Marijuana activist group pushes to change cannabis laws

ABC News' Serena Marshall talks to marijuana activists about legalizing marijuana.
33:21 | 04/20/17

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Transcript for Marijuana activist group pushes to change cannabis laws
ABC news like I'm Marshall and where. Today at 48. Joint session of congress look downwards because there are. DC and gay advocates are giving away free doing just steps from the capital and I wanted to show you seen recounted this to those. Here's had just been arrested are not sure exactly what that there rest is. The police came up to people like it's taking over the years it would just a minute. And let cops on the answers they were now retooling. That that issue here is. Capitol grounds where were seen every now. They're currently getting is that is actually where they actually standing though when they got arrested. Come over this way. Now that's the capital right there that is all capitol grounds that's better. Under that long here is definitely. But we just brought this up right here. Is after. Advocate how great. There's some. Is he seen publicly DC is we'll have sent in a second state and the District of Columbia. And all legalize recreational use of marijuana as a what they're doing today and it's what they're calling a joint session of congress. Now there doing that in a little different in the NC on Capitol Hill. Where both chambers come together and dead and beauty talents to green marijuana and doing few people who have seen the scene lightning. More and work on Capitol Hill meaning they weren't before the government. And you can coming playing every. I joined. I'm here that's where it plain that those who would. And you can see this thing crowd over here a lot of is crap. There's also people who are coming up that claim we notice they probably mount. 56 in the mountain. I don't think each era over twenty and they are residents of DC critics claim their treat joint. I'm not is that this is where today's reports point eight that's what they're saying there also have been ordered to raise awareness and amount of marijuana and also next. Everything and expired without ever visit. The DNA and it and the and I can actually in the eaten on local state lines. As federal law trumps and they can come and saying that those laws don't apply the federal government is part and which expires next week. Would allow them to do that as of right I think it's due to their enemy raise awareness to get that provision re authorized by congress let's go and little bit and see what they're doing exactly over here when people look at this guy right here you could isn't allowed capital nine. No word from gardens and selling is like hearing here and yeah. And not just bigger yeah you're doing a good now they want an Asian I'm the hole and why did those around it is clear this. That are. Safety hasn't seen people are getting excited about it yet. Civilians. And we'll circle. Few customers. And him alone and. We have to move its own unique. You can't have me yeah. It. The group moves with some of the. Yeah. Street Jessica them. Wouldn't they couldn't hear you are worried mountain. Then please making arrests at least it's an epic keep this that lacks clear and it it would matter S Capitol Hill if they weren't DC local and the question. Authorization and it wears DC. Capitol police officers agents operated around the capital and anyway. How to do. We're gonna do. And co-founder Adam. They are joining us live uneasiness and he you know what happens it would not around they tell you how men. Do you don't image most but they charge them win that it wasn't thinking voting. What do you charge for distributing you know when I suspect that Iran and they were sensitivity. And arrest them. And they were expected to navigate this is just more silently yours it's partly. Now what did you tell your people are coming Hyundai and make sure that that would happen. But it definitely favor. Yes that did you have any covers it with your people in order to tell them where they could include not hand out these airlines. And quietly. We'll. Where. So why did you decide cannot days money on it will probably the big in theater but it doesn't every authorization you're worried about next week right here compliment about. So the continuing resolutions that the government and also don't think legislation says he can't write any local lives. The marijuana and some 70% of the people who live here voted clients who were demanding that congress. That's rider by any errors from Maryland. Let us right are responsible lives that people should be able to my candidacy who did it under. That's right. He also are afraid that all across the country. Who are threatening raids from the department doesn't smoke if the McClintock amendment is. He authorized use because the robot arm but without them. Important because otherwise the religious importance. Schedule on an all these. You know did legal business. He's been accused of us to be a waste of time and money quote meaning the government view is to pass HR twelve point seven. He's scheduled candidates and let states decide how to regularly from now. You know. All the money only if the department of justice and forced her one if they don't they don't do it. Now the president's prompt hearing many Wasilla candidate sad thing he agrees that it should be left to the states as attorney general has had a different perspective on how we heard him just. Couple weeks ago in Richmond actually making comments that you don't understand why people want it to be deregulate. So how are you dealing with is this next between the what the term administration said before he was elected and what that mr. actually do. Now. You know I think the real problems. Primary but congress. No we're talking about what's outlined in a vote scheduled on marijuana reform work when we. More money. Why isn't there a vote scheduled for marijuana reform wouldn't you waiting for. Are purchased certain is that congress now with the White House. There's a lot of different viewpoints in the White House you know if god either Boxee architect since the days. Worked for the book Brothers. The White House is only the ancient. Hey there are lots of people who had the presence here it was a picture listeners. Than have people who are against the thank Homeland Security chief military general. You know those guys are just I think. Park where the days they're talking with the blue. Conservative base that's against their way that this. There's a younger concerned that they. Today and we know that the Pittsburgh meanwhile and the building imploding while point seven that this is a very conservative Republicans. And there are also three other bills introduced in congress this session bipartisan support they would like you say deregulate marijuana and get rid of that class one narcotic. Titled F as an also feel like alcohol I mean are using support for that bill was introduced by Democrat from Washington State though now. Well we have rebellion congress any of its market talk about Republican evaluation of that and to give a much better chance of success. And we really Democrats will jump on the bill's always again. That's you know let's get the boot on some sort of reportedly nothing happening it's a little more rest of that. You did mention that this Deborah arrests could be happening by the FBI the department of justice and those are the two of them are. More concerned with me for Alley policy. It is. Again so. The Department of Justice. DEA. Right now could not go into people's well we're in the medical dispensaries across the country. Because they've legalized the initiatives feel. They're gonna be unleashed. Its rider and actually. The raw barker. Doesn't get half that speed it. Or currently more than they. It was so hot and those try to keep up the theory. That. Men. To be able to direct the department just to read any medical marijuana business. We're preempting that person they have the company that. That's my right up until today. And let this day of celebration all across America please in the business that we are taxpaying Americans are patriotic Americans. We're playing by the rules and were still like getting anything done in this in this in this congress to overtake it the next level we're back on Monday August vote on the capitol steps. Many of us are going to be arrested that the doesn't work this morning we can do. It's just getting started to ask people of America it hear about this issue and now it's kind of pressure here congressman. We're going to their office and bring marijuana there anything I use this you know resting right now in the public able to rest him they'll say well. Of the couple resting you know my office wolf don't look clueless and in my office. Your office would like a couple recipe in my home. And that's where they didn't wore a low income poor people are primarily wanted to get arrested for marijuana. That's your more than half the millionaire lawyer rested her in this country. It's outrageous and now we have family people and yeah definitely the rest of their lives and marijuana in the case. It's not gonna do and he to have restorative justice for the people who lost their right and and you know I know majority of the money you know you're Democrat Republican thing running agreement me. It's one of the moved back and what didn't. We don't know why terrorists and Pius the average age. Congressional. We're on district plans and I. He's a guy again they're gonna its impact. And we are I think it seems like some more police officers and now explain stays do you have medical marijuana legalization in in this writer doesn't go through what does it mean when he can save everybody who lives and those. The federal government is flying helicopters and making it you know and road building in new dispensaries shut them down. You know it's it's going to be terrorism on American citizens. Melodramatic but that's what it's. That's why it looks like animals if you're old people get trampled in the markets broken. Content properties destroyed. His other property and it. Oscar. Clinton that I was extremely. Limited circumstances. All the time marijuana users work. Only tired and and we're not let these guys up inward confidence in. You know play nice. Put us and locked them out with answers. Yes and no way. What it would. Yeah. I is really well. Let let them and you learn how what Alison means why he's apparently passed out there here. Yeah yeah yeah. Hey why I think two you can't make it into the Vietnam who ran. Representative Mary and I. An opponent earning a little remaining. Angel and legally doing her emails every diplomatic community and ordered the yeah. Aggregate amount hum. As one of DN. He's CN hey good thing you know working Monday as well and so. And don't make me want you couldn't stick together as. And Bob absolutely. Making news inside. Renewal. It's. A. Think number please don't. On Intel or build. Yeah. Look nice and it. ABC yeah right ABC. Now men don't. No but yeah. Wow it's important right now we need boys and to do. You know Clinton camp who might. In the Afrikaner people there were constituents and represent. In order to. Mark dirty. Vision it's all about winning the people who could not find Puerto people. And don't own qualities it Gallup polled nationally respected hit 6% of Americans want. One. Blue grass elite isn't doing it here. I hear. That. And I'm yeah I'm thinking about yeah I'm none of them aren't you going up for knowing that no other candidate who had about an African community and actually news in the ACL UK and he's been out earlier today that I don't. Mind hitting thousands and it's it barrel on the federal need her won't isn't. The only. Even though I think it is an. I mean I don't you might reasonably. Yeah yeah. Yeah it was imminent yeah. The group Houston wins and it and he did show up he needs to find me. It. Actually have come and then once you come back. Into into we're more. The white people didn't look human didn't include. These normal. Or anything. Now I'm great power impacted died in the crash apparently. It's violent. News is on him in this valley. And you will not yours your daughter nine years old. But there are fatalities numbered from Caesars all night was the only in several. Around edges are light and an on me. LT points and obviously well that's enough flat on the however adults from Harry Myers and and Paterson. Oil and this young hockey I went from having hit. Yeah being bachelor's. Degree crime rates and naturally those mountains data like the look a lot. We need a plan B model we haven't haven't Italy and cuts in Medicaid. And ultimately did not. Allen 100. I'm before tonight that an item in doctor Wright Crennel on different things kind of medication and adds that imagine I think my that he. Is currently a part time. Oh. Iran Iraq and only thinks it was the only movie. I'm. Vibrant style. I cannot find out in my campaign what I can't help us. Beauty it's your way around. It's not they're great that we if you. Hearing that plea hearing that parts I don't know how. A lot of it. Now wait. Light. I bring her here. You know before you had your daughter and went not rod had another. But I'm really not earning him the green lab. Cabinet and in about marijuana. And I never had an opinion about apparent act never had a problem aerodynamic package patent held against them. Apparently. Now all but ended up at me. That. Summer. Tennessee. Yes he. That this morning it happened as recently. Not an apartment it's great awareness line. Things like that run on the ground. And underground. Younger thousand dollars to get men who entered into an accident. At an ounce in and it's Clark hadn't. I. Now are you concerned with somebody affects me demanded equal concern that legalization environment is the marijuana might have towards getting that kind of in front I don't know because that kind of drug you were hotter on the floor. There's a cost benefit I don't look at me definitely had its hands I'm look at them physically appealing to them my. Actually the main thing doesn't happen tonight. Mike Gartner has LT. I don't. Day ride away. Did you learn good table I'll forget little and I really taken much happening at. But when she looks okay. And so I think she in the school that went to Villanova yeah. It was a currently battling with trying to keep her away. Aaron being. Like taking. Me me start to. Of arm hurts me yeah. A lot of other families waiting to hear from those they am. Yeah. Her parents they're able. Colorado in the bathroom while Obama has happened with raping them and I learn from them. And that's how I definitely didn't talk hearing you won't better losing apartment buildings wonderful things. And 29 saves hasn't sort of medical marijuana outlined ways of the lord and has reason passing it doesn't. Last week I really. What do you you voted into these days try and help them like stand up these infrastructure isn't entirely new industry. It. They aren't being introduced in giving back anything illegal but Theres no mini. Restrictions took Dallas. Mike art amenities we the only difference. The UK and North Carolina has left here. Can only exactly am I disagree saying that you're in town and Affleck is pitching was twenty milligrams. A lot suddenly allowing free sample of your powers not medicate him. With that we'll actually lives coming through music. It's WW like anything actually. What's your ban congress have you spoke your represented and it wouldn't try them on Portland who haven't got my message to congress. It's not about. Rush it's not about. Who knows it's about knowing that we have seen people Mountain View that a guy right now apparently. It's so I think any that was there. We're going to allow people automatically so that we can opt out and help here in help your community not out yet in. You done it without the bank analyst impact and around here and we're take another look pattern just joining us we are outlined. From Washington DC just steps away from the capital it's actually. Right across the street then is federal land that is where the capitol building at the end because it is edible tree isn't out. That every city and this isn't. He's seen a local district of England the only thing they're actually airport for hammered joint session of congress will plant where there and they eat and how it's going to raise awareness. Story behind the pulpit and that doesn't get renewed scrutiny. It would mean it that federal agencies like. The department gases could prosecute. States based on their local medical marijuana lies and living in this state close look at some of the there aren't. They talk theory now. Oh. And you. Couldn't do. It. You. Beat anyone. Mobility. Do what do we will do the. If you are well it wouldn't. An. Then again. I yeah. On. Why yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We. Okay. They have arrested. In other mercenary now. Unclear why today you. Pay it can't. Don't know exactly what the cause of arrest. He gives it please pray now they've just arrested another one and that DC and gave volunteers. Unclear why they're being arrested we have not been told. And we asked the officers face ignoring us written scenery behind this building and unbelievably. Good we'll. We have been. Criminal capitol police and. Asked. 500 arrests in. Opposite was the cause of arrest. Why Preston let's go back over in April as the Arab volunteers so far there's been arrested now again. Learning this is deep feeling an across the street right now on federal land but where this event is happening. Is and the District of Columbia where they are one. Seven states and legalize recreational use. Of marijuana. Now these volunteers are checking IDs as Wanamaker people are residents of the District of Columbia who don't know exactly what the concert rest aren't you heard officer. The magazine's persons actually enjoying. And doing they're doing little. Can't earlier. Yeah okay. We'll want yeah. The guy's greatest legal Medicaid residents left and I happen. I was off my back and we'll check. Well I. Thank god helps us. Yeah. Oh. It's. It's maybe you. Look yeah. I. Oh. Yeah. I. It's. Inclusive due to improving yeah. Yeah yeah this. That. I write and send it back to protect the millionaire it's important that the little loosely. Police lieutenants of his hatred. Any federal won't. Cologne. It's time. Movements movements including in this half hour sustained. An insistent. On the grass. Yeah you I'm not. Why exactly it. Here they. Yeah. Is that there's this year because with the that we think about it. In the southeast and out and its ethnic and student island. And here is moderately cool million people couldn't move because you presidents candidates that there hasn't been consistent attendance because they're patriots. Put him and obviously realizes it's. As I possibly could use that will be lip color and it's instant street. People heard any direct. I think he couldn't I couldn't we. It. The client at its. Business. Six eaten it. The more. I. He can. Yeah yeah. National. Us. It. A closet and but it's. Easier. If you. Can't seem. And answer as it was it Woodson. Immediately. On yeah. The peace. Cleveland. If you were then went to partake we don't want to and you are just as I experience aren't number ABC news near Atlantic. This step in the shadow of the capitalists are hitting concrete marijuana joint members Giuliani capital and who are resident if it does come. And I'm when there's a lot of questions around the different manner our islands eight lives in a batter a law degree bidding. I didn't marijuana at marijuana is illegal. Let's face more than 29 states have legalized some of medical marijuana seven states have in the District of Columbia. Legalize recreational use and of course there's a new Yahoo! hold it found. Most Americans consider alcoholic and come back no more dangerous. Than marijuana then there's this combination of the new administration coming in. That's us now attorney general Jeff Sessions saying he questions. Whether or not to medical marijuana isn't just a catalyst to harder drugs you had a permanent Homeland Security secretary we just earlier this week. Same exact same thing that transnational gangs operating entity. Marijuana across southern border is a gateway to Americans seem harder drugs. Linda good credit isn't starting slowly marijuana as well. And so all of these actors getting together on this day or when he exited celebration day it's very evil and enjoy. These. Oh and those movies since we've been here for the past hour seeing three of the volunteer organizers of being arrested. L player higher. No air batteries and that lied and others by the state congress credit that they got a problem on it was clear then that angle and big guy who's that guy sure coolers those operating go to the Hudson mass. He can't do it better lately by no job. I was doing and parties that Adam is that you there yeah I'll not name yeah. It out of the minute ago organizers. But it was name's William and I can't do anything. And outwardly as an artist a sign they're going to be hearing began. To. Come back. What's in it it's seized up and yeah. If aren't hit you don't even dig it prize. Our. I said yeah labels. That's something another reason why DC he's always up and state law and obviously it is easier reason any woman. Is that the average. On evenings and act or acts and easy I'm liking him. This guy lets him. And an apparent accident the and it doesn't look at the time in my loosen things and it's. Yeah. Thank yeah. Like Toyota Erie don't think we can and can't he's now. I was there aren't rainy evening hurricane Allen has today and yet in the shadow of the capital as they're giving out free airline.

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{"id":46920279,"title":"Marijuana activist group pushes to change cannabis laws","duration":"33:21","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall talks to marijuana activists about legalizing marijuana.","url":"/US/video/marijuana-activist-group-pushes-change-cannabis-laws-46920279","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}