Officer indicted in Breonna Taylor case

A Kentucky grand jury indicted ex-officer Brett Hankison on charges of wanton endangerment.
6:43 | 09/23/20

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Transcript for Officer indicted in Breonna Taylor case
In the early morning hours of march 13 officers from LN PD executed a search warrant. And 3003. Spring through drive apartment for. This was mystery on a Taylor's residence. The officers were advised by superiors. Had not been announced their presence in serving this specific search warrant. The scope of our investigation did not include the attainment. Of that war by on PDs criminal interdiction division. Federal law enforcement partners. Are conducting that investigation. Sargent Mattingly in detectives Cosgrove and hankins in. Had no it no involvement in the proceeding investigation board attainment of the search warrant. They were called into duty as extra personnel to effectuate the service of the search warrant. They only had information conveyed to them during if there prior briefing. Evidence show is it that officers both in and knocked and announced their presence at the apartment. The officer statements about their announcement are corroborated. By any independent witness. Who was near in a proximity to apartment form. In other words the war it was not served as a no knock warrants. When officers were not unable to get anyone to answer more open the door to apartment for. The decision was made it to breach the door. After reaching the door. Sergeant Mattingly was the first and only officer. To enter the residence. Sargent Mattingly identified two individuals. Standing beside one another at the end of the hall. A male and a female. In his statement he says that the Mel was holding a gun arms extended it in a shooting stance. Sargent Mattingly saw a man's gun fire. Heard a boom. In immediately knew he was shot as a result of feeling heat in his upper thigh. Kenneth walker fired the shot that hit Sargent Mattingly. And there's no evidence to support that sergeant Mattingly was hit by friendly fire from other officers. Mr. walker admitted that he fired one shot and was the first to shoot. In addition to all the testimony. The ballistics report shows. At the round that struck Sargent Mattingly who was fired from a nine millimeter handgun. De LN PD officers. Fired forty caliber pay and guns. Sargent Mattingly returned fire down the hallway. Mattingly fired six shots. Almost simultaneously. Detective Cosgrove. Also in the doorway. Shot sixteen times this all took place in a matter. Of seconds. In total six bullet struck ms. Taylor. Medical evidence obtained by our team indicates that only one shot was fatal. Further medical evidence shows that ms. Taylor. Would've died from the fatal shot within a few seconds to two minutes. After being struck. Detective hankins and fired his weapon ten times including from a outside. Sliding glass door and through a bedroom. Window. Some bullish traveled through apartment for. And into apartment three. Before some exit at that apartment. At the time three residents from apartment three where at home including a male. If pregnant female. And a child. There's no conclusive evidence that any bullets fired from detective hankins as weapon struck miss Taylor. Decatur speed that ballistics analysis did not identify. Which of the three officers fired the fatal shot. After receiving that information. I asked the FBI crime lab to conduct its own analysis. To see if they reach the same results. The FBI ballistics analysis concluded. The fatal shot was fired. By detective Cosgrove. Our office looked at both reports to determine if there were major differences in the procedures. Used by each lab that would have led the FBI. To dignify who fired the fatal shot. Both law enforcement agencies to use similar equipment and analysis and each lab is highly respected for their work. There was nothing our investigators could point to. Nor anything provided by the respective agencies. That directly explains why one lab made the call while another didn't die. I think it is worth repeating again that our investigation found that Mattingly in Cosgrove. Were justified. In their use of force. After having been fired upon by Kenneth walker. Secondary to this justification the KS PNFBI ballistics analysis. Reach different conclusions. Creating a reasonable doubt in the evidence about who fired the fatal shot. I certainly understand. The public's desire for answers and many of question the leap of the investigation. Simply put we had to try every means necessary to determine who fired the fatal shark. Before the investigation. Could be completed. After hearing the evidence from our team of prosecutors. To grand jury voted to return an indictment. Against detective Payne can sin for three counts. Of wanton endangerment for wantonly placing. The three individuals in apartment three in danger. Of serious physical injury or death. The charge of one endangerment in the first degree agree is a class. For each count. Kentucky law states that a person is guilty of wanton endangerment. In the first degree went under circumstances. Manifesting in streak did difference to the value of human life. He won only engages in conduct. Which creates a substantial danger. Of death. Our Ceres physical injury to another person. My office is prepared to prove these charges at trial. However it's important to note that he's presumed innocent. Until proven guilty.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"A Kentucky grand jury indicted ex-officer Brett Hankison on charges of wanton endangerment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73199195","title":"Officer indicted in Breonna Taylor case","url":"/US/video/officer-indicted-breonna-taylor-case-73199195"}