Obamacare mandate struck down by appeals court

A federal appeals court ruled the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate unconstitutional.
3:56 | 12/19/19

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Transcript for Obamacare mandate struck down by appeals court
And let's get back to Washington. Remember Obama care of the nearly decade old Walt taking more heat yesterday a federal appeals court ruling the requirement for people to have health insurance. Was unconstitutional. So our Devin Dwyer joins us now on our DC bureau to discuss this. Devean what happened here and it what does it mean for the people who are actually using obamacare. Take it really well you may remember it was one year ago that he federal judge in Texas dropped a bombshell. On both the political system and the health care system in this country when he ruled. That the individual mandate that you talk about the requirement that all Americans buying insurance was unconstitutional. And along with it. The entire health care law had to be scrapped. It sent shockwaves across the country raised the possibility that millions of Americans could lose those benefits under obamacare the log really touches. All of us will twenty states led by California. Appealed that decision and yesterday as you said eight appeals court panel in New Orleans came out with their ruling. They upheld the decision that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. That requirement to buy insurance is you can't do that. But they also threw a lifeline to the law they said that the lower court judge has to go back take a look. That perhaps there are some parts of it that can still stand that should survive. And so it's a it is a boon for beneficiaries of the law by some more time for the law but make no mistake Kennelly. Obamacare still very much under threat is this court challenge continues. And we saw both sides in this political fight last night talk about the stakes in this case. Absolutely and I want to ask is this what Republicans wanted to because they've been fighting this for years. How will you know should they had such a hard time repealing obamacare remember President Obama ran on a promise. To repeal and replace obamacare never happened. They've been able to take some pot shots at the law. But this is a decision and many of them find validating Republicans just last night the president celebrated this decision that parts of the law. Were unconstitutional. On any does buy him some time remembered that did Democrats won big in 2018 in the mid terms when a lot of seats on concerns about health care the threat. That this court case could take away at protections for preexisting conditions for example 52 million Americans. Have those. Arm but it does set put some pressure now on Republicans to come up with a plan that can pass they haven't been able to put something for before. President trump talked about a big plan that he has set back over the summer with her George Stephanopoulos he never ruled that plan out. And said this sort of guarantees that health care will be a top issues you heard Justin talk about in its when he torn campaign. The and it's a very important issue and I just let your mind as what are the consequences for Americans if this law is completely. Thrown out. Yeah a lot of us or have had followed the obamacare battle over the years of course. You don't have to have an Obama care plan to be impacted by the Lott even if you have. Health insurance through your employer like most Americans do obamacare has those protections for preexisting conditions if you lose your job or change your plan and also. Mandates I'm certain required free preventive care services as as part of your. Insurance that plan also expanded Medicaid and Medicare benefits lets kids stay on their parents' plans to the age of 26 saw a lot of very important components of that plan a lot of people still signing up Kimberly. By the numbers have been in just for this year so far three point nine million Americans have signed up for new plans on top of the millions that are renewing their plans. So the law is is holding steady in people continue to rely on. I write Devin Dwyer right there in our DC bureau and you can see more from Devin at the briefing room on the briefing room at 3:30 PM.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"A federal appeals court ruled the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate unconstitutional.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67828711","title":"Obamacare mandate struck down by appeals court","url":"/US/video/obamacare-mandate-struck-appeals-court-67828711"}