Nancy Reagan to Lie In Repose Today

ABC News' Lauren Lyster tells us where Nancy Reagan will be laid to rest and how she is being honored.
9:45 | 03/09/16

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Transcript for Nancy Reagan to Lie In Repose Today
Our top with what a lot of people are talking about. Today of course I'm for its former First Lady. It's Reagan passed away on Sunday and today marks the first three days of official mourning and ceremonies before she'll be laid to rest on Friday there again you see. That motorcade making its way through the streets there. We haven't check eleven whatever reporters who've been out there covering those events for us. ABC's Lauren Lister is out there and we can go live to her now payable aren't what's going on out there tell us. It's a busy three days a beginning today what is happening. Today to honor former First Lady right. On the net and on it today as even watching actress ash and actor way. They're bringing mrs. Reagan's body from that funeral humming and on it had to hear our. The Reagan presidential library in Simi Valley style as we've been talking about all week this is where mrs. Reagan will be laid to rest is going Mary right beside. Her beloved late husband Ronald ray gain outside. Soon facing west speaking at Pacific I think. Today really starts the official at funeral events so once her. Body arrives here there will be quite at. Ceremony yes arrival when he does come up 400 library doesn't standing at attention with American flags the motor cable past. Behind me and museum and library behind me. And there'll be another we're told small service for family and those sorts of games and and it. A Friday sat viewing closed casket were told that within the Yankees in cleaning house speaker Paul Bryant and then opens up to the public on the lawn and members of the public will be able to come to the library and get very close to her casket paid their respects. And we don't know how many people wolf we'll show laughing at the library's expecting tens of thousands over the next few days today and tomorrow. It people can come in US and then Friday at worse is that Friday. Ceremony thousand guests invited and some of the confirm once we know what Nancy First Lady Michelle Obama. A number of other first ladies. George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush I and lots of other dignitaries it will be will be finding out more about. Hopefully today. Lauren you mentioned a lot of the official events and of course some of those high profile guests will be in attendance and there. There are on the ground mrs. Reagan went such a beloved. Figure. Among the masses there their home state of California can he get the sense of how people there are remembering her think that you heard in the local press are we talking to folks on the ground there. There we've seen it reaction just from what we've seen around an easy and it's been closed ever since her dad they've been preparing. For her funeral but there are flowers adorning the sign down at the bottom at this hill. People getting as close as they can't I get paid their respects before they're even able to you before this opens to the public and Ian just in general with all of the tributes pouring in all of the immediate tanking at we've been here for days and it's just row after row after row of local media. You know there's there is this is such attention paid an S and he liked it memorable. First Lady not just at the nation but also California you know Ronald Reagan was governor here in the sixties and seventies and we saw governor Jerry Brown have flags at half staff faces capital a number of past. California governor is also coming out with remarks Pete Wilson Arnold Schwarzenegger was talking about what and magnificent. First Lady Nancy Reagan let everyone talking about the law that she and her husband hat you know including sports anchor. Some people talking about either what you re ignited once again everyone. Family members. You are replacing her statement so you lots of local attention lots of nationally international attention to for a really and truly memorable First Lady. And on that note. There are several things that we remember. Quickly. Bring in any particular item that you think we'll go live on her lasting legacy. We'll so many people were effort to kind of the intangible things about her character you know her her race and Hearst rank and her dignity. You Barbara Walters talking about her being a credit to her husband's legacy because it's so much of that. Also people talking about this guy yelling glamour that she brought to the White House you know she was an actress that's. Here heard her husband worked on a film together before she. But the business to you. Feel wife and mother and the first lady of California hand of the nation so that's and it and it sticks out and then of course there's her legacy of the work that she did abacus C. Want her husband was diagnosed with alzheimer's she became very involved in alzheimer's research and generating at attention around that costs while she was in the White House as First Lady used drug and alcohol abuse. Was really her mission remember Jeff saying no icu I was a child at the time we'll sheet that was her whole thing. So those are you that things as far as her. Legacy on the issues that people have been talking about it she passed. Lauren I actually haven't been able. Make my way out there ever to visit the live where it hurts them. Amazing is about the building itself can you tell little bit about what it's like in there what it looks like men and of course how it looks did app now. It India the ceremony at the next few days. Well first of all the library is at me as I mean once you go into that kind of iconic area which centuries not remember in the presidential debates that probably laugh that was widely televised and of course and all of this coverage it. Mrs. Wright stat it's that Air Force One eastern right on it. In the middle of that hall and it's it's just beautiful all around all there are so many photos. Ronald and Nancy ride together and you really just see. What am making and close coupled it or. Went the folks at the library says you know I I challenge you to find a picture redeem more holding hands. And really looking around you know. That's true they were so close and that's actually one of in this important plants. The heat me surrounding her funeral which by the way has been for decades worked well. But one of the most deem most important west with for her to be buried as close as possible to Ronald Reagan's to be buried at a facility could hold hands. And that is is it to him outside right here on the property. The funeral will be outside rain or shine and worked for a long time to make that happen we've seen over the age you know writers cunning and Napster thing. We're told security will be theory type that that they're used to this sort of thing because a lot of folks that worked. With right over the years are involves actors and protocol it created that they know they follow it. Also an interest he ain't hearing. The plane. Q where people and someone from the library telling us today. Yet if they take on it together with weird but certain dignity act dignitaries and what the protocol is counting hierarchy. And where it seat everybody could you can imagine the talent with a thousand people including. We're told had this date former president at from not only the US it all over the world at this hour. Get what you're thinking. You know not I haven't we've all got Eddie can't really put them a lot of important. And he wasn't a style I think about anti Reagan ran and that the photo of her. That hangs in the White House you know she was really known during her tenure as First Lady for bringing the White House and talking about this lowering. How much of the planning. Her her funeral was she involved and you say that this has been in the works over a DE CK. She's there in all. There were actually told decades. On and lawn and that this is actually and something that has been to spats with the planet for a long time. And all of the deet tails are our most of them were laying out while anti definitely and something in the works for years according to folks that we talked exempt. Everything from the flowers to the Pall bearers. Excuse me. So really all of those details have all been worked out mean there was nothing left up to chance it mean including that. You outside specifications rain or shine just the weight it was all gonna go down all of this deet tails and had long been plan which. Witnesses right and you she was very involved in this library. I mean I happened to her death she was you know at a major role. Laura really you're going to be out there covering those events for a we'll ask questions before we let you go. It wouldn't be an official event without some kind of controversy there's been a lot made about president Obama's decision. Not to it and that's something that people out there even talking about. I've hurt but that's right because it was my understanding. That that pretty typical that a sitting president that generally attend the funeral of former parsley eat at its. Standard for for the First Lady elect Michelle Obama is but in past cases I believe that George W was to attend. Funeral of Ebert jobs and when he was President. Clinton did not attend you know Patton and when he was president and President Obama calls it didn't attend. At the funeral Betty Ford when she accidentally when allotments. I I don't quite know I speak to the controversy accurately added that if asked examples where he had not seen at me and attend a former. A lot to me controversy. And it fell it all right Hannity. I grabbed me and Michelle Obama is is and it had presidential election here. Perhaps they. They. All right well that it AB is short Lister live for us in Simi Valley, California. In the morning court over the next couple of days our thanks to her.

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{"id":37524667,"title":"Nancy Reagan to Lie In Repose Today","duration":"9:45","description":"ABC News' Lauren Lyster tells us where Nancy Reagan will be laid to rest and how she is being honored.","url":"/US/video/nancy-reagan-lie-repose-today-37524667","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}