First lady Melania Trump undergoes kidney surgery at Walter Reed

Dr. Jen Ashton explains kidney embolization first lady Melania Trump's hospitalization.
7:09 | 05/14/18

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Transcript for First lady Melania Trump undergoes kidney surgery at Walter Reed
And welcome ABC news live I'm way Johnson we have some breaking news to report First Lady malign it from. Is in the hospital at Walter Reed of the White House just announcing a short time ago that she underwent a procedure for but nine kidney condition. Let's go and get the very latest on on what we know so far life from the White House arena Marshall is joining us. And Serena and not a lot of information coming from the White House in this latest statement but what do you know what can you tell us now. Wit this statement is very short it does not provide a lot of details basically what we now that she went to Walter Reed hospital this morning she underwent a procedure or as you said of the nine. Kidney condition and mobilization is what they called and she plans to stay at the hospital for the remainder of the week now Walter Reed is considered the president's possible so it's no surprise she was taken there. Bet this procedure this morning comes after a very busy week for the First Lady she unveiled her platform for the first time just last week police are going. She accompanied president trump to the military base to welcome back. Those those individuals from North Korea and so this came as a surprise at what might be most surprising about this announcement is that it didn't leak before it was revealed. She's in the hospital. Do we know anything about president trump and his reaction or has he been communicating with the First Lady throughout this process. As senior administration official has told us that he spoke to the First Lady before she underwent the procedure this morning. And they spoke to the doctor immediately following the procedure but he was not there during the this operation or procedure or what have you. I that we don't know when he plans to go visit her but we expect that would happen. In the near future as well but the package he's staying there at the duration of the week. Has raise a lot of questions because B don't know exactly what the purpose of the civilization this benign kidney. That fact why. Answer to you mentioned for busy schedule leading up to this but were there any indications that there were some kind of health issue. In the days leading up to this prior to this procedure. Wit nothing at all in fact we somewhere the First Lady last week and we do most weeks at the White House he's very low profile she's Allen to really like. Make a splash and be out there a whole lot since she's. Take an op as well alongside her husband there but last week we did see her multiple days and her trial on. Tuesday she unveiled her be best platform that exposed to be. Or on behalf of America's children. Then we saw her Ott another's aid military lynch and on Wednesday and then. Very late Wednesday night Thursday morning technically around 3:4 in the morning she accompanied her present her her husband president trump. Q the military based welcome back as a Korean. Folks and so that fact police are three times in a row there is no indication whatsoever Annie. And today the day after Mother's Day Serena thanks so much will stand by in the White House in a procedure was successful. And no complications so far we do want to bring in. Our doctor Jennifer Ashton again we recognize is not a lot of information about this doctor. But what can you tell us about these statement coming from the White House and what this might mean for the First Lady melodic rock. Well I think the first and most important thing is that you know even though she's obviously very important public figure she's still a patient and as such it is entitled to a certain degree of privacy. There is very little medical information that we can deduce anything without really full blown speculation. I think the important thing is our that there was a point nine kidney condition so that's obviously good news. And the procedure went well and there were no complications those those three piece of information are are probably the most important. I think for the country to now a little bit more about an ample invasion involving the kid needed to be a procedure done by inter factional radiologists. Which consultation obviously a urologist to specialize in treating conditions that affect the kidney and the regional system. And if this could be done for a number of reasons they're benign growths that affect the kidneys there are certain types of vascular mouth formations that can affect the kidney and occasionally an amblin patient procedure can be done to treat bleeding. That occurred you know possibly. As a result treating a kidney stones the could be a consequence of another procedure. But I think whatever the initial cries. We meant for someone young healthy person to stay in the hospital after Campbell as patient procedure. The largest reason is pain control because again you're cutting off. Part of the blood flow that supplies in or again and that. Can be effective treatment they can also be a painful one and then. After any procedure you want to make sure there's no bleeding there is no infection this is all pretty standard and not a surprise that someone like the first lady of the United States that they'll be taking some may be some extra precautions. And an apple is Asian procedure doctor -- and is this something that is generally planned. As a result of some complications. Or could it be a spontaneous there's an issue and she has to be. Rush to the hospital. A great question and I am validation procedures depend begun. On a plan to elective basis but they absolutely can also be done. As an urgent Immersion kind of rescue procedure. So it it's impossible to tell you know without speculating in this case. And by nine kidney conditions or how calm and are things like this and can they lead to other more serious issues. Well I mean take something like kidney stones that are obviously they affect people of all ages that the denying kidney condition incredibly common a lot of people don't even know they have. So you know with anything that affects a major organs like the kidney we have two of them but. Something something that is benign ten potentially has a long term or chronic consequences but. Again that's where I I caution people not to jump in medical speculation or conclusion pair with information that we just don't have. And again I know that we have limited information but what does it say to you that she's going to remain at Walter Reed. For the remainder of the week. You know not not anything ominous that they said with them bullet patient procedures that are done by international radiologists on on various parts of the body. They can be very painful and so pose procedure it's not uncommon at all to. Admits someone her pain management and pain control for a period of time. Whether that's 24 hours or a longer period depends on the patient. All right doctor Jennifer Ashton thanks so much for insight and our thanks to Serena Marshall. Why did the White House for us again this breaking news the First Lady melodic from in the hospital. Undergoing a procedure for open nine can be kidney condition in the White House in a procedure was successful and no complications as a result. We'll stay on top of this story and if you want information you can go to Or RA BC news app. This is ABC news live I'm whit Johnson thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"Dr. Jen Ashton explains kidney embolization first lady Melania Trump's hospitalization.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55160419","title":"First lady Melania Trump undergoes kidney surgery at Walter Reed","url":"/US/video/lady-melania-trump-undergoes-kidney-surgery-walter-reed-55160419"}