New Leg for Boy Whose Prosthetic Limb Was Stolen

Liam Brenes, 4, was surprised with a "Ghostbusters"-themed prosthetic after his was stolen during a trip to the beach.
2:01 | 07/29/16

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Transcript for New Leg for Boy Whose Prosthetic Limb Was Stolen
It's right up. The Venice family thinks they're getting a temporary prosthetic leg for four year old Leon but there in for a big surprise. That would do whatever the event that Iraq. Yeah this one isn't temporary its permanent. This is Christmas in July and so ecstatic so thankful we're walking away with more. Then we mead and white and I frankly even as there isn't really about me. While making a permanent prosthetic like this usually takes weeks but Michael Medicaid Kia and his team at essential or box of prosthetics were determined to lead him back on his feet as soon as possible. We had a lot of people on board that really wanted to help get this get this done so men a couple of gentlemen met at the office this morning around 4 AM to it finished the final product a one of the kind ghost busters leg. Planned parent. Didn't speed bump wrestlers and you know cook sang me. Lead was on his first trip to the beach in Orange County on Sunday when someone stole his prosthetic leg will he played in the water. Medicare Kia son's story on ABC seven and jumped in to help in donating the new lake and expediting the process. We hope that it makes them. Want to Wear it won't want to use them more. Want to shall adopt more maybe embrace that it doesn't stop with this Blake Leon is also going to get wanted to lasts just win. I know our ghost busters. Explaining weren't you know we're just don't know ghostbusters. Can't. They could not have done better they hit the nail on the head for this little boy this little dose buster fanatic. He loves it and keeping his smile on his face is that all when he sees that it's just. Why hopeful and Leah now powered by ghostbusters his dad says the only issue will be how to slow him down. A little bit of frantic and check the keep up with. This is so quick and nothing's gonna scalpel it Tarzan axle C Edwards ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":40998615,"title":"New Leg for Boy Whose Prosthetic Limb Was Stolen","duration":"2:01","description":"Liam Brenes, 4, was surprised with a \"Ghostbusters\"-themed prosthetic after his was stolen during a trip to the beach.","url":"/US/video/leg-boy-prosthetic-limb-stolen-40998615","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}