The president and first lady get ready to view the total solar eclipse

Also, the eclipse provides welcome relief from scorching temperatures in South Carolina.
5:27 | 08/21/17

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Transcript for The president and first lady get ready to view the total solar eclipse
I want to show you all the sky above be right here in Charleston because we're playing it a game with the clouds here TO BB CS sliver. A sliver of the sun you can see right through those clouds and we are. Not far from Max totality here it's 238 we've got less than ten minutes before it actually gets put to the test here. But we're like so many communities across. The country who are waiting to see whether or not we'll see this you know it's natural wonder. Carbondale Illinois. At the very last second the clouds cleared and that city and they were able to see it in Nashville right before us it was a game with the clouds but you're looking. Lot that was just aerials of Charleston behind me beautiful city. And we are surrounded by big puffy white sort of cumulus clouds on the lower and the higher NB have to ask us. Ginger and rob. But I want to go back to Columbia, South Carolina they're not far obviously from here where the last state before. This great American eclipse heads out to sea as we mentioned before he's happen you know once a year. Once a year but we often don't see them because they're over water we were what it is here let's go to president trump who is on the Truman Balcony at the White House right now. There are getting ready to look out over the South Lawn. Because a reminder that so many viewer at home watching us know that even if you're not in the past at seven mile wide path looks like he's heading back. Norris is enough. But even if you're not the path so much of this country is experiencing this today if it's not a total eclipse of the parcel puts anywhere from. 20% to. A 100% cities like Atlanta scene need a 90% coverage. You can see them looking up from the balcony right there with their last sigh. The president behind that still are there areas. Coming out with belong here the First Lady Gilani trump. Emerging. As they take him. What is a breathtaking view. I hope somebody gave the president and the First Lady. Some approved classes by NASA. We do know the South Carolina is the next and last state. Before it heads out to sea and I wanna check in with Rachel Scott who is in Columbia, South Carolina rate to perhaps you can give us a taste of what were up against do what he's seen. Hey David why can tell you that you know this guy if he were a little bit cloudy people who are very concerned. But now those skies have cleared we are getting a clear view very exciting here the party got started here with a baseball game just behind me but plenty of fireflies we're facing off against the row braids. About B a clips and doesn't brutality of it so I got my classes and get a look here. And we are almost there I can tell you just as. Live there is the last. We are we're less than probably 10% here and I do want to talk to Doug he's standing next singing god this is not your first time seeing in the clips no it is not. We live lots and he's not like. Well the lack. It's that last comment that I remember is ninety Saturday I was visiting cousins of Boston. And it was a partial eclipse but got cold all of a sudden as that is now there was certainly wasn't what happened now we're lives. Clips. Are great so we do feel a getting a little bit cooler here as you note dated isn't very hot. Any crowds are starting to. Here. Putting eyeglasses that god as we are getting closer and closer to that's an Alley. Just a little better way to go here and we're very concerned that the Dixie. Extremely hot in South Carolina but we're feeling those temperatures get a lot cooler and get as they are dropping down right now. And we are. Yeah. You can hear the ground here. Excited to see this its own reality and it's. In nearly it's. And can't we. We yeah we don't need every what do you make up there is right now you could see a lot of kids yelling and screaming. They are very excited as we reads yeah. Reality here. In Columbia, South Carolina. Yeah yeah. The last two minutes and 32. And we are just taking this all end that being in the right now we don't want a lifetime opportunity for all the people that are here. In Columbia, South Carolina that's traveled from all over the country and frankly all over the world for this amazing and incredible site. Great so we can tell you got a minute 55 seconds left of Max totality there in Columbia, South Carolina. You can see it on the road. On your screen right there they're all gather at the stadium it's gone dark there. So many children and families gathered in it we should mention that Columbia, South Carolina as one of five state capitals this is so rare it's why this one of the most. We did they think probably the most viewed. Natural wonder ever when it comes to these solar eclipses because of the number of populated cities that were in the path of his total solar eclipse. In America you know you've got. Columbia, South Carolina national Jefferson City, Missouri he had good Salem Oregon Lincoln Nebraska all the state capitals ever write the path and book. It is pitch black right now in Columbia. The capital course of South Carolina. As we look at the pictures you can see the corona around the sun there breaks a smile as well.

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{"id":49341666,"title":"The president and first lady get ready to view the total solar eclipse","duration":"5:27","description":"Also, the eclipse provides welcome relief from scorching temperatures in South Carolina.","url":"/US/video/president-lady-ready-view-total-solar-eclipse-49341666","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}