Obama on Inauguration Festivities: 'We Are Celebrating Each Other'

President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the Candlelight Reception on eve of inauguration.
3:00 | 01/20/13

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Transcript for Obama on Inauguration Festivities: 'We Are Celebrating Each Other'
-- everybody. Do you. Excuse our tardiness but you know what when Stevie Wonder. He has a few words to say and you. You you don't give you don't -- Stevie Wonder. So Barnard are delayed. But thank you. So might still thank you for that kind introduction. But more importantly. Thank you for your leadership. And and served. I left elbow -- I do a little bit more. -- But I want to thank you -- You know for making this journey so much more fun. Our our families have bonded and this is just. -- a phenomenal for years and I'm ready to do more with both. I. And most of all I want to thank all of you here tonight. For everything everything that you've done did to bring this inauguration some life. This weekend has been such a wonderful celebration for our people -- for the future and we know that none of it. Could have happened without all of you and that's why it was so important for all of us to be here and to spend some time with you so this weekend. Not as we look ahead to the next four years. We should absolutely. Take some time. To truly enjoyed this. Next few days very and he the the last moments kind of -- So -- all agree that we're gonna take some time to do is breathe in and enjoy. But let's also remember that this inauguration is about more than all of the events. That we will all enjoy this -- -- about more have been swearing in of president it's about more than what we accomplished together. Over the next four years. It's also about the opportunities we have -- to make a real difference in people's lives. -- -- -- -- It's about our opportunity to continue to lift up our families to help. More of our children achieve their dreams and to put our country on a solid foundation. Not just for the next few years. But for generations to come. So tonight. Let us -- dedicate ourselves to that work. Let us keep building on the progress that we've made and let's keep working and fighting in pushing. Forward or lower. Could make their real changes that happen and that's what this man my husband has been doing for these last four years. And then. Just been a true. Thrill. To watch this paint him charming. Individual. And so the man -- the president -- kids we have seen him every single today is integrity. His character. Is in the -- -- His compassion in his courage. And no matter what the obstacles. We have seen him be so steady. Facing the challenges that. Lie ahead and as. Always. Held true so one unwavering belief and that is. That we love this country. And we can all work together that changes. So ladies and gentlemen it is. Honor and pleasure. To -- and the love of mine life. And our president for the next four years Barack Obama. I. Visible. -- -- -- -- Did drafts. Most significant event of this weekend. -- banks. She looks good. She always looks good. -- As president. You make a lot of importance of it. Probably the most important decision isn't going to be your partner. During the course your presence. Other solemn decisions I got right some. May be poked my question. One decision -- -- was absolutely correct absolutely spot on was my choice. A vice president I could not have a better part. And nobody could have a better partner. The doctor -- but -- We -- these folks him around. Some you may have heard the story. Andrew Jackson's inaugural reception. Party goers got so -- They broke. Several thousands dollars worth White House -- So my first big thank you tonight is to the National Building Museum for hosting us. Here. I also want to thank the source. For their outstanding entertainment. US navy -- centers. NN. A guy who has been known to -- pretty good news mr. Stevie Wonder. -- I'm delivering another speech tomorrow. And so. Tonight. I'm going to be pretty brief. Because the other a limited amount of good lines and you don't want to use them -- up tonight. My main purpose tonight is just to say thank you. -- I looked out on the room we've got people from every. Walk of life every corner. And nook and cranny of this country every state every city every -- People who have invested so much. Heart soul time money energy. No one of the things that made this campaign you -- Was. The degree of investment and ownership people head. In this common project of -- Because you understood this was not just about a candidate. It was not not just about Joseph Biden or Barack Obama. This was about us. We are as a nation. What values we care. How hard we're willing to fight to make sure those values. -- it. Not just for today but. For future generations. All of you here understood. And were committed to the basic notion but. When we put our shoulders to the wheel of history it moves. It moves and -- former. That's part of what we celebrate when we come together for inauguration. Yesterday Americans in all fifty states. Took part in the national day of service. Tomorrow hundreds of thousands will join us in the National Mall. And when the inauguration. Reminds us is the role we have as fellow citizens. In promoting their common good. Even as we carry out our individual responsibilities that the sense that there's something larger than ourselves. -- -- shape and meaning to our lives. Who came -- this -- inauguration is our people. And our future. Throughout my career. -- always given me energy and inspiration and hope what's allowed me to stand up. When I've been knocked down. Our folks like you. The decency the goodness. The resilience. The neighborliness. The patriotism the sense of duty the sense of responsibility. Of the American people. You've inspired me. Throughout. And so. Whenever. I think about the challenges that -- and I am. Jill and Michelle face. We know that. We stand amongst. Friends and colleagues. And fellow service. And that the work is not just ours. There we. Are working together. So. I was must say thank you. Thank you very much. A. And I don't want all of you to know that. Even as we celebrate over the next couple of days. And feel -- staff with -- want. Tomorrow is not a school night. Make sure to bundle up although won't be as cold as -- was four years ago. And make sure. You know that what we're celebrating. Is not. The election -- or swearing in of -- president. What we're doing is celebrating your job. And celebrating this incredible. Nation. That we call home. And after we celebrate let's make sure to work as hard as we can to pass -- an America. That is were they not only of our past but also of our future god blessing God's love. -- --

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{"id":18267380,"title":"Obama on Inauguration Festivities: 'We Are Celebrating Each Other'","duration":"3:00","description":"President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the Candlelight Reception on eve of inauguration.","url":"/US/video/obama-inauguration-festivities-celebrating-18267380","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}