Bus Driver Charged in Crash That Killed Infant

Police suspect bus driver was distracted by his cellphone in fatal West New York, N.J., accident.
2:37 | 07/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bus Driver Charged in Crash That Killed Infant
A court appearance for bus driver who police say triggered a chain reaction crash account of baby. Has been postponed and the baby was sitting in her stroller when the bus slammed into a lamp posts. Which then fell on top of her and west New York yesterday. New Jersey reporter Toni Yates is live now -- New York with more on this story Tony. -- you know there's been a lot of activity out here -- known when I show you that people have been leaving all of these flowers in the stuffed animals and the candles out of love an out of sorrow for that family and -- what little baby Angela at the same time of people having coming doing that. The work crews has have Reid mounted the light. That big heavy light and the poll. That fell on the baby. Sadly eight month old Angela parodies -- life has become the latest tragedy that -- the dangers of using cell phones while driving. -- you -- police say 48 year old JE drive you do will get Ramallah was using his cell phone yesterday when he lost control his bus jumped the curb. Elliott post which fell on Angela as she sat in her stroller. An officer nearby rushed over to -- I ran into the window. That's what I saw. You know the mother. Rolled over the baby screaming. Certainly it was a sleepless night for Angeles family at -- north -- apartment -- no one answered the door. A community where friends are livid. In my heart is broken -- -- for this couple because. They are nice couple and once I was told I went home and I had to like -- get myself together because I just can not imagine losing a child. For such carelessness. -- -- was due in court at eleven today but his appearance has been postponed as investigators continue to pull together their evidence against the driver. Records show he has to open Lawrence. For unlawfully operating -- -- now he's charged with death by vehicle using a cell phone while driving and reckless driving. Locals are demanding authorities look into the safety of the -- bus industry. There careless they are reckless I've been on the buses in the past where. They are on this cell phones they have swerved out of -- from hitting other cars they're counting their money I mean it's really bad. Now people are not just dropping these mementos up they are coming -- lighting the candles they are saying prayers we've seen people. In tears it has affected this community that much now -- mullis first court appearance has been rescheduled -- tomorrow. For now we live in west New York Tony it's channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":19828397,"title":"Bus Driver Charged in Crash That Killed Infant","duration":"2:37","description":"Police suspect bus driver was distracted by his cellphone in fatal West New York, N.J., accident.","url":"/US/video/new-jersey-bus-driver-charged-crash-killed-infant-19828397","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}