Your questions answered

Ashton, ABC News' chief medical correspondent, responds to questions about the coronavirus, including about its spread, self-isolation and concerns over spring break travel.
4:29 | 03/19/20

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We have ABC chief medical correspondent doctor to Nash and you're ready to take. Many viewer questions on this potentially deadly virus and it feels like we're learning more and more each day. But there are so many new questions that come up I was just looking at these are our viewers meaning if they are all of my question and if it found so the first one I knew a number of people in the US. Who had pretty bad respiratory illnesses in the last one to two months. I had a mild case of it and by the way meet jail saying is it possible that corona virus was actually here earlier short answer yes but we also have to remember at that time before we really started to track cases and see our numbers go up. Common things were still occurring commonly it wasn't just influenza it was RSV. Rhino virus at no virus power influenza the list goes on and on other corona viruses which cause the common cold so. It's possible but there's no way to now frank. Why do I keep seeing news stories of the famous people being tested for corona virus with or without symptoms when the general public cannot get tested because there. Quote aren't enough tests again this is a really common question and it is concerning but. I think a lot of it came out of that NBA and those players who were asymptomatic. We reach out to the NBA and we were told they were basically following protocols that were in place at that time. But this is something and sometimes we might not find out the answer to I think it depends on what their job is what their exposure is and the congress. We say agers held actors things like that even Tom Hanks and his wife. Right number three our question what about home cleaning company should be canceled their services. During this crisis I think you want to minimize the people coming in and out of your home so you know we all are capable of cleaning our own home his. Especially when a lot of us are gonna be home for a lot. And so you know I I did signing Indian and they I don't really what I am I think our homes will be cleaner than ever at this point but yeah I would minimize the transit grant transporting and I keep your kids involved I write for talk about kids being boring if they don't worry and exactly how. So the next question is as we're self isolating at home and practicing social distancing. Should we still be having friends come over for dinner or to converse X Federer when it was just you know couple people know how. Social distancing means social distancing this is like he can't be a little pregnant if you're gonna stay away from people both to protect yourself and your environment as well as others. You need to stay away from them so you know you can use soon you can use face time you can be on multiple multiple people you can get creative. This is not gonna last forever it it's definitely unpleasant and it's a major reset on our lifestyle but. You know these are unchartered waters and we have to be addressed and so we had a pretty. Decent site look at the people. You know moving huge family do and we had a couple friends some people of what the bubble they can't come back now ran out that's it once you're out of the bubble you're out I went and I think. I read this quote just this morning Amy in The New England Journal of Medicine the best outcome of this pandemic would be being accused of having. Over prepared and that means. Also overreacting when it comes to social distancing himself all right that's important dinner parties are Hanover after we'll celebrate way. This next question is in for single regular laundry washing with detergent. Standard tumble drying well that killed the coded nineteen virus short answer they haven't tested this yet obviously but from what we do know about other human corona viruses they are killed by a variety of detergents and cleaning agent so I don't think we need to go to excessive measures here. Just use your washer and dryer. Clean your hands clean your clothes clean your hot spots in your home that we should be watching her clothes if we leave the house correct I think zionist common sense okay our next question. As some people are still traveling for spring break we've definitely seen that in the news. Will there be more cases in those areas within the next few weeks we did Lisa I'll even a world news. These teens saying or I guess they're in their twenties and a I want to get drunk I wanna go have spring break this is an error and listen as parents I think this is our moment to step up and tell Aaron adult children who have never had to have their social lives curtailed or restricted. Guess what. You've never lived through anything like this we have to take aggressive action as a country to protect every one. And sorry you can't go to your party this week or your vacation this month it's not going to be that way forever. But right now. Everyone needs to really step up and you know it's not the time to be in crowded city environments net important information aren't doctors and -- you thank you thank you appreciate it you've checked back in with you.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Ashton, ABC News' chief medical correspondent, responds to questions about the coronavirus, including about its spread, self-isolation and concerns over spring break travel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69688279","title":"Your questions answered","url":"/US/video/questions-answered-69688279"}