Phoenix Church Offers Drive-Thru Prayer Service

Arizona drivers can pull up to Living Streams Church to talk about their problems and concerns.
3:00 | 02/28/13

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Transcript for Phoenix Church Offers Drive-Thru Prayer Service
Driving home after a hard day's work sad stressed out searching for an answer why not hit the drive through prayer for a little help and hope. And we also want them to know. That god. Cares about them. Drive through prayer is a dream of living streams church the congregation one car at a time just -- -- explain the problem and let the prayers began. Rather -- you will. -- -- turning -- three prayer service is manned by volunteers a few evenings a week armed with bibles and caring hearts and faithfully run by a woman named faith. And give her the courage and expects that -- the passion for me as to share with people who don't know god -- them. And have -- discovered that he does. Faith and her flock -- a few dozen troubled souls every month from simple issues and confessions to serious problems. Abuse divorce and death. Sometimes shared by strangers and of the side window. This woman looking for the lord's help buying a better car. It failed bid to have some money to stand in agreement agreement with me. -- field did and that believe that it is already -- this crisis. After a few minutes and carefully chosen -- drivers get a prayer receipt -- sit on their way. The rest is up to them and a higher power. We want them to know that someone. Loves them and cares about what is happening in their life. Amen to that. Brian web ABC fifteen news.

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{"id":18622260,"title":"Phoenix Church Offers Drive-Thru Prayer Service","duration":"3:00","description":"Arizona drivers can pull up to Living Streams Church to talk about their problems and concerns.","url":"/US/video/phoenix-church-offers-drive-prayer-service-18622260","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}