the US it's moving closer to FDA consideration. How would this vaccine be different than the ones that we've seen produced by Pfizer made dirt up. And has Johnson & Johnson address how will fare in combating these new world variant so we've seen spreading now in the US. Well aware that there has compare. Questions it is a lot to go get through here so importantly Johnson Johnson is the first the company into phase three trial to have a single dose vaccine. Single dose their fees one and two data shorter are very robust immune response so we're very hopeful about their. But I do want to play don't something interest in two months into their phase three trials the F. Another cohort which are. Are individuals study participants that are going to receive two doses. Two months apart know why do they do that obviously Johnson Johnson very resource you could say they don't don't wanna have all their eggs in one basket they want to. Have a recipe for success no matter what also is possible that the police are signal that certain participants need not have had the immune response or getting infected so you could imagine something where the single dose is very good for a young healthy adults eighteen to 55 but perhaps they're going to need to use the two dose regimen for older adults or or people with chronic morbidity and and we don't know is still a candidate vaccine but very importantly if we can get them. At first to post it if we get single dose Johnson Johnson got seeped into the mix got all massively improved. Though the logistics and remember to GG vaccine does not need to be. Frozen it can be refrigerated. Again another huge all the logistical decompression. That we sorely need the last thing they'll say is I'm Doug clinical trials are international. And there are a number of sites insult to Africa and Brazil so we will have. Hint at how well the GE NG that she is doing in parts of the world where we're hearing that there are more variance. And what I want to ask you about that we know that that the timeline for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine recurring maybe a couple of weeks when they would apply for FDA authorization. Wait wait you touched on this with Johnson & Johnson but also Madieu and and Pfizer. Or looking at ways to Alter their current vaccines to address these variants correct. Yes a good point. Something I didn't say and I should've been J&J platform is actually using any. I had no virus doctor okay dad it's a virus eight is replication defective so you can't get. He infected with this virus that's carrying the genes for the spike protein that's very important to say but remember something the AstraZeneca. Oxford group also is using an new virus an actor it's a different wanted to share and as opposed to Hugh wouldn't one like Johnson Johnson remember we were little disappointed in the overall effectiveness when he AstraZeneca Oxford came in around 70% which we did great compared to influenza shots but with the results of all of our own. Spicer in return at 95%. We were disappointed with so another important part of these results is deceit can she AEG's results really. Be exceptional life by German dark horse are gonna follow in line with more modest effectiveness. Like AstraZeneca Oxford. The importantly. I'm there is still in the announced it they're going to be slow in the beginning tend to be able to seal up the manufacturing. But couldn't use these and these. That no virus these viral vector is you can sure how much more vaccine to even more than a messenger RNA platforms so I'm feeling optimistic. But I'm Dee these these vaccines can't get here faster. That's sure a streaking of that speed one other follow up question there up president Biden announced a number of things to serve speed up that roll out. Including 200 million more doses. From Pfizer and Madieu which would be enough in theory to vaccinated the entire US population by the end of this summer. Is that going to be enough though it in your opinion because we've also seen issues and is getting those shots in arms once they reach the State's. All right again this is really imports let's follow this in the beginning. For every three doses that were being distributed. In United States one dose was getting in tore arms okay. More recently we've seen debt that. We closed the administration get to vote total one for every two doses distributed one is getting it tore arms so we are doing better we're ramping up think of this flight testing OK we were slow start but we really picked up speed deceive is going to be happening with the vaccine we need to close the administration gap but. We also have to get a lot more vaccine out their especially as we and XP and the priority groups write once you start saying 65 and older that's fifty million people that are going to be expecting the vaccine so you know we won't we we really have to ramp this up we can't. The rule was sell like it's a more fight influenza vaccine campaign this have to meet the most historic and aggressive campaign in the history of the United States. No question about that doctor Todd Halloran thank you so much for your time we always easier when it all right you TO.

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{"duration":"8:07","description":"A new CDC report says students can return to the classroom with proper precautions, plus, Johnson & Johnson could report vaccine trial results early next week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75516542","title":"Kids and coronavirus: CDC finds \"little evidence\" of transmission in schools","url":"/US/video/kids-coronavirus-cdc-finds-evidence-transmission-schools-75516542"}