3 killed, 1 injured in shooting at Oneida Casino

Three people were shot to death, including the gunman, and one person was critically injured at Oneida Casino in Wisconsin Saturday night.
4:20 | 05/03/21

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Transcript for 3 killed, 1 injured in shooting at Oneida Casino
So what we know at this time. The suspect was a former employee of the duck creek kitchen and bar. Was terminated earlier this year. It is our understanding and get the Oneida nation also advise a suspect they he was forbidden from being on the property. On the night of the incident the suspect entered the complex. On the south side of building. Between then casino. And restaurant. Near the banquet halls. He walked to the duck creek kitchen and bar and walked directly towards the back of the restaurant. Towards a waiter station. This waiter station is open to the public. In not an employee only restricted area. The suspect fatally shot to employee. Should with a nine millimeter handgun. This occurred with approximately fifty Petri ends. It's either restaurant the suspect then be part of the restaurant. In made his way outside. To the north side of the complex. The suspect then shot one additional male who is also eat duck creek kitchen and bar employee. It was a very quickly. After the suspect shot the third victim that officers from the Green Bay police department neutralize the threat. I am not at liberty. To discuss the officer involved shooting investigation. That investigation is being cut conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Justice the vision of criminal investigations. This is it normal a part of our state law requirements. To have an independent both citing agency investigate officer involved shootings. The victims of this tragic events are Yemen. He's 32 years old age. And was shot inside the restaurant. Jacob team Parnell. 35 years of age shot inside the restaurant. And Daniel L Mulligan. 28 years of age he was shot outside the complex. And as a right now we know that he is in serious but stable condition. In a hospital in Milwaukee. The lone gunmen is Bruce. Cain. Hopeful. Age 62. I want to briefly talk a ball stabilizing the incidents. Police fire and EMS agencies. Work together to treat and remove an injured victims to locate in evaluate those who sheltered in place. Over thirty I would says are dead hiding interviewed. While other non witnesses. We're directed to pioneer and cherry elementary school of as he really unification site. Over 230. Individuals. Were transferred to the elementary school and spoke into a bolt this incidence. The special thank you to the green bay area transit bus for assistance in moving those. I'm the car let's. Entry school. The the family services crisis setter American red cross and Salvation Army further assistance. Working with those at the elementary school. The crime scene that was identified a lot don't for process scene until yesterday afternoon. And this was a done by the Wisconsin state crime lab. As I indicated earlier. The Wisconsin department it just this division of criminal investigation. Is handling the officer involved shooting investigation. While the brawl coney sheriff's office is leading the homicide. Attempted homicide investigation. Both the Wisconsin department it just us. And then property sheriff's office has been assisted by the FBI. From the Milwaukee field office in the Green Bay resident. Resident office.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Three people were shot to death, including the gunman, and one person was critically injured at Oneida Casino in Wisconsin Saturday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77465932","title":"3 killed, 1 injured in shooting at Oneida Casino ","url":"/US/video/killed-injured-shooting-oneida-casino-77465932"}