New Mexico police officer saves choking baby

Officer Herrera saved an 11-month-old from choking on decorative plastic star.
2:20 | 02/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Mexico police officer saves choking baby
Not just situation that is most parent's worst nightmare your toddler starts choking and panic sets in thankfully for the failing you're about to meet a state trooper wasn't too far away. These heart stopping moments captured on police dash cam. It was a life or death moment for eleven month old Ella kind corona choking in the backseat to this car. What a new Mexico state police officer gets the frantic 911 call and whips his car around racing against time to save the toddler. It was Super Bowl Sunday and the morning after Telecom his parents' wedding. Are you walked away it's a foot postponed the seeing former tremor came back. He had I nor does he have something in his mom. The eleven month old started choking on a decorative plastic star brought back from the wedding they turned them over and peaceful. I'm hitting him on the back. Those blows unsuccessful. The family to science to race in the hospital calling 911 on the way. Knowing every second is vital for the toddler we had done the Heimlich amid scandal where it can on at this point the baby was very training bill. That's when a quick thinking state trooper Mario Barrera hears the call over his radio and knows he can get to the child before they reached the hospital. Said medics were getting paged out two mile post to a two on US highway 84. In reference to a baby that was choking in the back seat. Dash cam captures his patrol car racing through Aspen annual desperately trying to get to Ella Ky in time square lake. This Israel might goodness sake she's not as he might not come back from this you see the car doors fly open an officer rare and grabs a toddler. You hear him as he hits Ellicott on the back then. A cry officer her rare it saves the toddler just in time and once I heard him cry venues and wouldn't. This smiling chubby cheeked eleven month old is alive today because of this state police officer and while for officer Pereira he's just doing his job weren't as uniformly come out to be kinda tough book there's times where you can't. Kids are that stormed to the corona is the biggest names on express. Because we gotta hope that some Clinton had lost him he will forever he this year and I'm just thankful for people like him. A relief that all parents can relate to.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Officer Herrera saved an 11-month-old from choking on decorative plastic star. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69116764","title":"New Mexico police officer saves choking baby","url":"/US/video/mexico-police-officer-saves-choking-baby-69116764"}