Officer who shot Daunte Wright resigns

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott delivers remarks following the resignation of the officer involved in the deadly shooting of Daunte Wright.
5:03 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Officer who shot Daunte Wright resigns
The officer who allegedly shot and killed twenty year old Dante right. In a Minneapolis suburb has actually resigned her position she previously was placed on administrative leave officials in Brooklyn center Minnesota. Are now giving a press conference on that let's listen. Eighty. And an eventful. Several hours. For our city. We are still experiencing. Trauma in our community. From the events. Unfolded. Which led to the killing. Dungy right. Yesterday I was able to speak with on T writes. Father and express our condolences. On behalf. Of the city. We want to bring you all up to speed. A number of events that transpired. Yesterday. Including. Events that transpired. Today. Are that is pertinent news to continue to be open considered. Can keep five to provide information. On this evolving. Crisis. Yesterday eighty City Council Brooklyn senator. Matt and session. And took. A series of actions to address. The parents. Crisis. That included. Unfold. In which. Council. Voted to. Streamline. The chain of command. Will the department is the end. I voted to. According to our city in accordance with the city charter. Happy command the police department. Under the office of the many here. That was the gophers action. The council. Until then. Took action to. Relieve the city manager his duties as you all know the city manager. Had. Responsibility and command over the police department it. Until yesterday. The City Council also. Happy resolution yesterday. Seen in support of relieving be we see it and the officer. Who who was involved in the in the shooting. As of this morning. We have. Being. Resignation. And we received a resignation. A letter from officer Kim Porter. Hand in addition to that. Now we have also received a lot of record bring it resignation. From police chief. Right. Mariam. So yeah so with Wikipedia police keys resignation and we are going to. A point. To our senior commanders. To play critical leadership roles in leaving the department to this crisis. Commander Tony groaning it is going to be the acting chief. And community areas. Plus land is going to assistant chief. With regards to handling. This current. Crisis and salt that is the only vehicles of the other big we have for you. At the moment.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott delivers remarks following the resignation of the officer involved in the deadly shooting of Daunte Wright. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77049418","title":"Officer who shot Daunte Wright resigns ","url":"/US/video/officer-shot-daunte-wright-resigns-77049418"}