Looming eviction crisis in America

As the COVID-19 pandemic causes unemployment to skyrocket, nearly 28 million people are worried about being evicted in the coming months.
7:22 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for Looming eviction crisis in America
While many on the East Coast are preparing for the imminent threat of a hurricane barreling in their direction. Millions more are worried about the current threat of economic uncertainty. Many lawmakers have already gone home for the week and while some of their constituents suffer reeling from the effects of this pandemic. Congress in the White House did not appear any closer to a deal in fact Republicans don't even agree with each other about just how to move forward. They did offer to extend those 600 dollar payments for one week but Democrats refuse to accept it after putting up their own plan months ago. Caught in the middle of this stalemate roughly twenty million Americans facing possible evictions with the end of the month and now upon us. Her place and Dell leads us off with the victims of Washington's inaction. All of its honor. Closely and say anything. Let hailed what I'm taking a time machine back to about seven months ago when life was pretty good so. What now beaten I can myself prefer all six of us. We go to movies win yet now I can go buy groceries and. Just enjoy in life pill rented daycare business out of a house she rents and Aurora Colorado pet. Boys yeah complaints upstairs is in bad enough they're. We played down here and now can't move cable set up their that we love. But then king couldn got emails from all my parents. One right after another almost it was she asked traumatize him because. One email says that and they will no longer be using me and and I got an excellent and in the next to an and then I'd just sit there because they were all gone. Her income go on he'll used her savings to pay rent about 2200 dollars a month. But by July she was tapped out and now the landlord wants her out. Thirty day demand for rent or. Possession and somebody put this on your door yes she won't make August rent either. I'm seventy years old and not be on the street. What are you gonna do. Do have a place to go. I am looking Andy GAAP one bedroom apartment. But still I have to have many pager and. Hale is one of millions of Americans who are part of a growing wave of addictions that experts warn is about to come crashing down. The United States is facing the most senior housing is our country has ever seen. Approximately thirty or forty million children and all are basing an action now to put this in perspective in the entire year 2016. Three point six million connections per. Several in the trunk he didn't kind caring and just a few months United States looking Shreveport times that. When the pandemic began state and federal governments tried to soften the blow pausing evictions and adding 600 dollars a week to unemployment checks. But those life lines are now expiring at midnight and evictions are again ramping up hitting the port and people of color the hardest. Communities of color at extremely high risks and addiction. Immigrant pandemic but especially now in one yesterday almost 75%. Black and ranchers had no cushion to cover three months and expand its one other outcomes and initiating EEE. It results in voter suppression and he's extremely challenging she's in the arts and isn't in elections and democracy. When you are worried about Ingrid career had a prayer conditioning or you have to change your address and other factors. Take used casa is a single mom with three kids living in Washington DC her unemployment checks aren't enough to cover the rent. What what did because we've gotten a sophomore at the band and coming up its mind you then I won't be I'm not war theme. Costa attended a recent chisel the rent rally gratifying thing I'll name our core. Holler one. Similar events are now popping up across the country calling for rent forgive this. And a halt on evictions which can have devastating long term impacts. It affects it affects your ability your my home. Early you're numerous. Ailments including depression and suicidal patients you assign. Respiratory distress at el Nino in nineteen. Risk mortality and complications. With numerous native held hands get really traumatized children. Who are sent back academically. To try and help Denver attorney sat Newman co founded the code of nineteen eviction defense project a team of lawyers offering free legal advice. It was on FaceBook began in late march and got on people are posting about not being able to pay their rent so through message upset of humans having trouble paying her and drop me a line I'm happy to represent you in court or help you. Didn't get on for 24 hours got back on the next day and had 500 messages. Newman says his team has so far helped about a thousand clients navigate complicated web of laws court battles and impatient landlords. Bottoming. Landlords are the bad guy in this story at all landlords are. Running businesses they're trying to pay mortgages Terry show fees one of those landlords. It's a 26 between 600 square foot home four bedrooms she says when the pandemic Kitt won over tenants lost a job and stopped paying rent. They finally moved out but she says she's now in the whole at least ten grant her credit cards are maxed she worse she might lose her own home. And I'm not a big corporation and a single person can't living on Social Security with the rental income supplement. So. People in my position on mom and pop landlords are really hurting. Making it worse congress is at an impasse both sides supported a new round of stimulus checks but disagree on unemployment insurance Democrats want 600 dollars a week the Republican planned cuts it to 200 or two thirds of lost wages whichever is greater Democrats are proposing 100 billion dollars in rent relief and a one year eviction moratorium Republicans have not offered their own proposal on that but president trumps suggest it should be on the table. I think relief is coming to the question for a lot of tenants as well a common time. Or will the eviction happen before the money arrives in a bank account for lunch pail is now relying on food stamps. I gave the team get to the star laden my kids to take me and including your. I don't eat much you like them watching the clock ticked down and what keeps you going. At this point I don't know. Because it's come on nine don't let time not to. I don't know Y eight. Just may be stepped in middle happened and. I don't know how much longer I think carried out on either. Hoping someone comes up with a plan to help save her and millions of others Clayton San dale ABC news Aurora Colorado.

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"As the COVID-19 pandemic causes unemployment to skyrocket, nearly 28 million people are worried about being evicted in the coming months. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72112346","title":"Looming eviction crisis in America","url":"/US/video/looming-eviction-crisis-america-72112346"}