Biker Discusses NYC Incident as NYPD Releases Photos of Persons of Interest

Christopher Cruz claims he had no intention of forcing alleged victim from stopping on busy NYC road.
10:00 | 10/07/13

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Transcript for Biker Discusses NYC Incident as NYPD Releases Photos of Persons of Interest
This is a special room. On dance company or -- ABC news digital special report the biker who police say caused the accident. That led to that -- motorcycle chase. Says he is not responsible. The violent encounter between a group of bikers an SUV driver -- one biker paralyzed and the driver of that -- Getting badly BBC's. -- over the latest now on this bizarre case. Christopher -- seen on this helmet cam video pouring in front of an SUV then slowing down and what police say was an attempt to provoke a fender Bender accident. But -- a father of two who works in a car wash says what you see on this tape is not what it appears. Never had intentions of slowing down of -- and type of problems much -- union -- to -- can stop. -- exclusive interview with ABC news -- says he was simply trying to change lanes are doing his brake light never went on an -- looks over his shoulder were not directed at -- SUV driver but his fellow writers. I didn't think I was doing anything wrong way. Just turning into another lane. But police aren't buying Cruz's story they say he is the one who set off a terrifying eight minute long chase ending with the beating of alexion -- who was dragged out of his SUV in front of his wife and baby daughter Cruz insists he is not a criminal. The police don't believe. And when you watch the tape it's hard to believe his account. But this is going to be his legal defense one of the bikers and when mediate say -- was left paralyzed during the incident when -- and ran over him while he tried to escape. After becoming frightened by the swarming bikers. On Sunday another writer Reginald -- seen here smashing the windshield with his helmet was arraigned on a number of charges including gang assault. His lawyer says he obviously struck the SUV that says chance never laid a hand on Leanne who did not. Assault anyone who did not kick -- -- punch and one boy did -- authorize anyone to do. It any of those. Scott Goldberg ABC news New York. Well for more on this case whenever an ABC's caricatures -- are closely following this. Eric -- what it was walk through piece by piece why police think that this fender Bender -- that eight minute chase. Well it it was that initial collision that police believe -- ultimately led to the increase. In violence in the encounter remember. That this was a group of bikers that police believe Dan. Trying to clear the west side highway trying to clear the Henry Hudson Parkway as it's also known here in Manhattan so that they could do tricks are -- -- or whatever was there are going to do. And and as other cars pulled aside for whatever reason this SUV did not the police theory goes and so the bikers wanted to do with they could to have a clear path. Once there was that initial bump. That's when things seem to go awry because police believe that. What you don't see on camera are some of the bikers attacking the SUV trying to slash it hires pounding on with their fists. And that's when apparently alexion lane according to the statement that his wife has given us. Got scared and then barreled through that whole group of bikers leaving one of them the -- peace informed us. Terribly injured and so from -- touched off -- series of events that ultimately led to an assault. Now our Dan Harris had an exclusive interview with the driver one of those in the motorcycle Christopher crews and this is how he described what happened. As I'm writing. My my feet old -- -- and so my pick is never around the shifted and month break during the returns aren't. I never -- -- them -- never stopped full stop. All all right there was an acceleration. And go a little bit in Ireland towards my home left. But I never intended to fully stumbled over never -- must -- -- decision to get hurt. So the question -- area as we're trying to understand except that -- that the sequence of events there if they didn't see a break like does that necessarily. Get him off the hook for responsibility. Well police don't think so and they've charged him with offenses that could get -- up to a year in prison and and his defense is going to say that this was not his intention but it's awfully difficult. To see otherwise and and ultimately it could be up to a jury to decide. Because police believe that he intended to slow that SUV down and ultimately push him to decide so the bikers could have free -- and that's clearly not the way it unfold. And so what are specifically the charges against him it's a series of reckless endangerment type charges that that against area potential of offense of up to a year in prison there's always the possibility that police could increase those charges. But his attorney told us that he simply believes police needed to make an arrest in order to satisfy the public outcry remember here we are what eight days into this now. And still the full accounting of this story is not known. There had been a couple of more arrests over the weekend people turning themselves in but none of the people believed to be involved in the direct assault of the but beating up. Of alexion -- in the SUV driver. Those people are still out there and late yesterday in early this morning police put out new photos of persons of interest people they still want to talk to about this. In fact we do you have part of that interview from his lawyer. That he spoke with ABC news on replacement -- The pressure coming from that video. Across the country and even across the world. I believe forced them to charge Christopher the charges don't fit. I don't believe they're going to be able to prove the charges against them because he did nothing illegal. But now that the bikers. That beat that SUV driver -- Italy and they are also being targeted. Oh sure -- -- they need to be -- charged formally with with the assault on him at that police say. Occurred after that helmet cam video cut out may have been looking at video that we haven't seen. That the public hasn't seen there's some surveillance cameras that were set up at a nearby gas station that they've been taking a look at. They've also had eyewitness has come forward to say what they saw one of them told ABC news that. There may have been an attempt to go and attack the driver's wife but the people directly responsible. Has had not yet been caught we've we've seen. Robert Sims -- get arrested we've seen Reginald chants turned himself in but the way prosecutors outline the case against those two men. They were simply involved as you see on camera one hitting the SUV and smashing -- window -- his helmet the other pounding on the SUV with his -- but neither of them directly involved in beating -- the driver. Those people are still at large. -- it to go back to Christopher crews and that was the biker. That we just heard from talking about the fact that he attacked -- -- honestly tried to apply the brakes directly. -- -- and he is any is that he's part of a biker gang known as Hollywood stunts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In his first -- Senate tool to go -- And this. Has caused a lot of impact I think. Is that statement likely to get him any leniency. It's hard to see how given the way police believe the charges the nor did the events unfolded and and how they've charged him -- remember prosecutors to. Have been going about this very carefully the Manhattan DA's office in fact rejected a case against another biker who was initially arrested. But they apparently believe there's something to -- role in all of this so so whether it's ultimately going to get him leniency from officials seems not it'll be up to a jury eventually it seems to decide. Whether they believe Cruz's account. What do we know now about this new revelation that there's possibly that undercover officer was watching all of this play out. There was indeed an undercover narcotics officer with the NYPD who was off duty at the time. And and apparently. Obvious biker and was either part of this group -- or -- all of this. And he went to -- internal affairs bureau to let them know that he was there. And did not intervene deliberately he says so as not to blow his cover and in fact that's in line. With NYPD policy although there is an outcry because as many as handful of other. Officers off duty were also there and did not intervene to stop the assault on the SUV driver. That's being looked at now by the NYPD and the investigation is ongoing but this morning New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg did speak to some of that what did he say well he was -- obviously concerned in the idea that there would be you know half dozen NYPD officers -- off duty -- they -- At the scene potentially. That's certainly raised alarm bells for City Hall because that -- -- he wants to make sure that the NYPD is doing what it's supposed to do and that is stopping violence when it -- it. And that's why the NYPD is investigating and and I think City Hall became a bit concerned when they read those reports. That the police are now investigating and the mayor said that if there is violence out there the police on duty off duty here what generally haven't a duty to stop it. That doesn't necessarily applied under covers and so that's what that they're trying to sort out now and -- lesson before that you go to we have an update on -- driver that injured driver Edward -- -- none that I've heard recently other than he's still in in in pretty bad shape his family says paralyzed studies been gravely injured as a result in all of this and we. We heard from his wife the other day and and and she says that -- he had nothing to do with any of -- he's an innocent victim. Although his you know his current status when he may get out of -- hospital we we just don't know. All right ABC's -- -- -- -- Aaron thank you for that. We have a full report as this investigation does continue now on And on -- that's our New York with the CBC news digital special report.

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{"id":20495520,"title":"Biker Discusses NYC Incident as NYPD Releases Photos of Persons of Interest","duration":"10:00","description":"Christopher Cruz claims he had no intention of forcing alleged victim from stopping on busy NYC road.","url":"/US/video/nyc-motorcycle-road-rage-case-biker-discusses-nyc-20495520","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}