Residents and officials in 'Let It Fall' share lessons from the LA riots, 25 years later

They shared their thoughts in 2017 with the team behind the documentary "Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992."
5:00 | 04/28/17

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Transcript for Residents and officials in 'Let It Fall' share lessons from the LA riots, 25 years later
Could we have done a lot of things differently yes poem and I think we are prepared to day as a result. I'm having lessons learned but I will tell it is said that. We are not out of our lives and and I realities we should ever being complacent. And I believe if LA today with a communique. Both of colleagues. And the city government. Then we went ahead this. And I think what I would tell people is this. That no matter how angry you can't. What about what's going on. About injustices that you believe perhaps. That you don't that you do not have the right that we do not have the right to take Allen on the innocent people men and there's a better way to do this. Mr. Wright and ends accompanied throughout the city. Nancy your community destroying. I know. They're reacting in the way that they did and is not going to make things better and and it's not the way to do. It's not the way to get. Yes I think people think that you need your horses and you get your voice heard you do you get your voice heard at the same time destroying. The majority of the inner city. And communities that we lived it and and it is taking a long time his. Just now turning around. He's just now turning around. So it's not the answer it's just not the answer. You have to stop him you have to think you have to actions of questions is this worth doing. Is this the wrong way to go is that the route to take. Figure out which would which need to do. And you need to figure out how you can doing menu and was safely in and I can make a difference on him because a rise was just something that happened. And and it didn't have a far right reason. I do think that. We need to listen to some of these things and we need to carefully allies. Because you know while. A climate of our country right now is coming full circle. And the riots that we had in 1992 work are going to be nothing to. What's going to occur here in the very near future if we don't grasp all of our country. And get some mortar I mean how many how many bad shootings of we have beaten to could have been avoided in. And I saying could've been avoided. Not justify the could have been avoided wasn't correct and you know what the person that. Is trying to justify that doesn't detail law enforcement which we need to change some things that we need to have pretty quick we have to find a way to really talk to not all at each other and that he'll back or not dig in our heels and say my position as this and that's where it is our right we still have to figure out where it's got to communicate and understand what other persons coming from this team police officers have to understand occur then -- mobile on our people are are complaining about stomach hurt it's not. Person to not view as an individual officers talking about things as happened maybe before you came on the job or maybe you before you were born. Put on the other side also let people understand that there are officers out there. Vast majority and to get up every morning wanna go I'd do a good job the last thing wanted to take somebody's life. Right to put him. Every police officer in the same and in the same day that's insulting and it's. I'd like to see to pony albums are out into the community. And I do believe at Avery did and bobbed in the coming only. Which it may stop LA watts Compton high pot east Costa hazardous. Batters out everybody needs a commenting epidemic changed. And we've seen as doctor me question saying it would hang yourself. Out of I have enjoyed jab. And other people and stop Alan Layton makes a change. We can do it every trot. I think it would mean to Google on each other zoo. Pillow. And be right. Facing. This time seven have a piece this. World been. Lessons from god for that day there's so many probably. And love is love is love in. Whether some. Black on white white on black female female male on male lover is on his lap he Hayden. Does nothing but eat what we need to do is in people and in the news we need to look out and other. Had a very good job and we need to take care of each other better whoever we are wherever we live whoever we love him. We got help each other none. Not keeps coming down. That's what we need to learn.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"They shared their thoughts in 2017 with the team behind the documentary \"Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"47037669","title":"Residents and officials in 'Let It Fall' share lessons from the LA riots, 25 years later ","url":"/US/video/residents-officials-fall-share-lessons-la-riots-25-47037669"}