Massive Ice Storm Hits Millions

Ice storm "Cleon" reaches from Texas to Ohio.
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Transcript for Massive Ice Storm Hits Millions
This is a special room. Hello I'm -- -- the new York and this is an ABC news digital special report -- monster winter storm called cleanup. Dumping snow and ice on millions of Americans from the West Coast all the way to the Ohio valley and it is drifting east. -- now with more from Los Angeles by ABC's brandy hit. Randy out we're gonna talk about New York weather in just a moment and the weather hitting defender of the country but what's going on out there in California right. High -- you know what it was cool overnight here for California standards we did see the wind machines fired up again. In California's central valley with temperatures dipping below the freezing mark. Some farmers actually said that they made it through and stayed overnight but they're going to remain on alert again tonight because freezing overnight lows are expected to continue likely. For the next several days it is interesting though when you talked to Californians because thirty degree weather here is considered cold. It's when he talked to folks -- moved here from New York or Boston who are going -- -- saying this is cold. This is nothing nothing obviously and to compare to the rest of the country as well -- -- called for California but elsewhere in the country much much colder so where's the start concentrated and -- -- it had. When the -- now is actually heading to the south -- to the midwest you know we did break -- -- records nationwide well below normal. The concern now over the next couple of days is more about the ice that's expected to form anywhere from Dallas. All the way apt to the Cincinnati Ohio area and so that's -- a lot of families right now going out and stocking up. Their shelves going -- stores stocking up on food and supplies already. The text Texas Department of Transportation says that it is prepared and has all of its crews and its trucks and year. In select areas already on standby because they're expecting -- of ice there. So as this continues to move south we're seeing the temperature still -- up north in the upper midwest. But the concern over ice is really -- a lot of people on edge especially people like. According to be running in the Dallas marathon this weekend temperatures are expected to be in the thirties but the marathon is still plan to happen as scheduled. And lest they -- the conditions unsafe later on in the week -- What are some of that particular danger zones that people are concerned about we've got families in Minnesota the Dakotas that what are they worried about tonight. There's still dealing with these massive low temperatures as I -- we broke so many records just way below normal the wind chill in some areas if you can believe that. Was negative 25 negative thirty negative 35 overnight. Up north places like Minnesota the Dakotas failing is there are concerned about the wet snow. Actually now turning to ice because the temperatures are going remain cold the snow is heavy so you know -- -- down in turn into ice in the worried about icy conditions they are so right now. What you're seeing a lot of video his family's going -- weather snow blowers -- their shovels the trying to clear out as much snow is possible before the next round of temperatures kicks in time. And folks in the northeast have been enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures when is that likely to change. -- likely into into the weekend and into Monday had this system obviously isn't going to be the same ice ice ice cold system that you saw hit the Dakotas and hit Minnesota and Colorado and and the Rockies. It's going to change according to forecasters as it moves south and into the midwest and then as it circles back up to the northeast yet they're still a possibility of snow. A little bit of snow and maybe Philadelphia and New York over the weekend -- -- in the Monday. But nothing as severe as you've seen over the last few days elsewhere. All right that New York airports have been that experiencing a slowdown what is the issue. We issues when you look at bad pictures that you see in the last couple of days a lot of planes are not taking off on time elsewhere and it's kind of having a ripple effect when you look at video coming out of Denver today Denver International Airport. They are. US and so. For -- seen that ripple effect now and there are a lot of delays going in to places like new York and Philadelphia and elsewhere in the country -- Operating ABC's brandy hit joining us from Los Angeles thank you so much. Los Angeles being one of the places hard hit by the cold weather that is going to creep into other parts of the country again that monster winter storm. Called -- expected to travel and cause headaches for many across the nation anti Hernandez in New York this -- been an ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21114649,"title":"Massive Ice Storm Hits Millions","duration":"3:00","description":"Ice storm \"Cleon\" reaches from Texas to Ohio.","url":"/US/video/massive-ice-storm-hits-millions-21114649","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}