Why opening public schools during a pandemic is so difficult

With continued uncertainty around the coronavirus, parents and educators are forced to make difficult decisions as the school year approaches.
6:01 | 08/14/20

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Transcript for Why opening public schools during a pandemic is so difficult
Ultimately it's not a matter of if schools should reopen it's simply a matter of how so what we wanted to do as we want to get our schools open. We want to get them open. Partly beautifully in the fall. There's a disconnect. Between. Those in charge making decisions and in you know. Those of us with kids who are living in the real world. Only an inch here and that you know there's equity as we just can't be grounds where kids learn what you have teachers who want to. But they realized it without lesbian entertainment without cowboys can't hurt and I hailed as can be considered them. I think most of us usually hear play. Because of the corona virus from Doris a public schools have been closed and Smart. So why do we have a career nationwide plan to return America's fifty million students and B twenty million teachers was. If you set less than five years. Indian yeah. Then and you're gonna have to he hits from Hong and teach kids and pious and keep people say yes I had years. It would still be nearly impossible it is still need my money and we sources. But you've given us I'm unless you know. With over 151000. School districts and no one size fits all solution individual reopening fans are being developed locally across the country. When I was hoping that by all means of being active semi normal visited this school until Hitler. And we gets that bottle. Everyone's waiting to see which way those tests are going which latest numbers are going we just don't million information and fortunately we're gonna have to act. The challenge is to see in the opening schools are fast superintendent. From 62 cities warned congress. That without proper veteran in their districts could be forced layoff as many as 270000. Teachers to make up for fifteen to 25%. Tax overall revenue going into the school. Those going back to in person and in some of the CDC recommended guidelines such as social distance and even impossible to achieve and turn classics. This XP is out the door there's no way sources dissidents at six. Green beads going to be difficult especially elementary well. We'll be very clear. When your kids come to school I certainly feel hot wearing masks every precaution is in need around high touch areas. Light switch it is below playground equipment that kind of thing. In addition to student safety safety for teachers and he's also a concern. About 20% of teachers said they are going to return to teaching it schools reopen in the fall. And 65%. Of the watts water thanks to remain closed to slow the spread of virus. Economies recover. Education is. A lot of things you can recover from what you can't recover from his dead. Depending on situation if you aren't older teacher if you have preexisting conditions diabetes. Heart condition is better than me a few more susceptible long it's clearly don't know enough of this disease. Teenage. Her decision. We don't know if kids are superstar is we don't know if it's the young kids at the older kids who do it learn. The American academy of pediatrics. Recommends that what must it unsafe for students teachers and staff the coolest to have students physically present in school he's in person is so important to children session. Hampton left with the question what's best for kids violence and missing out on in person education. It just seems like there's a disconnect between your desk education is our priority and we want to educator kids thirty draw the line between. Going forward education in the school as opposed to keeping kids safe and I don't feel at this point there's any way they can ensure they receive. Our biggest concern is how they're going to handle the cases when they actually occur because I don't really see how they're going to be able to keep them out of the school system. Remote learning presents a different engines. Many students with limited resources. Remote learning puts them at greater risk of falling behind. I think most educators are concerned that come in nineteen is going to. Further exacerbate the achievement gap that we see in this country. For some children they're gonna start their first is what homes. In our districts you know reaching out intact the court again. Associates is going to be in one yet wearable art what you don't have it quiet space to go and learn you know in a way that she needs. Sudden she's we've known even before covic. Right we know that schools are a source bird child care we know that their source for food. We know that they are sometimes the only place that people get in again. In America. 16 children live in food insecure households and over half of elementary and secondary school students dependent on the school's lunch. Point nine million children don't have access to president into. And for many people daycare during working hours he affordable 70% of working parents will likely mean child care programs to go back to work. You have to fill healthy families just before you can do any kind of learning so if so that's the bottom line and NASA we ought to really be focused on this fall but it really also highlights of my job which is. Very important time like this week we need parents to keep their jobs and not have more people losing jobs. And suffering that financial consequences of that so again. Every stakeholder has the talent here is valid concerns. And is not a ready answer.

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"With continued uncertainty around the coronavirus, parents and educators are forced to make difficult decisions as the school year approaches.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72370907","title":"Why opening public schools during a pandemic is so difficult","url":"/US/video/opening-public-schools-pandemic-difficult-72370907"}