Ohio man goes missing near Mount St. Helens

Friends and search crews have been looking for Matthew Matheny since Saturday morning.
2:03 | 08/13/18

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Transcript for Ohio man goes missing near Mount St. Helens
The city Borough he was driving was found twenty minutes up a Forest Service road from cooker. A search and rescue team spent all day looking for hand friends are staying hopeful though they're gonna start searching with them tomorrow morning. Vicki Phillips county sheriff's office being a forty year old is lost somewhere in the vast wilderness around mount saint helens. Mathieu that Cheney came at pure Thursday in its friend Michael Bush's Subaru Outback. Plan was to come out eight canyon trail head. Which is a little bit farther east from here you know it's kind of around the mountain that way. Scattered eight deputies found the car park near the blue lake trail head. A clue to where Metheny could be. This Smart guy he's resourceful and hopefully he's hide now somewhere. Taken some shelter you know at night time and fine and a source of water and that sort of thing. Thirty people were on the ground looking for hints on day helicopter and drone or from a blunt. A curable but there this bill over toward the lake area there and round came out here to capture spending nights meteor shower. Still while. There might be roads here and all but it's still wild and has said the most cell carriers and I don't even reach out here. Ronald is inexperience backpack her and said he's prepared for the night I myself I'd take would be out here in the open someplace and on the highest point just sit. Let people taken. Spot at sunset that team wrapped up for that night that eighties the local friends have been helping with the starts. Well we're all really really worried to be honest here. But I think we all. Feel a lot that are being busy you know having something to do. The search will resume at 8 AM tomorrow morning now friends are hoping that other hikers who might have seen something. We'll contact the sheriff's office in cougar was say Wesley K two news.

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"Friends and search crews have been looking for Matthew Matheny since Saturday morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57152869","title":"Ohio man goes missing near Mount St. Helens","url":"/US/video/ohio-man-missing-mount-st-helens-57152869"}