It's Morning, America: Friday, March 15, 2019

New Zealand terror attack targets mosques, new fallout from the college admissions bribery scandal and more.
22:36 | 03/15/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, March 15, 2019
Morning after hitting Norman and I'm gonna vote here in the top five things to note this Friday number one the mass shootings overnight at two mosque in Christ church New Zealand. We're being called a well planned terrorist attack at least 49 people are dead twenty others seriously wounded four suspects are under arrest including a man from Australia. Who has expressed anti immigrant news and a lengthy manifesto police in cities across the US are boosting security of mosque as a precaution. We'll have much more on the investigation coming up. Number two of new evidence in the deadly plane crash that forced the grounding of Boeing's new passenger jet from. According to the New York Times cockpit recordings from that Ethiopian airlines plane. So the flight was doomed almost immediately after take off the times reports the pilot requested an emergency landing. In a panicky voice the 737 Max jet is now grounded. Part of the similarities between back crash and one less than five months ago. In Indonesia this graph shows the movements of both planes according crap including a similar 22 fifth. Black boxes for. Ethiopian jet will be. Analyzed today and Harris on to number three the so called bomb cyclone that period Iraqis in the snow and flooded the planes with rainfall. That's triggered more tornadoes sensor that's down from Alabama and Michigan tearing down power lines uprooting trees and spreading debris. One of the most powerful or the roof off a church near Paducah Kentucky. Everyone is okay licking at the radar this morning you can see that storm movie eased its packing snow and rain stretching the entire length of the country. At least 1000 people are being evacuated at a mobile home park near Minneapolis. Because of flooding concerns we had to California for number four animal activists are calling for a criminal investigation after yet another port staff at the Santa Anita racetrack a horse was put down after breaking both front ankles. It's the 22 horse death. At backtracked since Christmas and it comes just two days after recently soon. Track officials are now banning the use of whips and rob sop forces during race days and finally number five a sticky situation in Vermont maple sore producers say squirrels. I've declared war on their product they say this girl population it's a way out this year in the animals are damaging equipment used him makes her up. Producers say repairing the damage is expensive no word if those expense as will be passed on to consumer. Lots more to come on this busy Friday but we are all miles to the weekends it's more an America. Good morning everyone let's get a writes about breaking news from New Zealand that. Tact that the prime minister's call an extraordinary and unprecedented act. At least forty people have been killed in a mass shooting that targeted to mosque during Friday prayers and city of Christ church. Twenty other victims are seriously injured a man claiming responsibility says the attacks were aimed at immigrants officials say the twin attacks were well plan and the four suspects in custody. We're not on any terror watch list let's bring in ABC's Stephanie Ramos has been tracking this all night and joins us with the latest good morning Stephanie. Kenneth and make good morning we're also learning from New Zealand police that one of the gunman was dressed in tactical gear and also appear to live streamed video of the shooting on social media. Documenting his trip from his vehicle and into that worship center where he opened fire. Police are also now saying that they were covered a number of weapons at the scene. Police racing to the scene as chaos and terror breaks out in New Zealand's. Authorities say at least forty people are dead after gunman opened fire on worshippers at these two mosques in the city of Christ church. This is New Zealand we don't expect something like this to happen via text that's era that is touched other parts of the world. Has come home hits across church. Victims rushed to nearby hospitals as witnesses stand bloodied in disbelief. Faces some people had blood on them. Cambodia in some people who had eating being this woman was driving past one of the mosques during the shooting. And I hate. It's sore. Water for with firecrackers they did so again tell us running demonstrate. Aimed they don't assignment what followed Muslim mothers off firecrackers. And I started falling someone fell just. Clearly from my Kyle month over the rod. Authorities say four people are in custody in connection to the attack three men and a woman. We are not aware of how the people who. But we cannot assume there and not others badly latch. Police also say they found a 74 page anti immigrant manifesto were in by an Australian man who claimed responsibility for the shooting it's. New Zealand's prime minister says today is one of the country's darkest days. Clearly what his chickens here is an extraordinary. And I'm preceding kids an act of violence. Police say they've defused a number of improvised explosive devices. Found on vehicles there in that area police are also warning Muslims telling them. Not to attend mosques at this time Kenneth today and set say this happened. Across the world but authorities here hold racer in the US they want to be proactive they are on alert tells about the security precautions that there taking. To make sure that we're safe here. Absolutely law enforcement in cities across the country they are stepping up security from Los Angeles. To New York City for instance LE PD they put out a statement saying that they are adding extra patrols around mosques. In the city also San Francisco doing the same New York City and Minneapolis as well and we note that will continue throughout the day. Watching these developments all morning all day long can we get the latest on ABC news live our thanks Stephanie there. In Washington and earlier this firm at least earlier this morning we spoke with C Gomez a former FBI counterterrorism official. He says even though this type of attack is really unheard of in New Zealand authorities there are prepared. I personally have attended. Leadership in counterterrorism conference where there were a number of New Zealanders and Australians and they do this every year so they have the kind of capability and understanding of terrorism and counterterrorism operations. So that's a very good thing and they're going to be working hand in hand the New Zealanders with the Australians with the other government agencies from other countries. To ensure that the intelligence is flowing to the New Zealanders are going to be conducting this investigation when it's four suspects in its a massive investigation. In their case it's going to be every law enforcement officer on deck to work the investigation. And you're talking about four individuals they have four. Almost thwart types of profiles that they have to build on each individual and they have to look at all of the associates all the family members all of their locations jobs everything about each one of those suspects. Has to be investigated. Meanwhile FaceBook has responded after a word at Stephanie mentioned one of the gunmen live stream the attack the company says. Once I was contacted by police quickly remove both the shooters account. And the video or more details from New Zealand as soon as we get them. Also breaking this morning North Korea apparently reconsidering those nuclear talk. A top trade official says the US threw away a golden opportunity at last month's summit in Vietnam between president from think can go. He also suggested Kim Jung will soon decide whether to keep talking with the US and whether to maintain his moratorium on missile launches. And nuclear tests. We'll follow up this morning back her home from a college admissions bribery scandal the Hallmark Channel has fired actress Laurie loch Lin. And now a multi billion dollar lawsuit is being five. This morning career fallout for Laurie loch Lin the actress now dropped by the Hallmark Channel where she makes regular appearances. The network is stopping productions involving Locke clan and says it will no longer air previous movies and shows in which she appeared. Very hard fierce sense. The former full house star and her fashion designer husband are accused of paying 500000. Dollars in bribes to get their daughters into the University of Southern California. This morning her daughters are facing backlash of their own. TMZ reports neither Isabella or Olivia will be returning to USC. So four. Collection credible and being brash. Beauty source of for a says it's cutting ties with Olivea. Social media influence or has often been seen promoting their products from her dorm room. The nationwide bribery scheme was revealed this week. Allegedly offering wealthy parents a waiting game the system and cheat their children's William the college and now the first of what will likely be many lawsuits. A San Francisco parent is suing the people allegedly involved in the scheme for 500 billion dollars. Claiming they inflicted emotional distress on every one who's right to a fair chance at entrance to college were stolen. And now we're hearing from a student directly affected by the scheme Jack bucking him mother a job coach who once appeared on this reality show job or no job. Is accused of taking part in the scam allegedly paying to get bucking him better grades on the ACT exam. Jack who says he was left in the dark tells the Hollywood reporter. I am upset that I was unknowingly involved in a large scheme that helps give kids who may not work as hard as others an advantage over those who truly deserve though spots. USC says it's now identified six students in the current application process were connected to the bribery scheme. This has all six will be denied admission. And Washington president trop is getting ready to use his veto power for the first time as early as today he's expected to veto a bill. Passed by the senate that ends his emergency declaration. On the southern border twelve senate Republicans are among those who voted for the bill. They argued the emergency declaration which allows the president to sidestep congress to build his border wall. Sets a dangerous precedent. A Russian American crew has reached the International Space Station Soyuz rocket connected with the station about 250 miles over bulk area. NASA astronaut Christina cook was the first to come through the hatch it's her first trip to the space station. The successful docking comes five months after a Soyuz launch failed two minutes into its flight. Ed we're learning more about the mystery winner of that one point five billion dollar Mega Millions jackpot. I went are from the great state of South Carolina remain anonymous but her lawyer is now speaking Audi said his client was visiting an upstate Greenville. Thought sign for the drawing at a convenience store and decide it. Why not. Then fate stepped then someone stepped aside before she made her quick pick at the store. There was someone next to her and she said you know once you go you know go in front of me. And you know there so we take it's being sold at that time that every second makes a difference so that gesture made all the difference in the world. The woman is donating some of the money to five charities including hurricane relief in south Carolina's. Well as I'm tornado relief and Alabama she says good fortune carries a tremendous social. Coming up a spoiler alert the new avengers of any game trailer has rock pools and what they have their savings could be telling us coming up. ABC news in London bureau of Renault reverse to unite the international stories we've missed while you're sleeping her no good morning happy Friday we've been talking about this terrible news. Out of new zeal we've been following all morning what is the latest. No it's it's all full really I mean we equipped with that they're. Fatality count his ramping up who we really gonna get more of these cells are suspect as we go along its fiscal tonight whether this is it an attack coral part of a conspiracy that. But Judy dreadful to think of people being attacked and pricing question like that so not a very happy Friday and at least in New Zealand yet we got a breaking news there but we also breaking news in the Middle East as well that rocket attack in Tel Aviv so what do we know there. BS the Israelis I attacked targets in the how Massa overnight this in response to rockets fired acts Tel Aviv the first time since 2014. Hamas the militant Islamic group that controls Gaza say it wasn't them that did that the attack the lords the rockets the Israeli defense force to beg to differ. And attacked a hundred targets the night. But calls the attack was but was was it expected those. Marries that was struck where evacuate to send no fatalities have written reports at. And greater also watching sort of diplomatic breakdown really tensions have been. Pretty much boiling over with top peace talks between the US the Taliban what is the but the issue here is with the Afghan government. Yes indeed and this is not actually what you would expect which would be the Americans and the Taliban. Far I'm sort of it disagreeing. What you have here actually is the Afghan government the US I'm basked from Afghanistan has been complaining of that that the talks between. The Americans. And boy is that I'm zeile made Collins that. And Taliban representatives has disputed the Afghan government and in a sense he's wrong light. They have been excluded and that State Department say on the other hand they've been informed about tolls going on. But it is president trump has made no secret of his desire. To get out of what is America's longest wool. And the Afghan government a faithful this is being done behind that back and without that consultation. And remember the Afghan government and that security forces all the people who well. Really the of the pointy end of the spear against the Taliban and they've lost 45000. People in the last four years and the Taliban continue to attack. Afghan security forces across the country so they do have reasons to feel that they need to be involved in. I'm Bruno before you leave us let's go over to South Korea you when it comes to cape pop the fans there they're pretty passionate. About the art is about the music but apparently they're shocked by a sex scandal and that's South Korea's music industry there was tossed was not all about. Yes vote cape halt is a global phenomena and originating in Korea. Driven by stars that it is as a squeaky clean image and yet it has been racked by really question extraordinary come series of scandals. One star as many as resign because he has admitted that he has filmed. Performing sex acts with women and then distributing those images without that consent another one of the most famous ones stay and soon greedy I think. If I'm pronouncing that right. Has also admitted that it who have sort of backed away from his role as a K pop star and he's been implicated in running an illegal prostitution ring and fascinating peoples quite extolled now. While clearly I mean can see why that you know pop fans there are shocked by this spring thank you so much for you may not here aren't covered greenish injuries we appreciate you. Well in this country we turn now to new engine details about a possible mob hit here in New York this story is fascinating to per searches on for the person. Who gunned down a reputed mob boss at the foot of his own tripe boy. Police are investigating if the killer set up a car crash to lure French Tesco Frankie boy Cali out of his home. Late at night. This morning new images show bloody imprints on this SUV. Where police say reputed mob boss Fred Tesco freak you mortally tried to death truly take cover after being shot. Investigators are working to determine if the 53 year old was lured out of his Staten Island home. With someone purposely hitting this car it appears that that was part of quite possible that that was part of a plan. The gunman opened fire when Kelly went outside shooting him at least six times. Bernalillo does get a little about her. As the gators had Cali with the leader of the notorious Gambino Crime Family. Police fear this murder could reignite the New York mafia wars which have been quiet with no major murder in more than thirty years. Police in New York are still looking for the man who gunned down Paul Castellano. The Los Gambino boss hit with the 1985. When Paul Castellano was gunned down outside a Manhattan steakhouse. Investigators believe that murder was orchestrated by young John Gotti. Paving the way for the dapper Don to take over investigators are reportedly trying to determine if Kelly's murder Wednesday night was part of an internal war for control. Possibly brought on by the recent release from prison of John gotti's brother with 71 it could in theory be entitled to a role in the Gambino family. Police have not named any potential suspects but say Kelly's murder shows the signs of a well planned mob hit. Thus far everything that police have this voices this clearly ahead. An old school except for the from his house. Police say they have surveillance video of the shooting right now they're trying to find a blue truck. That hit tallies car and no we've said before this sounds like something out of sopranos and it's true. And it is fascinating and police are definitely try to find that blue truck and find out. Who carried out this hit. And that spent so many years since the last weren't that William would be considered similar to it. Is it is absolutely fascinating all of Friday so let's say they'll well deserved break from the news check out patients to see what's trending on social media. Yeah we need this starting with the new trailer for vendors in the game and spoiler alert. It really about the new glimpses into the vendors ultimate battle against Santos the trailer opens with a bit of nostalgia but. Isn't so this could it actually be time travel. And more questions like how does Tony Stark and get back to earth. In new speculation over whether this will be seen of Rodgers the last time behind shielding its sell will he be reunited with. Dads opening skin cop has they say Stacy. A minute managers and dean hits theaters on April 2678. Up next a dramatic race unfolding with a core rages come back we take you now to that bat. Baiting race at our. This is during halftime becomes basketball babysit look at that they cannot yeah art. Even that boy there are off to the raises his I am finish line. A little girl on the far Alain decided to chill for a little policy went to scope out the scene take it all live take a breather that little boy hey Bert tanner. Because then watch she comes out of nowhere and. There baby girl though you're bringing up the maybe god made that every once they may the crowd. Here pay here then here at C crowd that. Spared disputed race ever absolutely them and finally sometimes. You just don't have the energy. To run through obstacle course watch what happened at this dog show in the UK this dog days come back to Google news. He wasn't sure where to go to during the competition he finally ran into the high. Who admits that thousands lay down. Is the boss is at a great old time not following the course. Then that owner calls him a natural Clough and in says he's quite knotty to just. Play in that I beat of his own drone read this you have the right I. Up next Jesse small let enters his plea in court. More on the case of that allegedly staged hate crime in Chicago. After this. I'm later on today on ABC news live youth climate strikes will take place are on the country's support of the green new deal. And in into a new fossil fuel infrastructure. Happy birthday to Supreme Court justice and the glorious army he was Bader Ginsburg. Her fans will celebrate by late king Supreme Court steps in a tribute to the justices viral work outward team. But don't forget to into the debrief for an update on our top stories and everything group for the breakdown of the latest headlines. Politics. Actor Jesse small lab has entered a not guilty plea more than a dozen felony council finally enough false police report thoughts arraignment yesterday played out inside a courtroom packed with reporters staffers even several supporters. Elise diesels with her has the latest Elizabeth Good Friday morning. Jew named Kenneth good morning the actor and his lawyers did not talk to reporters following the arraignment but in court yes they meet their position very clear not guilty to charges that he staged his own attack. Standing before a judge an up packed courtroom in Chicago. We wait formal meeting at the indictment. Mr. personal interest. Actor Jesse small let pleading not guilty this after appearing on the show him tiger the night before. I don't know job and being the blogs and on a losers win. It's kind of been a tough week. The first new episode to air since the actors been charged with a crime last Thursday a grand jury charged smalley with sixteen felony counts. Accusing the actor of lying to investigators and staging his attacked. It was back in January small it told police he was the victim of a hate crime. Alleging two men attacked him using racial and homophobic slurs and putting amused around his neck. But investigators contend small it orchestrated the attack and paid the men to carry it out to boost his public profile and salary. Small it has denied wrongdoing. The student's mother please give us that you must be at court each and David court date. Be afraid to comport can result in a warm your wrist. Small it also learned that he will be allowed to travel to new York and California to meet with his attorneys. As long as he notifies the court he's due back in court on April 17. Tuning Kenneth. And we'll continue following that case closely. We made it through another week it started busy day ended busy and we need that we get we need to do you find it here. We'll be on Monday have a great weekend.

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