NTSB Chairman describes the fatal Amtrak crash

NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt tells ABC News transportation correspondent David Kerley what went wrong in the Amtrak crash.
1:58 | 02/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NTSB Chairman describes the fatal Amtrak crash
This seems almost unbelievable that a switch could be set. To the wrong spot with an Amtrak train coming. It has happened before and that's why the real safety important that calls for positive train control and that's exactly one four types of things. That are operating ATC system is designed to prevent how many accidents if we now talked about it PTC positive train control was. In effect that we would've avoided it's way too man. Is there are many accidents we don't know right away this seems like you have a lot of information very quickly the boxes are gone up. It seems straightforward. Is it. Well thanks icing frightful. Always often times along strike force you like to think think they aren't and that's won't we won't appear methodically. We are carefully. Everything play at all out. Do a good job our ultimate goal. To find out what happened here why it happened. Keep it from happening again. The CEO of Amtrak said listen CES was in charge of the rails base at the switch there were no signals. We will be looking into those types of things. That what is she aside saying so far well you have to ask the assets this mother sorry that this happened but I mean we have two people that are. It is past time that's one audience yes. And calling for PTC. For years on all the way back to 1970. We've been call for panties and they've been granted delays will there be another delay. Well you know and congress' plan on hold here on PTC. And in two weeks but. NTSB has been clearly opened it there should be no importantly says. This should be implemented the rail lines have had enough time to get these systems say this for every day. That we. Operating costs going patrols. Will risk. Yet another act like it's all here.

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{"id":52836327,"title":"NTSB Chairman describes the fatal Amtrak crash","duration":"1:58","description":"NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt tells ABC News transportation correspondent David Kerley what went wrong in the Amtrak crash.","url":"/US/video/ntsb-chairman-describes-fatal-amtrak-crash-52836327","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}