Ohio officials launch investigation into fatal police shooting of 16-year-old

Columbus City Councilwoman Elizabeth Brown says the city has a lot to do to transform the police department.
5:33 | 04/22/21

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Transcript for Ohio officials launch investigation into fatal police shooting of 16-year-old
In Columbus, Ohio where the state bureau of criminal investigation is now looking deeper into the deadly police shooting of sixteen year old McIntyre Brian. Police say Brian was holding a knife and plunging at another young woman when the officer fired. That officer is now on administrative leave and Columbus city councilwoman Elizabeth brown joins me now. For more on this councilman brown thanks so much for being here I know this City Council president Shannon Hardin said after the shooting. We must push for a new culture in Columbus where guns are not the final answer to every threat and we must implement a new vision of safety in Columbus so. Tell me what would that new vision of safety look like to you. Well. Yeah thank you for having me and I just want to stress. The tragedy that we're facing here in Columbus this week. We lost sixteen year old Childs on Tuesday. And it is clear over the last two days that our city he is grieving deeply term kayak and for her loved ones. And that's where not a new vision. Needs to come into play just as you say yeah. I'm at the bottom line is we may not have every answer for what happened on Tuesday don't have every answer today in my car but that vision. I have or Columbus is one where every person. On legion laying afternoon. We're still a life including my kind. Now the police department released body camera footage of this incident just six hours after it how it happened. How important that kind of transparency in cases like this. I think it's really important. I'm dead and mayor and I he worked for the policy U turns your release body camera footage I think it's faster than. And I we never seen before. So that it was you'll night and I watched along with some troubling. Then the next day yesterday on the being released two additional. I don't camera there is trying to get additional officers should come as well as 2911 calls that are displaced. Another Columbus City Council passed on drizzle on December named after Andrei held out lot of required officers to activate their body cameras. And provide first name to someone injured we saw that happen in the Bryant case but it you say that there there are other visions that you have. We're changing polices agencies have talked me through those what are some of the other things that you want to do to see a difference here. I was. Absolutely. I dare you interesting is that John had done it. Some are important initiatives in demilitarized at least change she. I'm to ensuring that our officers show up on our streets she is not until her ex president's. I'm we also took steps you restrict no knock warrants I'm too including affiliations with hate groups in background checks and then importantly I think we're talking about accountability which is sure what people always want to see and want to understand after police shooting I'm isn't dead we weakness in an hour police. I'm civilian review board to. I. Calling for I'm subpoena power and board and professionally staff investigative unit signed a division of police. To review citizen complaints. But we how. War two do you. Culturally and he. Wanted to be clear I'm had access that a majority. As I. We need clear that it means we. To change the culture inside and police departments she Indian Brodney outside at least a party to ensure unity that are glad to around residents don't wind in. Fear of these situations. She and that's why initials and honesty. In his lungs but I think. We had a into the trees hearings and also taking real steps for a follow reforms so far Ashby gives me hope we're gonna be able to do more and Columbia asks. We have to do better. And then the mayor said that it appears in this case at least initially that the opera boxer was acting to protect another young girl but he called my Kai his dad. A tragedy regardless of the circumstance is because he says it shows how prevalent violence is among children. In your community so what are leaders they're doing to curb that violence. Well we we just established an extra million dollar fine and screw the twenty funny line budget speech and is dedicated to rehashing public safety. I know we allocated. I all. So far on the violence she intervention. Programming so actually investing in community based safety strategies. I mean recognized at least don't Solomon Islands in our community they're really you star upstream and invest in young people looks kinda. The next few insurers and their friends thanks. That is so much on what our two million dollar science is starting to do and then we also to think about the other ways in which our young people. Are hurting right now. Kobe actors when he when he. I really think it changed and the instability among aren't used in every city across this country in every community she can't be understated and so we had we want to look at investing in the resources in addition to violence intervention strategies attack on a city councilman Elizabeth brown thanks for your time today we appreciate it. Need you for having me.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Columbus City Councilwoman Elizabeth Brown says the city has a lot to do to transform the police department. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77251160","title":"Ohio officials launch investigation into fatal police shooting of 16-year-old ","url":"/US/video/ohio-officials-launch-investigation-fatal-police-shooting-16-77251160"}