Probe Launched Into Malaysian Pilot's Deleted Files

The families of passengers on Flight 370 accuse the Malaysian government of delaying the search and withholding the truth.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Transcript for Probe Launched Into Malaysian Pilot's Deleted Files
This is a special room. Anger and -- terms of a sudden protest and the members of a missing passengers on flight 378. Now accusing Malaysian officials of delaying the search and hiding the truth. The probe now focuses on a pilot he's in house flight simulator. -- files deleted that could point to answers but at this point I don't think we have any theories that that I could. -- and US attorney general holder faces questions about investigation roadblocks. This is the new flight number 318. That has replaced slightly Stephanie that it applies the same time five departure. Plus ABC's Gloria Riviera retrace his flight 370 boarding the same red to Beijing. Just like the 239 passengers and crew that fateful night. -- company -- the CBC news digital special report date twelfth. For the searchable Asian airlines flight 370 in a frantic search for the missing triple seven now moving south. As the frustration is mounting for the families of those missing ABC's Devin -- track developments and joins us now from New York -- the latest -- -- good afternoon again this is now officially the longest running mystery in modern day aviation history. And with each passing day that agony for those families of the missing passengers continues to grow. So much anguish over so few answers. The families of passengers aboard flight 370 accusing the Malaysian government of hiding the truth and delaying the search. Police whisked them away in a crush of cameras. And -- -- -- I want you to help me find my son I want to cede my -- this month says. Now almost two weeks since the Boeing triple seven -- scene investigators seem stuck at square one still no sign of the plane or any wreckage. Malaysian officials have said for days that clues point to a deliberate act but even now there's little certainty. You all investigators are zeroing in on the pilots at home flight simulator and several files which were deleted from the system on February 3. There's no word on what they might contain but they could lead to answers. There's certainly forensics they can be done most police department's most intelligence agencies. Can go back and look at what was -- raced on that hard drives meanwhile new signs that whoever was at the controls of flight 370 -- turns into the jets computer. Thailand confirmed military radar spotted an unidentified plane flying west toward the Indian Ocean. Search teams are now giving special focus to an area 15100 miles off the coast of Australia. And it takes those search planes so long to get there are almost halfway to an article that they have very little time to look once they get there before running low on fuel have to go back. Officials say Dan this is going to take several weeks. To cover that area completely. It's now the logistical limitations as hamper some of the search as well a dividend that you know -- -- general Eric Holder was asked about the US involvement in the investigation. Here's what he said earlier today. We aren't working with. The authorities in Malaysia were trying to offer whatever assistance that that we can. But at this point I don't think we have -- theories that that I could for health. Mr. Secretary General vicinity don't have any theories that mean you don't agreement -- authorities say that this is a breath. I think that we are still in the process of trying to determine what happened and we helping -- anyway that we can't. So -- US officials it seems taking everything Malaysian officials. Perhaps with a grain of salt at least looking at a lot more closely than just taken at face value. The Malaysian government has been running the search the investigation briefing the media are they helping or hurting the situation. Well -- you get a senior US official told ABC news earlier this week that the Malaysian government is actually. Deliberately put out disinformation. To try to keep some things secret things like their radar capabilities so obviously that's created a frustrating situation. For American investigators and and complicated a sense of trust building in this in this case but. US officials clearly don't want to burn the bridge publicly with the Malaysians that their only line. Direct information and the investigation and we just learned today in little -- -- from Eric Holder. -- that the FBI is now getting some requests for help to look at those flight simulators from the pilot. To to possibly break down what was deleted in those files on -- third. Of course the investigation continues on ABC's -- a -- put aside Devin thank you for that. Now the flight 378 was a red eye flight from -- -- to Beijing a route. That is flown daily and ABC's -- Revere took that flight this morning retreating passenger would have experienced. On that missing jetliner. It was eerie retracing flight 370 on our own movement to Beijing. At the reporting -- -- passing through security. Similar to what 239. Passengers -- -- that people night this is the new flight number 318. That's a place like things happening but I've seen time I departure. On the way to Beijing. -- -- -- In 31 minutes we fly over Malaysia's East Coast towards the South China Sea where it was at first believed the plane may have gone down. -- forty minutes in and we are headed towards the Gulf of Thailand. Are flying already over Vietnam but flight 37. We land in Beijing. Nothing unusual except for this message from the cockpit. Gloria Riviera ABC news a Malaysian airlines flight 318 to Beijing. The latest on -- -- -- -- that searched stay with for the latest on the search for like 370. You can keep up -- the story in real time by downloading ABC news -- starring -- for exclusive updates on the go. For -- Democrats -- New York -- ABC news special report.

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{"id":22971442,"title":"Probe Launched Into Malaysian Pilot's Deleted Files","duration":"3:00","description":"The families of passengers on Flight 370 accuse the Malaysian government of delaying the search and withholding the truth.","url":"/US/video/missing-malaysia-flight-families-accuse-malaysian-government-withholding-22971442","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}