Major storms set to bring dangerous weather across US

Dozens of states across the country are under severe winter weather alerts.
3:27 | 11/26/19

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Transcript for Major storms set to bring dangerous weather across US
We begin some some near winter weather for this holiday week in dozens of states under alert from California. To New York because of two major storm systems. Sent to bring everything from powerful wind. To flash floods to heavy snowfall the first and it already starting in places like Denver. Where we find our claims and L nearby in lone tree. Colorado claimed it looks like the snow has started to accumulate pretty fast there. It has Kimberly in your studios looking mighty warm this morning but you know a lot of people blood to be. Inside but this is a major travel day and it's come with a major travel headaches at least here in the Denver area. I want to show you this is I 25 behind me here running between Denver and Colorado Springs and there is traffic on it now but you can see it's pretty snowing pretty ice pack and it can be very dangerous we were driving around earlier this morning and saw some smaller cars. Kind of sliding out not BM and navigate this very well. And I want to show you some pictures unfortunately good things are looking pretty good here but up in the mountains we've already got reports of at least one. Fatal accident. On I seventy up in the mountains near Vail so already this storm has turned deadly were also hearing reports. Rock slides. Along I seventy in the Idaho Springs area and I want to say this here we're just south of Denver in the lone tree area and we are at least. Gotten about a foot of snow here. And it's still coming down and will be coming down for a little while up in the mountains we've heard reports of up to. 24 inches of snow also to feed in that area and all this of course could not be coming at a worse time for holiday travelers we've got blizzard conditions that have shut down interstate seventy in several parts of Colorado and then. Interstate 76 from basically Denver. All the way to the Nebraska state line is completely shut down political about the airport now to. Overnight. They had about 11100 people. In the airport and we just talked to the folks at the airport -- they handed out blankets. Everything from diapers. They kept some of the concessions open so the people. To get some supplies and get stuff to eat but that about 11100 people stay overnight around 470. Flights were canceled for today. And here in I'd give the impact. Denver usually has around 16100 flights a day wrongfully so it's about a third of the the flights coming in and out of there but the good news is they say. As this system starts to move on. As the system starts to move on they expect to hopefully get back to what they call normal by mid day so things are looking up there but they say. Tomorrow's a whole another story because all of those flights are canceled today all of those people are going to be hopefully turned out to fly tomorrow so it could be crowded. It that the security lines tomorrow but. For now officials are still urging people to stay off. These highways stay off the roads if you KN. Thankfully schools are out because it's Thanksgiving week a lot of city governments all over the Denver area have shut down south. Not as many people on the roads which is a good thing lets these plows do their work but they're saying stay off the roads because this isn't quite over yet Kimberly. Yes they helped the roads and there's still some people is riding behind you but a travel nightmare for sure and Clayton. They say and I hope you get out and that's now it's pretty thick there thank you for the updates.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Dozens of states across the country are under severe winter weather alerts. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67322032","title":"Major storms set to bring dangerous weather across US","url":"/US/video/major-storms-set-bring-dangerous-weather-us-67322032"}