Reporter’s experience with racism sparks TED Talk, documentary series

Nydia Han, a correspondent for Philadelphia ABC station WPVI, discusses the incident that inspired others to share their stories.
4:07 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reporter’s experience with racism sparks TED Talk, documentary series
It wasn't the real. Counter that left a lasting impression on our next guest Debbie PBI reporter Nydia hi and was almost hit by a car nearly four years ago. But it was what the drivers said that moved it Nydia to take action against racism. It was three simple words this. Is America. Nydia responding in a now viral FaceBook video that has led to attend talk. And it W peavy I Don T series that examines racism in America her experience inspiring so many to share similar stories. In the eyes and I thank you for joining ads do we used to work together so I know. You are not one to get on a soapbox. So what about this incident made you feel like you needed to say something. He my old partner honored to be with you tonight I felt like I needed to respond to those three words and this is America because they unleashed in me. An anger and the pain I didn't even know I was carrying inside I assume the driver said those words to me because she didn't think my Asian phase belong to that of an American. And after a lifetime of ignoring similar incidents. I felt compelled to respond especially as I thought oh my children who look a lot like me until I hope have a different experience. Phil I responded publicly to say enough is enough this is not okay. Please check your knee jerk reactions and your biases and see us. For who we are not ads forever foreigners but as fellow American coach Andy and I really hope the message gets out there because this heat we're talking about tonight she didn't spring up out of nowhere cash it is rooted in our continuing struggle to be seen as American as everyone else it's. And we know experience I castle races and that like. Where you from question in the name calling starting from we were kids on the playground into our adulthood so many people. Rarely see anything about those casual moments. This is their true even though they are terribly cutting edge I have to tell you even as they cover these brutal physical attack against Asian Americans I think we need to continue to shine a light on other forms and refilled them leave you two examples here in Philadelphia a board member of the labor union that represent actors and artists. Posted a recent mean on social media a Philadelphia hoagie shops advertise a recent menu item calling macaroni and sheen's covered in Chinese garlic spot. Hold that not after those stories were amplified. There were real results not board member resigned the menu item was removed I think only share these stories we're sending announces that there are consequences for this kind of behavior and reason and against Asian Americans is not okay each and even though we know that even casual racism and has an incredibly profound impact not only doesn't courage and also really heats up and then exploded into the kind of ugliness and violence we see today. The so I guess the natural question and that all people are asking is what can they do to help their Asian American friends and family. Yeah I think there are a lot of things that people can deal let me tell you it's three thing that I hope people can deal number one in. With then and watch what is happening in our community and share our stories. And number to use stand up for us even when we're not in the round especially. If we're not in the realm and intervene when you see things happened I had seen and windchill currently by the stories as an across the country a volunteers. Walking with Asian American senior and also by seeing neighbors guarding the homes of Asian American families to have been the victims of racism and threats and the third thing that people can feel instant use their pocketbook. Phil please don't mean to an organization that is working to stop the hate. Frequent and Asian American doesn't watch a movie that is made by an Asian American filmmaker features Asian American actors those are three things that people can do Eva. Some good actionable items forest -- at thank you so much for sharing. Your story we appreciate you. Thank the and a.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Nydia Han, a correspondent for Philadelphia ABC station WPVI, discusses the incident that inspired others to share their stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76263753","title":"Reporter’s experience with racism sparks TED Talk, documentary series","url":"/US/video/reporters-experience-racism-sparks-ted-talk-documentary-series-76263753"}