LZ Granderson on Cops' Shootings of Black Men

LZ Granderson gives his take on the recent police shootings of black men.
2:36 | 07/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LZ Granderson on Cops' Shootings of Black Men
One of the least talked about byproduct witnessing the kind of pleased violence seen in the walls just got video. To acquire McDonnell video. Eric garner video. The center Brian video. Now in sterling it's. A psychological. And emotional scars DB and their way. Just listen to the whales and screams of people who recorded one of the videos capturing two bedrooms please our forces pinning down sterling. As he shot multiple tar us. Given what we know how the human mind deals tragedy we know two witnesses to these shootings are not okay. Not right now. They'd hoped would be experienced. Two no mystery that perhaps she's. We were all total bouts during his criminal record before we learn the names officers involved in his killings. The classic playbook mover demonizing the bid to justify please god. It works like a tranquilizer that those not directly involved. Let us know and day he was there. Three he had a fire army has reached a present lot lately and operas are just shot him an entire. Where way to turn back and I will end now wearing out. He just his arm. In the dark and heights video now circulating social media. Randall could steal a seat unresponsive and bleeding the emotional officers still pointed his weapon the man. Diamond Reynolds steals girlfriend. Does provide streaming the entire episode based on her four year old daughter nearby. Courted so Reynolds the police officers shot steal four times. She said they were poured over us tale. Well I'm. How he had you don't get his Maggie very indictment like. We talk about the indictments the protests and the law. But we do not spend much time discussing the emotional toll watching please kill people of color who seemingly no accountability. It has the community. I am not OK and we. Are not okay. Oh.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"LZ Granderson gives his take on the recent police shootings of black men.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40419820","title":"LZ Granderson on Cops' Shootings of Black Men","url":"/US/video/lz-granderson-cops-shootings-black-men-40419820"}