Rapper A$AP Rocky begins 2nd day of trial

The rapper is set to appear in a Swedish court Thursday for the second day of his three-day assault trial where if found guilty, he could spend up to two years in prison.
4:11 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Rapper A$AP Rocky begins 2nd day of trial
Moving overseas to sweet and almonds day two in the trial for Grammy nominated rapper is -- rocky pleading not guilty to allegedly assaulting a man in Stockholm at the end of June and today he testified along with the accuser. This case has sparked a global outrage and even had president trump asking for his release. As he's been held in prison alone along with his two friends since this happened so. I'm really happy to be joined by chuck Kremer who is the founder of all hip pop dot com on thanks for being with thank you have me let's just start if if convicted. Eighth that rocky would phase two years in prison. Yes yeah absolutely. Yeah this is this an intriguing case he he he. Unfortunately was this case happened overseas and I don't think. A step or his entourage understood the four breath of what they were getting themselves into when they got into this altercation. Yes you know so he's he's end he's he's in custody he's he's been in prison on with his two friends. What's. Your take on the situation you know being followed. By every person in a foreign country who seems like he's sort of provoked an altercation. And then you know despite happening and then here we are well. I have mixed I have bum. A bunch of feelings about it on as an individual who has traveled the world I'm expressly cautious when I'm overseas I'm particularly. Absolutely fearful. Be peak the only if absolutely fearful I mean I was in Greece and someone was murdered over there in I was just terrified. At that point. On answer then think about being incarcerated. Overseas is is frightening as well but. There's another layer I think with a set having security with him being an internationally know men and below celebrity. Perhaps additional measures should have been have been taken to protect him from even touching or having any. Sort of interaction with this individual. He did have a bodyguard yes absolutely and the bodyguard was assaulted as well and he's DO will only one who hasn't bin. Charged in this case that I find that interesting but. At the end of the day those those individuals bodyguards and even unauthorized. People are there really primarily to protect the artists I think a sash I don't think he should be jailed I don't think you. He should be incarcerated in I think that he should be freed act absolutely. And I don't think this is serving time over this and it's clear I mean the assailants are even under investigation themselves for assault and molestation. Which sort of has a different connotation in sweet and then the United States but. Nevertheless the mean these guys have. They're not innocent. In this panel. Let's talk about how the hip hop community has responded. You know. People have brought up. Comments that he made about Fergus and it is theory is in a situation does that matter I think people are also just wanting justice to be. He's I mean I've gone back and forth on that issue myself and I think the comments he made were deplorable I mean. I don't think there unforgivable and I don't think they are in any way related to this case I think people. Are often times when a stick it to someone who's had this tremendous privilege. And when they're down they want to take home more and ended at the end of the day he's someone's son. Yet he's. You know someone's Frick family and friends. And I've had my own interactions with young people we'd all agree order a lot of things. But at the end of the day I think we have to recognize that this is a larger issue and that he has to be treated like anyone else. In legal form. You know ethically us as a. Yes so today was day two and then the trial. Ends tomorrow so we will see what happens. Chuck creek where all hip hop dot com thank you for joining us today.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"The rapper is set to appear in a Swedish court Thursday for the second day of his three-day assault trial where if found guilty, he could spend up to two years in prison.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64710484","title":"Rapper A$AP Rocky begins 2nd day of trial","url":"/US/video/rapper-aap-rocky-begins-2nd-day-trial-64710484"}