Pearl Harbor survivors: In their own words

Veterans of the USS Arizona remember the fateful day.
1:34 | 12/06/16

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Transcript for Pearl Harbor survivors: In their own words
When those sponsors stuff all it in while you just. All I could do was withhold loan. Fifth was called Favre but bowed their own fault. Appeared from Gaidar would help but look back and it was. To defeat our hands has given up born down. I've got other. Everybody like. Throw home that your shirt and there. I was in. The chance doctor Paul. A chance. There's that feeling where guys and I go way down but this year. You can't exclude people they I did Y than knife. I don't look upon that is as dean brag about but I do look upon as an honor to do we. Put there my final question. And others. Back a lot of memories and good there were many going. They say one left off oil comes as service. The last survivor will be gone.

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{"duration":"1:34","description":"Veterans of the USS Arizona remember the fateful day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43936693","title":"Pearl Harbor survivors: In their own words","url":"/US/video/pearl-harbor-survivors-words-43936693"}