Military spouses start movement for 1 million acts of kindness

Three military spouses started #GivingTuesdayMilitary to encourage people to spread kindness.
3:29 | 12/03/19

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Transcript for Military spouses start movement for 1 million acts of kindness
Finally today it's giving Tuesday. And this holiday season a day for donating to your favorite causes after the big shopping days on. Black Friday and Cyber Monday and this year three military spouses have joined forces. To give acts of kindness rather than accept money on this giving Tuesday morning those. Spouse's military to giving Tuesday military's founders joins us. A live now Jessica man three is here great to see Jessica thank you so tell us sold off this initiative advancing to hash tag in my Twitter feed good theme Tuesday military. Yes what is. So that we wanted to bring it back to what its core you know founders has started a four which is to go back give back to your community. Donating his wonderful the leaky engage with each other. We need to build relationships need to figure out what the needs are in our community I think right now over so tech savvy right it's so easy that I can't donated. By getting your time is so valuable so that's that's where it all started and we have. I think this unique platform has spouses to reach people all over the world. So we knew we can do it's our goal is when my acts of kindness and I think we're gonna do it and how are you tracking these are you are you keeping track and hash tag on social media and encouraging acts of kindness all over the place dad so we have a running spat she's a Smart bigger organizations that have joined on my armed forces insurance. You know caliber home loans we've we've got there. Green rain foundation and they're doing their own things may have a lot of employees so they sent us that information I had a time when we're tracking and a and a spreadsheet but the Hachette is really the easiest way and we took note of the fact that you were actually lobbying on Capitol Hill today a place that arguably could use a little more kindness yeah hey isn't partisan politics. What was the reception you got out there shocked and a relic. Especially casino become have a lot of energy over caffeinated perhaps leak. And you know we have these stickers I have been here and it's as you've been storm with China's military spouse and how to take cats like. Are we Syria is like what's the catch your message what are you asking them to do what's the Gobi trying to you know what that means you're leaving a note for random colleague if you are when you get off he'd do something kind for somebody let somebody go and find you in mind what ever it looks like just be kind and share. Motivate other people who do the same it's contagious come courtesy and hopefully goes a long way any that you talk but that spreadsheet keeping track pristine sound. Tweets from members of congress a network today trying to pay it forward as well what are some of the stories that you're hearing. From people out there showing some kindness to Santo we have people that are doing you know big things like lassie Max the homelands you know ten months away he is an air force that trend. He's incredible lake we went diet and with then like ours he emailed me is that what kind deal. He is helping people if their groceries he's buying coffee he is visiting nursing. Homes he's like the going actress for amp. So Hogan Allah. That we see at any very at he's jets he's he's incredible. Okinawa. In Japan they had a head start. By the time I look up a fight and had 181000 acts of kindness that they tracks so no idea where Bradley if I'd been so busy my phone is diet twice. It's just it's a really good problem to have. It's a great initiative one that we support and we will be hashed a unit at least in his live account today giving Tuesday military Jessica Manfred think so much I starting time the defense stormy with I. I don't see how they get right thank you so much and we encourage all of you all of our viewers out there to show some kindness today on this giving Tuesday you can also make a donation your favorite charity. As well thanks to our all of our veterans and their families.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Three military spouses started #GivingTuesdayMilitary to encourage people to spread kindness.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67472605","title":"Military spouses start movement for 1 million acts of kindness","url":"/US/video/military-spouses-start-movement-million-acts-kindness-67472605"}