It's Morning, America: Monday, June 10, 2019

David Ortiz recovering from shooting, Dems campaign in Iowa, Hong Kong protests and more.
25:34 | 06/10/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, June 10, 2019
Good morning I'm Kana moment. Acting army near the top I think snow this Monday number one former Major League Baseball star David Ortiz has been shot at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic the Red Sox legend is out of surgery at this hour police say he was ambushed and shot in the back the bullets accidentally stomach. The suspect was beaten. By an angry crowd is in custody no word on the motive but police say they've ruled out robbery. Expertise is in stable condition and is expected to be okay. Ever do president trump says he has full confidence that Mexico will stick to its agreement to curb the flow of Central American migrants president suspended his threat to impose tariffs on goods from Mexico. After the administration hammered out a last minute deal that includes the expansion of a measure requiring asylum seekers were made in Mexico. All their claim to process officials are pushing back against critics who say some of the steps outlined in the deal were agreed upon months ago on the number three the managers of California Santa Anita racetrack refusing to cancel races despite the deaths of more forces that I over the weekend raising the number of forces that died at the track to. 29. Since late December. Critics say that track should be closed down we get to Saint Louis for number four the blues failed to put away the Bruins last night. Boston beat Saint Louis five from want to force a game seven Wednesday night may be the Bruins. For inspired by best format a letter congratulating the blues and winning their first Stanley Cup. It made it into the digital edition of the Saint Louis post dispatch mistakenly appeared a few hours before last night's game the newspaper has apologized. For the year. And probably number five the big night in Los Angeles for Jennifer Lopez jedi from them. I'm picked up where it's my party the life celebration tour in other after upcoming. Fiftieth birthday and their kids with her. Eleven year old daughter and me I'm days. Good to air this video out in the grand captioning it. I can't take it at sag. At me hash tag. Proud momma I love it. That's our big story the crowded campaign trail leading nearly all of the democratic presidential hopefuls to the same stage in Iowa. Nineteen of them attended a fund raiser with out front runner Jill Biden in each candidate have five minutes make their case. Some took the time to slam president trump for using tariffs as levers to cut a last minute deal with Mexico critics claim parts of the deal. Are nothing new ABC Serena Marshall has more from Washington good morning Serena. Today Kenneth good morning these democratic contenders trying to tune differentiate themselves and as a very crowded field descended on a hot guys state as the first debate is just at the end of the month. Nineteen candidates. And staying. Each hoping to make their mark in the state plays in Clinton picking the next democratic nominee no. Yeah there ready for change an got a plan for that. Iowa caucus and eighty more than 200 in thirty days away but the democratic field is crowded. One way to hear what they all have to say candidate speed dating it was actually a fund raiser but each one given just five minutes to make their pitch. On all of these issues. There's common sense way follower if you want to second they go to Tim Ryan her America dot com. One candidate not playing former vice president Joseph Biden at his granddaughters high school graduation. He's still leading in the latest Iowa poll though and well many of the candidates during the weekend took some veiled swipes at Biden. They dings highway from taking direct aim at the president's the president has completely overblown. What he purports to have achieved the over the deal with Mexico to over the president's promise to care asked that includes Mexico sending 6000 troops to their own southern border. It happened promised months ago the administration saying not this number. Acting Homeland Security secretary on Fox News as the first Howard heard anything like this kind of number of law enforcement being deployed in masculine to address migration. On Sunday the president renewed its terror threat writing on Twitter that if this border deal felt like noise go back to their very profitable previous position. Of parents Kenneth and sorcery and we know those tariffs would have taken a back today but that was averted for now three commercial in DC thank you. Wells another headline for watching today house Democrats are set to open a series of hearings this week looking to keep the spotlight on the Russian investigation. Nixon White House counsel John Dean is scheduled to testify today offering his expertise on obstruction of justice. The president lashed out in a tweet last night. Also on the agenda a vote tomorrow on whether to hold attorney general William Barr and former White House counsel Tom again in contempt for defying subpoenas related to the mobile. Report so the Six Flags magic mountain amusement park near Los Angeles will be open this morning a day after a nearby wall fire calls. I chaotic scene visitors scrambled to leave the park but shortly after evacuation was ordered everyone was told to stay where they were because the planes were too close. The escape routes. People are running people were going with their cars. Buses were driving by kids Rick. Covering their mouth saying that they couldn't breathe and that they had asthma and people are beginning king we'll just about to get into the heart and we had to turn around. At least twelve people were rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation the fire was still burning overnight authorities are investigating how it started. And a wildfire burning about 85 miles northeast of San Francisco has scorched more than three square miles. Flames are pushed by strong winds over the weekend they burned nearly seven buildings which were not homes. And forced more than a hundred people to evacuate temperatures in the area and in the mid ninety's and crews dropped fire retarded from planes or cut off a fire that burned across more than eleven square miles northeast of Phoenix. Officials say the fire is more than half contained. Well that's that crane collapse in Dallas killing one person and injuring several others. It happened as near hurricane force winds hit the area one witness said the crane cut through the building like a knife through butter. This morning a general. Flying school in Dallas. The crane is calling our hot. A massive crane crashing down slicing through this five story apartment building. Emergency crews evacuating people inside and part of that crane also slamming into a parking garage. Pictures from inside show several cars piled on top of one another. With search teams and dogs walking amid the rubble as they searched for any people who may be trapped. Has collapsed we have no idea at this point whether they need people worrying those mortgages in that parking garage general. This man says he spotted his neighbor who was trapped in a car as it dangled over the edge of the collapsed garage. Back it was window it is struggle mean when I'm and every literally gotta get him out of it. He's in the African Carlos hang and it's about the fall. The crane collapse as a ferocious storm moved through the area with wind gust of 71 miles per hour at Dallas love field. At one point knocking out power to the airport. Cameras captured the powerful winds pushing this billboard damaging several cars below. Two of the people injured in a crane collapse were in critical condition overnight the company that owns the crane has not yet issued a public comment. And what exactly happened. Please at Washington DC say a man with a Beebe Gomes was responsible for the panic and the city's pride parade this weekend several people were injured as hundreds plan from the scene. Fearing an active shooter please say no shots were fired. It's unclear the cells from falling metal barriers were mistaken for gunshots. Officers say the man with the BB gun now faces weapon and disorderly conduct charges. Viral video of an elevator rescue has some salt lake city police officers. Looking for revenge flick of his shows nine of the city's finest having to be saved by firefighters. Who work in the same building the public safety building elevator got stuck last week. Firefighters and new members of the police force were inside. So they may be sure to record the rescue and posted on line. For a few laps and they got a pretty. Unfortunate but the police officer. Look pretty funny for us I would like to say that it was like any other call that we particularly enjoyed Reno police officers out and the look on their faith nine. They were gonna hear about it for a long. Format coast. Thank you in DE some good last had a that would. Coming up hundreds of houses take into the street protesters and Hong Kong Powell and numbers not seen in thirty years we'll have the details. And welcome back a sheriff's deputy in Florida is recovering from what could've been a fatal gunshot wound to the leg during a standoff with the suspect barricaded inside a home. The incident unfolded in Newport Richey Florida illustrator to reportedly after the suspects shot an echo Smart speaker here's ABC's Diane Macedo. Two officers are injured a suspect is facing multiple charges and a Florida neighborhood is riddled with bullets. After a bizarre standoff that started with an argument. Over an Amazon echo the many as his 2002. And haven't seen anything like this colon. The Pasco county sheriff's office says the first call came in at 12:30 in the morning. When a woman reported that her parents when a physical fight after her father shot at the Amazon Alexa. And other deputies arrived on scene. They go to movies all of the wife was battered mother was really upset because the husband had started her Alexa. With his wife out of the house police say they spent an hour trying to convince the suspects Terrence Peter's to come out as well. When he didn't respond they went in. As they were going through. Room door. Is suspect started shooting more deputies were able to think fire back. But up one moment one of our deputies did say in the late in the artery he goes down. Eventually the shooting stopped at around 4 AM police finally sent a robot into the home. Discovering the suspect on the ground with a gunshot wound to the head next to him was a handgun and a semiautomatic rifle. Another officer also suffered a graze wound but police say this could have been even worse you're sure. You had everybody. Diane Macedo ABC news New York. Well let's go across the pond now to London. And we checked out this cool time lapse allied air balloons going past the London IA. Me there. And foreign correspondent James Longman joins us now from the London bureau fresh off vacation. And where you're tearing up there's the Graham James and I was there for all of it we are the life. Yeah I mean I can especially from the sphere and I went to have a tan he would. And relatively speaking ill will yet but. We'll take care of the hands over you don't like the idea of yeah. I could help McCain. So and over to some serious news would Hong Kong you've been following some of those huge protests there. I'm hundreds of thousands taking to the streets there are so what are these protests all about. Yeah that's right guys. So you 250000. People in the street if you believe the police a million if you believe you guises but either way. The largest number protest as the Hong Kong is seen and its streets since independence in 1997 since the aces the British. Sorry returned Hong Kong to. The Chinese in 1997. We sold pretty violent picks is on that Sunday night riot police clashing with at protest is there on injuries some Janice rule say. Involved that that basically this is all have to do with Chinese perceived Chinese meddling in Hong Kong offense when the British returned Hong Kong. The I date was that they would be one country in China but two systems the Hong Kong and Hong Kong without its own political and economic autonomy. But for little Hong ponies that's not the sense they get close slowly but surely the Chinese are trying to take back control. All of pulse Hong Kong and this particular practice they've been has been about who rule. Which Idaho local authorities are trying to introduce which would allow extradition all of Chinese. Criminals and people who wanted in mainland China from Hong Kong back to the mainland protestors and rights groups are saying wow that's no good because we can't trust. The Chinese. With that kind of brutal rule human rights. I'm sided they don't want these things to happen the Chinese on the other hand on the authorities in Hong Kong as saying we can't allow Hong Kong to be a refuge for people fleeing the little. In mainland China coney lamb who's the leader of Hong Kong she is seen as someone who's kind of pro Beijing she says that this is connect go ahead to been speaking today in fact. And it's going to be a second reading of this bill on Wednesday so they could be more process than. We'll see and James those images were startlingly know an estimated one in seven people in Hong Kong were out there are so incredible numbers but. Turning closer to home for you last week we saw president trump in the UK as. Prime minister trees may prepare to step down but now the attention is turning to who might replace sir and two revelations about past drug use that's causing answer. Yeah that's right I mean this is kind of been an enormous story here because it's been quite funny a pol from anything else to see all these are up until now pretty serious politicians come out to try to out cool one and ala. I mean it's a reason may famously when she was Oswalt the craziest thing she'd evident laws it was Harrelson was running in fields of wheat sunglasses wasn't really about fund. So I think what we've seen now from the contend is the Tory party tried to become prime minister is back kind of sense but this is all. Being kicked off pretty by Michael guide of who admitted over the weekend to having taken cocaine when he was a journalist. This then prompted although Torre contend is to say what they had done. The people like Jeremy hunt the current foreign secretary. Two admitted to having drunk it kind of is Selassie when he was. Hiking in in India when he was small economists milk shake means sounds disgusting. But I think for Rudy to top mobile Rory Stewart saying that he had smoked opium from a pipe and Afghanistan. When that when he was in the country that so all of them trying to kind of I think personalized themselves but there is a I think of serious point eight because. Unit middle class drug use fuels crime in pool areas as the case here in the UK is the case. The way you lot in the US and for these members of the Tory party people like Boris Johnson is famously don't trumps favorites become. Prime minister hate to admit to Canada Cecil to cocaine use and then to joke about their. Strike flow of people here as hypocrisy because these are people who have been overseeing pretty draconian rules in the UK fool -- say Truckee site. A funny story but also a serious one we've goal all along. Not my phone with a guy or all of this that Torre contest is gonna go until the end of July until we get a prime minister say. They could be a lot more admissions thankful in us. Yeah you're right about that serious point because as you mentioned here in the US are going without oak U eight crisis. And I would say there are some of us who are old enough to remember when. Former President Bill Clinton in the ninety's said he didn't inhale and then that was a big deal that he didn't inhale marijuana but. So many people think that he actually did try it we're glad now you've got over their cross the pond people who are literally trying to outdo themselves the talk about. You know they're drug use this is see who's the cooler so that is. That's that's pretty interesting it is very Saddam there's also inches and James a man who bought a 300 dollar paying may have had made a huge discovery. Else writes he went down to a free market. Thrift store I think you you call it bought this still this painting which he thought he was actually. Paying too much for 300 Dele fake Picasso or so he fuel. He kept all kept holder for a few months and then decided to head down to an auction house and just check out a Providence see if perhaps it was something. That he didn't pay too much pool. They took the frame off. They found underneath the signature of Picasso and on the spot a private message that the cast that would have written to a friend who is believed to have given this painting today found out the picture. Was real. I'm now left. Possibly a million dollars say ultimate 300 dollar thing to million dollar. Possibly more because the cast is good if a lot more not but the plot thickens because the original owner of this pick painting has come forward to say. He never meant to sell the thing in the first place. I'm so now you have these sort of competing and is the lucky I think the previous and it's gonna say the he's gonna all not. This man fit of state Clinton's claim because people to in good faith. So who knows he could be making a million dollars into making a lot more mount will say I'm gonna head. Doctor Elizabeth Dole and by yeah how hot wait you don't have you don't go to flea market is it after the public market. Yeah I mean if swords. Did not cool them flea markets and regularly. Us Elliott it we have flea market yeah Carolina and something everyday. About about us Americans. We appreciate you joining us jays have a good run no problem and I see him. Let's get a check out our notification since starting it that big moment for a non verbal autistic boy his mum. Hurt him humming along to all how the road but it will not as acts it is the first time he's ever. Uses voice like this such a heartwarming moment take a look. Through there are now role. Food. And looked we'll. We'll hear it's now a little early. Susan. Literally music to that mothers in years so many kids love this song and a factor adding this is help this family is credible it absolutely is incredible that you can see why. Around noon. I here's one of for the not so bright criminal files. You know you fill out tax. With your name address if your bag is lost please return yet exactly well. For this very unlucky. Suspected drug dealer who left this back. On a train in the UK. With this contact info yea right there on the tag. For the police to see and to you yeah. Knock on matters isn't a mr. substance that's you can laugh at your bag of drug be it public in print it so. Either in jail. Maybe that is now a by death the how this in instant grass. I'm shoot goes wrong CNET you got it made you gonna do the neediest of Maine gain for the well once again a lobster roll and get that perfect picture for the grant the lobster roll the front. A lighthouse in the back what else screams mean more than that but then. Look what happened to the Siegel. Came along in that mine and line that lobster roll and this is the incredible picture she got favorite would have a great picture for the grand even better than what she could have imagined. Beautiful there and highlight a problem with the my my my she did after yet another lobster roll but I think. Area it you know whether it. Toyland and lots are all different pictures until he got have a lot of likes like 200. Now one likes or something great hopefully she got them. So bear with a sweet tooth was on the prowl in Southern California. Look at. This by that there. Being greedy marginal some twelve hours a whole bag are relaxing on a walk started it goes by weather bothered by the neighbors watching him he's looking back but when he was done with the candy. He let her off. The front of the bag of with blue state eaten Rowland and maybe. He wanted to find something a little honey and it made me. That you can't is that when these whispers. Then he'll more. Where's that. Broadway's big night fish guy Divx. Here let's watch out Boortz today house Democrats pick up the pace on their investigation stemming from the special counsel's report. But the hearing with a week of hearings starting with that House Judiciary Committee looking into people presidential obstruction and other crack. Justices of the Supreme Court living today and could release opinions on cases of racial and partisan gerrymandering. As well as the trump administration's plan to include a citizenship question on the 20/20 fifth this. We'll bring you the latest as it happens and the Toronto Raptors looked a brain the heart where home to Canada in game five of the NBA finals. Oldest state faces a must win situation down three games to one. The warriors may have a good luck and a superstar Kevin Durant now listed as questionable. After sitting out the beginning of the theory. It's what don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. Talking about the NBA finals brings us to the question of the day what do you think will happen in tonight's game that. You can watch on ABC will the raptors pull it off at hole -- their first NBA championship will Drake and break the curse will he beamed at Kirk's. Tells of the comments or tweet us at ABC news lives. Because they're thought to be feel that Drake will be death. And how insufferable. To deal where if the raptors went the answers. It be an. There was broadway's big night to shine with all eyes 173 annual. Tony award will dance or this now with a recap of the show has some history with may last night it sure was you guys during a show that featured. Incredible star power and show stopping performances. At broadway's biggest night some big names taking center stage Tina Fey and Jake Gyllenhaal making some big. And not entirely serious announcement. We can't it resents the first award of the night. Worst actor in a music. Tony winner for best actor to play Bryan Cranston forgetting to plan ahead and just have to go to the bathroom. I am being it is the Star Wars villain and Tony nominee Adam driver getting called out during the beetle juice performance at. And what a black Panthers leading ladies tonight career out. Presenting the award for best director of the musical Rachel tapped him for Haiti's town. I wish it wasn't the only woman directing a musical on Broadway this. That theme of diversity stealing the spotlight all night long. Ellie stroke are becoming the first actor who uses a wheelchair to ever win a Tony. His own. Is for every kid who is watching tonight. Who has a disability. Who has a limitation of high for a challenge. Who has been waiting to see themselves represented. In this arena and you are. But of course with the hosts like James courted the night was full of laughs as well. The late night host teaming up with the last year's Tonys host joked about the other major TV moment happening Sunday night. But unlike big little lies the Tony Awards brought the best of broadly to life on live TV. Old fades like Oklahoma new blockbusters like the Prague. The night's big awards going to the ferry man for best play and Haiti's down taking the award for best musical. Haiti's town hit. All the right notes during broadway's biggest night winning eight awards total the most of any shell and one thing that nobody saw on TV some big stars performing songs during the commercial breaks. Billy Porter sang a song from Gypsy during one in the crowd waits. Why. Yeah. My eyes and hit other high it's having opponents shaking. You know this train is missing from when he was on the regular gonna say I'll let Keylon the crazy thing about this outfit is that it was made from the actual curtain. From kinky boots with since the show that he started. Just a few years back cynic but the curtain they into it that got out that they easier wow not little bit of effort. You're bring in the fashion. You're bringing in the tit bits drop and yen and yes you are more yes. You could ask for a quick tap number. I'm sick today. I. You know whether they always Grady Little practicing upstairs and just not him that's on the moment. Up up there candidates ozone day Diana as much fun at the gang back together we'll be here all week. I won't be here Friday but the wrath or. That the the.

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