It's Morning, America: Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Pelosi says impeaching Trump "not worth it," more airlines ground Boeing 737 Max 8 jets and more.
25:03 | 03/12/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Good morning I'm Kemp. And I'm getting already had a top five things to know this Tuesday number one more countries and airlines are grounding the Boeing 737 Max eight planes. It comes while investigators try to determine the cause of a deadly crash me. You via the FAA insists there's no reason to ground the jets right now the plane's black boxes. I've been found book one is reportedly damaged a number two an unexpected admission from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi she's she's not in favor of trying to impeach president drop. She's at the president is quote not worth it. It's that the process would be to device there. -- number 3 police in central Texas are trying to find out who's responsible. For the death of a young mother on the highway 33 year old Kyle I'm ruby Flores passed away at a hospital after being struck by a large rock. That crash of the land over Felix car. Flores her boyfriend and their three children were driving on interstate 35 when police say someone threw a rock from railroad bridge. It was a loud impact almost like an explosion. They went off in the car really. Like this that I didn't know what it was I didn't know what happened so I'm over here. You know shaking their accident you know kill you know get up. One I see that she's an responsive. I turned lower in light on and I see what what does happen to her. Police say they have been no information about any suspects are Rikki there and number for a new lawsuit against Godiva chocolate is all about. Location location location the labels on a candy say Belgium in 1926 implying back for the chocolate is made. But many Godiva products sold in the US come from a plant in Pennsylvania which apparently. Not mentioned on the label a lawsuit claims bats balls advertise the man seeks five million dollars in damages. And finally number five all warning to college kids on spring break authorities from Texas to Florida are boosting security with larger and more rowdy crowds expected in Corpus Christi police are adding patrolled beaches and roads to prevent drunk driving. They're imposing heavy fines for over serving alcohol. And Miami Beach is spending an extra 700000. Dollars police. Right out right it's morning America got it we've got all you need to now coming out. Good morning they have debris Awad and look who is not. Would thus remain warm and everyone. And back. Clap for you right I don't know. See had a big day yesterday. You weren't here is so much I don't. Here I was called up. To the big show it to fill in good morning at mayor her GMA anchor desk debut and that you were studying it sounded great thank you yes. The mission of its in both because. If you know it didn't. That's my outlook and Britain like you have a lot of fun up there on. Even been amazing opportunity I feel so blessed very fortunate that I got that opportunity it really was a dream. Yeah history again when we look forward to a lot more think you're welcome. I'm pretty back yes but I'm back now I was not I couldn't wait to get active get. Story we're starting with that big story in Washington house leader Nancy Pelosi speaking out against impeachment proceedings saying president trump. Is not worth it. Comes as the battle rages on Capitol Hill over the president's new budget proposal which calls for cuts to Medicare among other problems programs. ABC second round those days here at the latest Stephanie good morning. Hey good morning so certainly some big news here in Washington and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi she said it herself. This is news she hadn't spoken to any press about this before but as he said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying that she is not for moving to forward. Moving toward impeaching the president. She says it would there seems to me this realization that. There time is better spent investigating the president to discredit him in order to beat him in the 20/20 election. Take a look at what she said exactly word for word she says impeachment so divisive to the country that a lesser something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan. Key word there I don't think we should go down that path. Because it divides the country and he's just not worth it but the speaker adds that the president is ethically and intellectually. On that fit for the presidency now this comes. The same day the White House releases they're 20/20 budget proposal. Take a look at what's included in that proposal the white house of course gearing up for another fight. With congress over funding for the border wall so in that budget proposal. The president calls for our 750. Billion dollars in defense spending next year that's a 5% increase also Al. Eight point six billion dollars for the wall. Along the Mexican border three billion more than what he asked for last year but if you're putting all of that money. Into those particular pots you have to take it from somewhere right sold those cuts. Are happening in that. Education Medicare Medicaid. Environments. And in those programs the United Nations global health and also refugee program so again the White House gearing up for another. Fight with congress a lot of people pointing out that the cuts to welfare. War hurt so many Americans so many people in this country are said Iran must think use good to see you my friend. No ties to the growing crisis for Boeing after that second crash involving a popular new jet. Breaking overnight more airlines have now grounded a Boeing 737 Max eight. As investigators from the US arrive in UB a trying to determine what caused this latest crash. In the meantime we're learning more about the American victims including two Brothers from California. This morning investigators are racing to analyze the flight recorders from Ethiopian airlines flight 302. Black boxes would provide insight into why the plane carrying a 157. People. Fell out of the sky the only thing we know for sure about this airplane is right after take off the airplane was -- passing going up and down the weather was clear Sunday when the flight took off from Ethiopia's capital. The first signs of trouble were apparently during the flight's descent. The pilot called the tower to say they were having trouble controlling the plane. Then six minutes into the flight to Nairobi the jet vanished from radar. Believe it when you don't panic native. This man says he saw the crash he says the plane rotated two times in the air before coming down. And he says smoke was coming from the back of the plane he BC's Matt Gutman is there. What we saw how incredibly compact. That crash site is you can basically fit in set of a large hotel lobby. And that's because the plane came in so steeply that much of the components of the plane. We mean buried. Underground among the dead or eight Americans including Melvin in Bennett rifle from Redding California. The community within the flu a lot of things. This last year this year barely supported community just this morning after the mass. People hired. You know. Offering prayer offering their help any anything. This is the second major crash involving Boeing's popular 737 Max eight aircraft. In October a Maxi operated by Indonesia's lion air crashed into the jobless seat also minutes after takeoff. And that crashed the pilots failed to disengage the auto pilot when bad data engaged in nosedive. Boeing is developing a software fix in the wake of that crash but right now officials say there's no indication that issue was involved in this crash and Ethiopia. Absolutely critical that the black boxes that were recovered get rid immediately so we can figure out. Whether this was a problem with the airplane that affects that we worldwide 72 planes of that model are flown by US carriers all three airlines American southwest and united have expressed confidence in the jet. In the FAA says there's no evidence that would require grounding the aircraft. But the two crashes have many passengers concerned asking whether the flight gear taking involves a Maxi eight I would. Right and remind. The union for flight attendants at American Airlines told its members if they don't feel safe they will not be forced to fly in the Max eight. And breaking over night the State Department is pulling all US diplomat. Out of Venezuela as the blacked out in that country enters the 86. The situation is so desperate people are now collecting water from a polluted river because water pumps are not working hospitals are struggling to care for patients. And schools and businesses are closed again today. Drivers are waiting in line for hours of the few gas stations that are still low man. Government opposition leader Wong white shows says years of incompetence have caused the power grid. To fall apart. Ice dance and mate someday diagnose alzheimer's at Duke University study found that a new imaging device can see signs of the disease in seconds. Doctors say alzheimer's patients experienced changes in the small blood vessels and their Brett this new method could make diagnosing the illness faster and little less expensive. A consumer alert this morning a Honda recalling about one million cars and potentially dangerous air backs the move impacts cars and both the US and Canada built between Gaza wind. And 2010 the problem mr. cotta airbags. Installed during prior recalls. May be hazardous at least twenty people worldwide have died due to issues with those here backs. Owners will be told to take their vehicles to dealers have the parts replaced. If you've recently bought Pillsbury I would bleached all purpose flour at either publix or Winn-Dixie stores got flowers being recalled. It may be contaminated with Salmonella packages have best if used by dates in April 20/20. So far there have been no reports of illness due to the flower. And today we say happy thirtieth birthday world wide web. Ghoul is marking the occasion with a special doodle today the Internet. It's over the few decades older but the worldwide web allow the display in the exchange of documents including. Pictures so the Internet thirty years old while the world wide web thirty years old this year but Philip a lot of growing up in. Still have a lot you are self issue or child this. We were mean spirited. So roof of years so soon to be dumber WW. Your comments section you got have been better off you gotta be better that's right but apple grown up to deal. And her piece an artist who made out of scandal its pretty abstract but who got that looked like. Find out come back. Let's go across the. On now to our London bureau or Julia McFarlane keeping an eye on some international stories you might have missed. Juliet good morning your filings news out of Algeria this morning what's going on there. Good morning guys have this is a really interesting story. Algeria has been sort of gripped by protests they've of them lost. Few weeks that this could be amendment. Of change for the country edited to give me a little background context Algeria is lads. By an octogenarian president his ruled. Say decades he's hot he's in the middle of his twenty year rule. And there have been people taking to the streets across Algeria protesting against him because he has been moving to go for a fifth. Haven't now he is quite reclusive president at a strike and turning thirteen. And he's badly made any public appearances. Since then since 2000 Centene. He slid back to Algeria yesterday in the face will be protests. Because he has been receiving treatment. Health health treatment in Switzerland now summing knew that happened today meant that he stood up and he has released a statement saying that he was not going to seek. New commutes have now elections west's late sids 48 pro. But there's some now McCain to be post because spanning because. The president has said that he is not gonna seek reelection and the Interior Minister has now been charged. With forming a new government. Just fascinating there and Julie as you know we've been asking about wrecks it and all the developments over the past few weeks. And now today if that day we've got a big vote in parliament on Rex it's so it's a deal going to happen. Breaks that bonanza hate coming and so. I mean just before he went on that we would just talking here in the London bureau about you know how do you explain to guys where exactly we are right now because this is not to be the second time parliament has got it. For this bank so. What is going on meg Y new day missing data has actually been any progress has been made and I think bullet can let me say to you about we have an hour peak politics web Brecht said. Is consigned its entire B. A political the predecessor let me just explain to you what happened say if you Mara member just before Christmas lost their prime minister trees and may. Suffered the most. That the biggest government defeat and British political history how to deal which she put. To parliament she looks that by 213. It's an act pick. Iraq could margin of defeat she is taken that same deal this deal is basically a deal that covets. The nature of how the UK and you will have the future relationship on the times of house. The UK will leave. When Brett exit day approaches. MPs have not been happy about some of the closes or not she's tried to go to. Back to Brussels and tried to tinker where that the EU has basically not reopen the agreement but she's tried to find her way through. To say that the you have admitted some changes. But it's old onto the fine print but meanwhile it the fact that the language may have changed fighting might give some cover of MPs. To bait for some political cover. I mean the right. The progressive press has been sweet come out swinging for the deal but to punish Avis front about backstop from the dead gotten refer us to the Irish backs up which has been one of the main sticking point say. If this this basically unload just. Let's see if you cannot. Seamen on it a little so it's basically the paper's printed last night off at the PM came back from 'cause boot having talked to the Europeans. I mean like that in a very tonight it's if they event to pos maze deal of them breaks it is on the way if they block kid again. Then things get rid interesting then we've got abate tomorrow. Once more on on whether the parliament will be lots and they deal. And then event on fuzz say on whether they would delay breaks that and then the future of whether the UK will lead looks rhythms some. Challenger they Waterston following that one but Julie we've also been watching. This video that is such a scary moment what is going on in London with your building's collapse is that obviously married and I. Our Ali I'm ready now obviously got I don't even came up but this video we've seen as pretty scary. I mean. Lick the world creates higher that amendment roll kind of flooding a pot issue that's when it's. You know I kind of sympathize this is East London on dot guy had such a lucky escape that he's just sort of casually known slowly walking down the street and then. That all might see clots and other urban radio really high winds in London recently really really strong gale force winds up may have had something to do that but just incredible man in court. On security camera footage that's so just. AA is stale you know the crowd Manuel K industry and you have to. I would love to see his reaction after it came down my. He was well liked you know and get aligned with me I'm always plugged into my music my eye throughout in my fair and you wouldn't even notice that it was me out of its current on yeah followed your advice that you Dave do now opponent might advise doesn't look they don't learn. I knew it they give so much have a good and I let's check on education agency what else is turning out social media starting with. That's how about this death let's check this out this guy just wants to play video games and is dark have there it is directly with me. Yeah play with me lucky that I want the job that fort my age I I wouldn't please me. But in the end pool that's Q in that that you. I think she she sang about scandals and are really give us the verse. Pink and glad that you're ready to you are worried threat beyoncé. And actually thing about kittles an outlet first thing yet. I'll let prisoner beyond they never envisioned herself in more lies in the popular shall we can't help. Candy candy but an artist by the name of Martin who are shown did bids its zazi bugs. Of Skittles. Even that's especially important whites doubles from Europe but that didn't know there were whites Google's help but wonder what Clayton act Coca. Here's a finished product a stunning. Beyoncé. That dean says in the video people want so licked the candy but I can't it's varnish. But that is incredible. When you get ready giggling that. But speed fast people on the Internet are incredibly unwritten rules of life some rules that regularly get NATO air and yet the Internet came through yet. And so it in the first one is or one of them. If years the teepee the toilet paper refill. That was you know that's why we're so when series your photo and their photos and stay out not pictured uncle left. All right does look at that picture. And if you borrow. What if you borrow anything if you borrow an item three times you need your OK right because obviously you keep me the it. Don't propose. At someone else's wedding that's the Lou bit tacky a let it's a whole lot. And this one here for the guys or for the Whitman defends crock that's how you know we're equal gender opportunity leave big gap at the you're an old. Don't just they have right nexus has an airline at five hearings opening yet. Share the same respect for everyone whether they cite your checks are clean the floors yes we're all people 100%. And finally. By up plunger before you need a plunger. Right makes a whole lot but those of the top. Top. Unwritten rules of life according to read it you say that you want to have. Not fun. If you're more than three sets ahead of me DL and hope the door or yellow down and I got. Walk on the right. Always walk on the writes why. That's the way has done so they were more dry sidewalk care in the US. Were artwork here on the right don't BMI lane of war T get. The right that's the way it's done. It's one of my biggest pet peeves is there another 1 is if I am my air pot then. That means that none available fee because that's like if you air puppets or tries to talk Q and you ignore them early to say I'm busy then you look through it was four. Written rules for life not for DU boats. Oh no he did it. When you when you're here and billion dollars that went. Hasten in my haven't been have a question. Pay attention you don't know when you walker argued that this thing that anyway. Aided and those are saving grace for an introvert like oh thank you very. Up next the biker game turning head that breaking barriers need. When did. And that Karen mount pearl. Hubbell curve that did this. Welcome back up later today and ABC news live it keep vote in parliament time. UK prime minister recently wrecks it deal will bring the latest and as Democrats Europe for more investigation is one of the president's closest advisors says. We're not ready David bossy is on a new episode of ABC's the investigation hot bats but don't forget to turn into the debrief for an update on all our top stories. And the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. Well another Mardi Gras is in the books and one of the highlights was out of out of New Orleans was an all female motorcycle club that calls itself. That care I'm elk. Our yes they do with high heels peak wielding cotton candy ten did burn out. There shattering stereotypes of both bikers and women here's ABC's Maggie ruling. Marty Ryan who whirling. It's time for marketing and race then. In the mix of all these festivities. Music dancing each dot. There's a special group of women who stand out. Coca karma true. Could brits. Quiet storm and choosy when you sit down on your motorcycle. What do you feel sorry that we have right now. That the release. It's a stand. I like pencils and there and a cure male curves in all female motorcycle club with big bikes and even bigger personality. These thirteen women have taken their Big Easy by storm their unique sisterhood lane it was bred and owned magazine. Appearance is in music videos like ball he I mill lane. And ride with Norman reading this case is U. The Walking Dead motorcycle bad boy. Why should I start to care about Kirk's basically just have a bunch of females beat a gamble on bikes Laguna in the field. Look sexy like Clara with a thank you both ways. The woman's heels and sparkle send them apart. And that's no accident carving out a space in the notoriously male dominated motorcycle world we. Serbs are. When people think of someone on a motorcycle the stereotype is kind of this. Big dude right what's the reaction and like within the motorcycle community the respected them. They respect. I'm when they rat would us we are right Bethel wrestle with them on hold him. And I gambling man. And it's easy to see why the women swagger is shifts and it makes me want to join up. Well when my name means if I joined the Karen markers. And added that added. The dollar a whole. The best of it. I park isn't bureau bright you're out of you wreck you know my eyes feel starved right you can't leave it I like. Editor in out what do about Karen occurred and if so inspirational. Oh yeah. They'll. Don't let that glitz and glamour and eat these ladies breaking stereotypes on and off their bikes each is a career woman. True was a pharmacist by trade goods grace is a nurse and karma cocoa in quiet storm for all small business owners would you consider yourself Imus. I am. I would that was his thing we well we wrote president at like girl power yeah about women it's out of battle. Com and our main engines on women and you can do things that you never thought you can do. It's been eleven years sensed occurs first took to the streets true is one of the founders that was several businesses and robberies around New Orleans. This is my staff I fired up Dylan final work. Because I used to customize outlook care now her clothing had got Kennedy that I started he faced up to this is printing your business started out of the camcorders exactly. It started from me open my systems. For these women it's all about one message this guy is the living. What's next definitely more chapters things we've gotten so famous and how people all over the lab they wanna start Paramount curve and it didn't publicly you know. I have fair massacre of every city. For Nightline I'm Maggie group in New Orleans. Car or care about its. Terrible karma. I said it the other rating to B politically correct but its car yet and thinks the star there Libya. Thank you got here every attitudes are yet and that those women are. Theres absolutely yours and I just love that there and they met two women breaking stereotype that we are all I get arrived. Cellular just and equipment but. All right so that's all we've got upward today we're getting out of here real have a great day. See you tomorrow.

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