Michael Cohen sentenced to 3 years

President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen faces three years behind bars as he continues to cooperate in the Russia investigation. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.
2:26 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for Michael Cohen sentenced to 3 years
And we turn out to the legal jeopardy that is looming over president trump this morning. His former personal attorney Michael Cullen now facing three years in prison. As he continues to cooperate with the brush investigation. At Cohen says that he repeatedly covered up what he calls Donald Trump's dirty deeds. The sentencing was followed by another plea deal announcement the parent company at the national inquirer newspaper. Now admits buying and burying negative stories about sperm. As a lead up to the elections and ABC's Kenneth small in this following it on good morning can. Good morning Canada's Michael -- and we'll have a few months to report to president for the first time we're hearing new details about. The efforts to silence women who had a list of pairs would Donald Trump. Or if this morning president from publicly silent about his former personal attorney Michael Cohen taking full responsibility for his crimes the Purcell wants to me he said in total court. And those involving the president of the United States. Prosecutors say before the twenty succeed election Cohen at the direction of trump. Facilitated hush money payments to two women who had alleged superiors would trump years ago. Before he was sentenced to three years in prison Cohen told the judge because a blind loyalty to trump quote I felt it was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds. Hey yeah. The US attorney's office in New York also revealed a bomb shell corporation deal with media company EMI's. Prosecutors say a pre announces run trump met with co went and close friend a in my CEO David Pecker. Doctor missy the publisher of The National Enquirer. Worked with one or more people in the trump campaign. To catch and kill negative stories about the presidential candidates relationships with women a in my admitted it knew were break campaign finance laws by paying 150000. Dollars. The by Playboy playmate care mcdougal's story to bury yet. At the same time publishing negative images of Hillary Clinton on the tabloid covers all top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee Richard Blumenthal responded on CNN. The term. Co conspirator is beginning to fit Donald prompt like a well tailored suit. It remains to be seen how that's low impact the president who says. He didn't do anything wrong now the investigations continue with co and the CFO of the Trump Organization. And that media company a in my. All cooperating with federal prosecutors. Can this genetics pretty telling you haven't heard a word from the president on Twitter since that Kenneth thank you.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen faces three years behind bars as he continues to cooperate in the Russia investigation. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59798581","title":"Michael Cohen sentenced to 3 years","url":"/US/video/michael-cohen-sentenced-years-59798581"}