Former first lady Barbara Bush dies at age 92

She died shortly after deciding to forgo further medical treatment.
4:22 | 04/18/18

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Transcript for Former first lady Barbara Bush dies at age 92
This is an ABC news. We're coming on the air would set breaking news former First Lady Barbara Bush has died. She was 92 years old. The miniature rock of one of America's most important political families Barbara Bush first took the national stage as secondly to then vice president George H. W. Bush. For eight years and then First Lady for four years even after leaving the White House the political spotlight never far away. She of course was also the mother of president George W. Bush and Jeb Bush the former governor of Florida Republican presidential candidate. She is survived by three other children seventeen grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. And of course her husband the former president who was also in for health. Barbara Bush battled graves' disease for decades the most recently was played with respiratory issues and congestive heart failure. Sunday a spokesperson revealing. The former first lady's health was failing she chosen to stop any medical treatment and instead spend her last days in comfort with her family. ABC Cecilia Vega has more on the life of Barbara Bush. Patriarch of an American dynasty famous for her fierce loyalty. Hate it when anyone criticize my brilliant husband. And I'd. Furious but I criticize myself and for razor sharp wit that same fellow that he's just yell at to please pick up his around. To see him as president. Truly amazing. Born Barbara Pierce in rye New York the third of four children. At sixteen she met George Herbert Walker Bush at a school dance they were engaged a year and a half later before he left for the war. He knew back home she was waiting. I would stand there. In look out at the blackness of the sky and I would think about friends I lost the country I love. And about a girl named Barbara. The bush does had six children. But tragedy struck when they lost their three year old daughter Robin to leukemia. You ever get over that. Now. And that's okay camp. But but it's true that she is a happy part of my life now. While George built a political career Barbara packed up the kids moving more than two dozen times. Along the way learning from a struggle with depression. I think was a good thing to happen because now when I hear about depression instead of saying help pull yourself together which is what I used to think I now thing that's tough. And and you gotta get how. But for decades she was the rock by his side. George Herbert Walker Bush in. Do solemnly swear. The woman with the down to earth style thrust into the glamorous role of First Lady in irony she would joke about when she got to the White House. Speaking of glamour. I want you ought to look at me very carefully. As First Lady Barbara Bush left her own mark promoting literacy but it wasn't until after the White House that mrs. bush would reveal some of her private views. In a memoir including her thoughts about abortion. You are pro trunks. I think that's her. And that that comes as no surprise to George. The family could always count on Barbara to speak her mind. My dream for our family. So it's been named. Grow up they get a good education. May be happily married or they find someone they could be happy with. And that they would. Not think they were entitled. That they would work. And that they would then turn around and give back to the country because they're so lucky and my dream it's been answered. You hurt the former First Lady talking about her daughter Robin who passed away when she was just three years old. We're told in her final days mrs. bush mention rob and often spoke of seeing her again. Barbara Bush was 92 years old. For more her incredible life and legacy go to And our life streaming coverage continues online. We'll have the latest on Nightline later tonight. We return now are to our regular program. This. Has been a special.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"She died shortly after deciding to forgo further medical treatment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54543525","title":"Former first lady Barbara Bush dies at age 92","url":"/US/video/lady-barbara-bush-dies-age-92-54543525"}