Pa. School Board Under Fire Over Texting Scandal

Coatesville Area School District accepts resignations of superintendent and athletic director.
1:42 | 09/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pa. School Board Under Fire Over Texting Scandal
All the language on the song includes strong -- -- residents took up almost every into the auditorium Tuesday night. I respectfully request the resignation of the entire school board. The school board -- of the -- also under fire. And the boos and cheers for the -- proved -- in the wake of a racist texting scandal involving superintendent Richard Como and athletic director Jim -- -- Known about the texting program month. And never once did you -- -- -- work and you do a nice song and dance floors but it's still don't ease the pain of the people. We look to for -- some. -- -- closure board president Bill Campbell spent almost thirty minutes giving a timeline of events before the board knew what -- Smart and active. He also confirmed -- been rumored in this community for weeks there's -- all the -- criminal investigation involving kickbacks for high school football camps. -- related to the district. And indeed we believe we were acting responsibly by main. By Maine -- maintaining our silence. During the course of this investigation. People here angry -- -- -- allowed to retire instead of fired we're told the sport had no control over the pension he's able to collide. And it could only be taken away if convicted of a crime. Campbell said the -- one at the top administrators out immediately but also wanted to avoid possible losses for not following the termination process. Properly. The damage done to -- mean by these -- cannot be calculated or -- Like all of you we are thoroughly disgusted and shocked by what they dead.

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{"id":20372879,"title":"Pa. School Board Under Fire Over Texting Scandal","duration":"1:42","description":"Coatesville Area School District accepts resignations of superintendent and athletic director.","url":"/US/video/pa-school-board-fire-texting-scandal-20372879","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}