Linsey Davis’ new children’s book ‘Stay This Way Forever’

ABC News Prime Anchor Linsey Davis discusses her third children’s book and how she’s paving the way for a new generation of journalists.
7:31 | 02/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Linsey Davis’ new children’s book ‘Stay This Way Forever’
I am very excited to introduce our next guests and her latest brilliant accomplishment the new children's book stay this way forever. Is it beautiful love letter to our children and a shave writ. In my own household. So happy to be joined by Emmy award winner New York Times best selling author and and member of our ABC news live family ABC news live I'm anchor Lindsey Davis Lindsey. Welcome I'm so excited to talk you about this book because I know I told you this already but I literally cheered. The first time I read this to my son because I delegate really encapsulated. The way I feel about him right now which is sometimes I just want us reason Miller Griese is moments that I have with them and I want him to stay this way forever and that's exactly the sentiment. Back comes from this book. Well I'm so glad personal think you for ammunition Diana I'm so glad that you're having this reaction because well what's funny is you know and it writing a book it's a long process especially when it's illustrated so I had written did the transcript does it manuscript was approved. Months go by. And then they mailed it Samie and I was reading it's my husbands and in. I cried and I thought and dozens and now we're starting against so much feedback from parents were saying they teared up and that there emotional about it. I think that so many parents can relate sadness that that you kind of wanna press the pause button interests Aybar in these moments and and there are so many things you know their fleeting about childhood. But then there are those other aspects that you really hope that they're gonna carry with them into adulthood their. Sure Yassin he creativity and passion for life I know that my son many times that they have what we're going to bed he'll say tomorrow's going to be the best day ever and I hope that he keeps that we didn't you know that. That didn't of the possibilities over tomorrow or solidity so excited about. Now we want them to learn from us and in so many ways we kind of want to remember to learn from bend to and that steer and now my son's shoes so you know he here appreciate it. For many different reasons particularly in the beautiful illustrations were tarsala and that your son is Shannon. How is it too relayed his story to him an Al how much influence did he have on this he is the entire inspiration of this spoken and really my news for all the children's books and he sees himself it in the books as far as sleep get this is ridiculously taking exactly out of our holdings on the screen are live now Mary is. And an end and really what was happening in the end of the day I was kind of writing down specific moments and Utley searing than the Peter patter of his feet in the morning. And before he jumps in to bend Wisconsin and you know that the certain ways that he kind of squeals when he blasts and just like you know. Ali's moments that I know that all parents. Have been really savor an embrace. So this is originally taken out of our our life and and my son now what what I find so you he'll take a stack of white papers and staple it and drop his own pictures and rightly a lie illegal. But just like you and so is so it's fun that he's getting in on the whole process and I want to show you just so viewers at home know they don't have to take my word for and I wanted to show you. A little clip of what generally happens every single night at our house now take a look. Ali you her story walk at Cambridge but do. Yeah way you line. Yeah. And moved to new book. It is not. Train a new book there's. And marina eight. So he does actually now David title earlier. I understand that it's that title most of the people would end but still we feel we've had for weeks now and every single night this is the book that he wants to read so that you know that's the review next hour loans. I love it and I love hearing actions originally again yeah. Well yeah and the other thing about with all your books as they depict. Kids of all different races and colors and in this particular case. It is a family of caller that your portraying and yet this book doesn't feel like it's only for families of caller how important is it cheap for U. To be introduced chain. This you know this diversity shoot kids at such a young age and hopefully for families evolved at. Are racists you know it's so important and it's funny because initially when I started writing books it was so that my son who would have been the route the reflection of himself in the pain physician would see images Indian kids who looked like him and reading SE years ago when it was called mir's windows and sliding glass doors and I found this is so profound because now I'm not just trying to effect the mere image but the window for other children to be able to -- into a world that might be unfamiliar from their own so. This is not just you know the outside and what it looks like urban vs burger this is just introduction to children maybe you live in an area where that's not very diverse is your kids don't come into contact with kids who don't look like Yemen and so books and toys would be I'm really easy introduction. To get kids familiar because I think so often we fear what we don't know especially coming off club the so called rush racial reckoning in the in the summer protests that we haven't parents were saying you know what can we do what kind of conversation -- we have and I think that this is a way just you know. Looking your own book shelves. And this is kind of a lot my diversity challenged and see beyond you know a snowy day do you have any books. And it that would different from your own child and I think that parents need to kind of why move that that view a forum for their children and again you can start with books and the books really made me celebrating difference is that they also point out. What these kids all having calming of the spirit in our children and their building rocket ships and they're talking about castles and unicorn. The same any kid does so he really do this. And beautiful way and this is your third Childrens book so what's next. Did you know it's so interesting I had kind of started this is just it was going to be a one often it was really kind of you know lol I I really feel that I want to do this I feel like and I should do this just economy increased diversity and books and now they really taken Austin and become best sellers this cool new one is now best seller on on Amazon in the top ten yesterday and it's on this thrilled that that the message is really resonating and. And some more months to come. I can't always her house so I can't let you go and that congratulating you and your new role to the anchor world news tonight Sunday. They are the first black woman to anchor of primetime ABC news show in eighteen years so. What do you say if future generations. Stumble maybe reams bug. Who have big dreams of following your. But that's well you know I have to see you and I you every time you know pay homage to Carole Simpson because she was reversed in 1982 became the first black woman to anchor any network newscast not just year and AB CNN so I'm so grateful for those pioneers and trailblazers people who didn't let know or can't or not seeing an example. Keep them from pursuing their dream and whatever their desire is an and so I would just. Encourage anyone. Who was out there and do you say I wanna be this even if that person doesn't exist who looks like you. Go ahead and and believes your own trail on your lucky day you're living in and we let me explore it Lindsey. Thank you so much for being here is Davis wait forever is available now highly recommend thank you so much Diane.

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{"duration":"7:31","description":"ABC News Prime Anchor Linsey Davis discusses her third children’s book and how she’s paving the way for a new generation of journalists. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76112177","title":"Linsey Davis’ new children’s book ‘Stay This Way Forever’","url":"/US/video/linsey-davis-childrens-book-stay-forever-76112177"}