Restaurant Rebuilds Pier After Sandy's Destruction

Martell's Restaurant lost their pier to Sandy, but quickly rebuilt.
1:07 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for Restaurant Rebuilds Pier After Sandy's Destruction
You know we walked in I walked in the building. You know knock on -- the building then went to -- You know and it really have any. Major issues in there there's no -- that went there. So as I sort of walk and walk the walk and I'm like okay this isn't too bad once we got outside we realized. You know once I got me in the Tiki -- new. -- nothing there so. -- just gone this -- all. You know being here for twenty years. You know come here every day to work -- you know the people who work here we're like family you know we spent a lot of time together some work and it was hard -- you know. Everybody kind of did their own little walks away and to their own little things and I walked down on the beach here and you know and then we just gathered ourselves so let's go so we knew we all had a plan we knew we were gonna do we knew we had. So there was -- a question whether this is gonna be here again now not a question at all no -- no doubt in my mind. Yours extra here. That's that's that yes it did restore the shore in Jersey stronger -- things that probably -- here bird.

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{"id":20710833,"title":"Restaurant Rebuilds Pier After Sandy's Destruction","duration":"1:07","description":"Martell's Restaurant lost their pier to Sandy, but quickly rebuilt.","url":"/US/video/restaurant-rebuilds-pier-sandys-destruction-20710833","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}