Residents in California race to evacuate as wildfire flares up

Thousands of people rush to flee through walls of flame
2:23 | 11/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Residents in California race to evacuate as wildfire flares up
All car is also on the scene in paradise and I want is I wanna go to willing see what's happening where you are. Bloody cam we're sick a real and fact that this fires had all over this area we've just off fort goats come up here and you often see this with buyers wildlife pushed. Pretty much out of everywhere because everything in this area has burned to the ground I want you to walk up here you can save. The thought has come Bob. Didn't bid ominous. Blood orange and sought bull overlooking all of this destruction it may have gone throughout this community we have seen hundreds of homes or to the brown. Just like this. It involved did and how much time to get out only a matter of active collected job but their cars data spirit displayed encroaching you can you'll. The winds right now we're in a red flag warning. That's highways throughout the course today low humidity in Poland dry brush pretty much perfect fire conditions. You walk along we didn't need damage and destruction all over the place. This is one lap. Water on the Nancy and the felons and that wash during dry air. In the debris but not that it really hard minute doubt what bush by put it beautiful home what that beautiful. Overlook. Behind us they so this is really devastating. Once the sun has come up yesterday we're actually deed their middle of these plans is homes were burning it looked like army get it you had. Home I'm home just going up in flames trains were counting one's best clips are shutting hundreds have been. Up into the air it was incredibly hard to breathe because the smoke was so happy to fire was so hot on your skin you're propane tanks. That were exploding it was quite a dangerous situation and we're not out of it yeah. Know Bob needs magnate to have that red flag warning throughout the course of the day and you know what's against it we have these goats are just kind of following us at this point they've really don't know where to go at this point it's unclear to me. It. There are part of this property or they just come out. Not because they have nowhere else to go because everything as either burned or is continuing to burn and that's why it's still a very. Desperate situation.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Thousands of people rush to flee through walls of flame","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59087470","title":"Residents in California race to evacuate as wildfire flares up","url":"/US/video/residents-california-race-evacuate-wildfire-flares-59087470"}