NASA prepping for SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft historic launch

SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft will be launching its first operational mission bringing astronauts to the International Space Station in flight with historic firsts.
3:22 | 11/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASA prepping for SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft historic launch
NASA is scheduled to launch its first operational flight for space X crew Dragon Spacecraft tomorrow the launch a long awaited launch follows a successful test mission in May that launch astronauts from the US for the first time in nearly a decade which ABC's -- many hasn't Cape Canaveral. With more on this Jill good morning we're just learning now that. There's something going on with Elon Musk possibly testing positive for Kobe don't what can you tell us. Yes or Diane he actually just tweeted out a few hours ago he said he was tested for Covert four times today to test came back negative too came back positive same machine same test same nurse rapid antigen test so right now what they're doing is obviously we don't know if that is particularly. Reliable because it was a rapid antigen test which the FDA notes allowed can deliver both false positives and false negatives so it's not as reliable as the lab run PCR tests are we still needs to go ahead and take up a one of the things. That they are doing here at the Kennedy Space Center is they are initiating that contact tracing. Not necessarily for the astronauts themselves because they've been quarantines for weeks they wouldn't have been in contact with Elon Musk. But for the support staff the people who helped dressed up in the people who helped put them into that capsule on launch pad 398. So right now they're looking at that to see if any support snapped a may have been in contact with the on mosque all right Sheila I let another potential ops a local and others and concern over tropical storm eight in Florida is the launch still hope for tomorrow that he worries about the weather. So they're going to be doing some more looks at the weather today they're going to be looking at these flight readiness also but I just look at the NASA forecast and it looks like it's a 60% favorable chance so that's good news that's. Hurricane moved passed up pretty quickly here so it may deliver some goods guys like tomorrow night all right here's hoping and me and GI assuming this launch happens as planned top of the importance of this moment. Yet you know what this is what we saw on May not actually a test run to us everything to make sure everything was ready for this launch tomorrow 7:49. PM tomorrow it has happened at exactly that time or doesn't happen at all until Sunday or than they delayed again until Wednesday. A but what's so important about this is that this is the first. Operational mission this is the first real mission to get astronauts up to the International Space Station brought an extended period of time. One of the astronauts Victor Glover it will be his first time going to space. But also it's going to be. If he when he gets up there to the ISO he's going to be the first. Black astronaut to be up there at the ISO for a long term mission so it's very exciting upper many different reasons also -- he is the astronaut from Japan and she is actually going to be making history as well because he's going to be the first one on three different. Orbital vehicles he was on the space shuttle he was on the Russian Soyuz and now he would beyond the SpaceX crew dragons are a lot of firsts here you usually happens. At NASA. Very cool GO Benitez always great to have you reporting thanks GO. And be sure to tune in for live coverage of the shuttle launch LB tomorrow at 7 PM eastern you can watch it here at ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft will be launching its first operational mission bringing astronauts to the International Space Station in flight with historic firsts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74195694","title":"NASA prepping for SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft historic launch","url":"/US/video/nasa-prepping-spacexs-crew-dragon-spacecraft-historic-launch-74195694"}