Masters Tournament tees off today

All eyes on Tiger Woods as he vies for first Masters win in 14 years.
4:31 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for Masters Tournament tees off today
If you're off and then today is a great day bringing the time has come the 2019 masters are here there's so many things to talk about and so many things I don't know about so one of ringing ESPN's Tom ran all the who's live in Augusta Georgia. Tom I know your excited so tell me about Leary are in what's happening today the excitement. Over catch up to speed right away Kimberly from royalty on the other side of the pond to the golfing royalty if you will here to Gus the national of course. All eyes are trained on tiger words incredibly. It has been 22 years since he won his first green jacket when he was just 21 years old that all the way back in 1997. He is 13 since a total of four. But it has been a very long time now since Tiger Woods fourteen years incredibly since he's won his last major championship the question is. Is he in position now after eight surgeries after all he's gone too were to come back to put himself to contention. Teed off we could tell you that he parred the opening hole here which is very difficult Kimberly sell his around is under way all eyes trained on tiger. Right before we get and other things I just want you to explain to people like what's so special about a gust I know it's sort of a small town people show up all the time what's it feel like to be there. Well in the major championship rotation there are four major championships in golf to believe the other three championships. Trade venues and switch venues and alternate them. The masters is only one which is staged at the same venue year in and year at the 83 staging here. At Augusta national and from people who have had the opportunity to get to play here to players who play all over the world and come here it is room. Beard as perhaps the most spiritual and special place in the entire game of golf. Donning that green jacket rather than lifting the trophy all of the other traditions that go along where that. Our Cingular in this sport. Allow highlight the words spiritual that's getting kind of deep there I love it so OK I think I'm being honest with you if someone was asking me about thought the only name I know is tighter so if there's other people that we don't know about who would they be end like who will we know by the time this tournament's over. That we don't know now. Kimberly its. It's important that your honest because I want our relationship to be rooted in truth I think that's important here at the early stages. I can tell you that Rory McIlroy is all sole person that people are paying a great deal of attention to even casual sports fans why. Because for the fifth time he's trying to complete something known as the career Grand Slam only five players in the history of this sport and it's got a very long history. Have ever done that which is to win each of the major championships. Not yet thirty years old he'll turn thirty here. Next month he's trying for the fifth time to do that carry all the pressure that comes along where that not only for himself for his country for the European continent etc. Lot of people paying attention to Rory McIlroy who also just teed off your and one fairway behind us. Wow that's amazing that's incredible in. And I know there's not a bracket for golf but if you're gone up Clint like your top your top floor yet top three who would they be just lacking these Smart when I'm talking to people about it. I think the Smart for pick for a lot of folks has been Justin Rose who is finished as a runner up twice. In the last four years here Kimberly he's been a top ten machine. And the one part of his game pudding. Which is the something you have to do want every single whole no matter its shape. He's a leading the war in that metric get in that statistic and that's traditionally been an area of weakness for him so a lot of people looking at Justin Rose with a lot of expectation. He's a name I would drop to prove your knowledge. And finally I I just I just need to know who do you think's going to win the whole thing. Give it. I'd. Again with a relationship in its early stages that needs to be true did anonymous sit rooted in honest they'll tell you this I'm horrific get prognostication. I won't insult you by saying I know I just hope it's gonna be dramatic at the finish and it typically years. I write ESPN's Tom or not these thank you for all the information I feel like I'm ready at a good time. Thank you are right guys that so there we have at the masters are Thursday and Friday and it's going to be on ESPN so make sure you tune in to that.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"All eyes on Tiger Woods as he vies for first Masters win in 14 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62334821","title":"Masters Tournament tees off today","url":"/US/video/masters-tournament-tees-off-today-62334821"}