Robert E Lee’s descendent wants Confederate statues removed

Rev. Robert Lee IV, descendent of Robert E. Lee said: “If I can change, you can too.”
7:21 | 06/30/20

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Transcript for Robert E Lee’s descendent wants Confederate statues removed
We took to the battle over confederate symbols it continues to heat up tonight the Republican governor of Mississippi has officially remove the confederate. Battle emblem from the state flag. The last one in the nation with that design and earlier this month NASCAR fan confederate flags from its racetrack. Across the country confederate monuments have been coming down some. By vandals which prompted president from toward of the prosecution of anyone who damages these monuments tonight. We are joined by reverend Robert believe the fourth of pastor author and the great great great nephew of confederate general Robert. Who's also his name say thank you so much for joining us reverend. I so let's start with your reaction to the change in the Mississippi State flag this was done by Republican governor and Republican legislature did you see this coming in. And how does this change the conversation. Welcome honest if you didn't see this happening in my life. This incredible or TD to seek justice. See you try and right there in the past I see it redemption did it live for all of these things that at Enron all. I'm not gonna lie I grew up with the confederate flags. Eighty in my bedroom something that I celebrated that was related to the media the news new ways to senior year and a lack. It is under undeclared state there is important to address. Who are gone now. And you see it for what it is that is that white supremacy racism in the basis. The celebration bath like. Through. And there are more than 17100 confederate symbols in public spaces across this country including many that honor your ancestor should each one of those be removed and end this belong in a museum. Sexual acts these things one way or another entered he personally. I see that as I there's a cedar that they had been created aids idols and white supremacy and racism. Which the reading was your original into it based on workload. I says thirty this is a no brainer this is an issue. Into an editor easy to world peace and are trying to dilute. C. Equality and equity another idea we messed you need to address the arguments. Donnelly instituted and brought. Up but elsewhere as well this is that her doc Beattie it's a fall. You really need us shape the way we viewed our future. The first of many dominoes I think that your right in in the past two weeks have of course seen vandalism of some of these monuments. You fall on that do you agree with the president that people who do that should be prosecuted. Well I tried to get by the president the United States that I am going to say is that the president the United States should be supported this conversation it hindered it there is a real sister and right now. We don't feel the support we're tried to have this conversation. It only late. With people like our president and people. Like our state legislatures it's C the editorial officials. That drew me and see other people safety extra legal fears. That bill but it did it's all going to be her. I think a lot of our communities are people this conversation are we heard. And let's back up to your childhood you said just a moment ago that you had a confederate flag in your bedroom until middle school and of course you bear your ancestors name to what Robert. Did that change and and what changed it. Believe it a lot to be near the name of course there was some incident at least be proud to begin to leak. On a new source flagging a picture but daddy. Whose target it from Arlington in my bedroom. If that was about middle school. When I was in property should be joined the United Methodist Church I was a member. IE. Had a confirmation number who does this amazing what but it coloring her ample. And her parents. Executive he had a you're gonna be called industry added that your after which he won't. But if you call industry you have flag injury. A and I felt that it was Serbia since they get on serve everybody I have simple devices this. Ian Margaret in my bedroom place your wrists my head acts in that in your super neatest became a personal issue. Addressing it. Only magnate eighty seat safe but also where they're reality this is about more than just. This is often known for what it's worth it Robert Healy was a brilliant general. So do you think considering that should any part of his legacy be honored and if so. How would you say he should be remembered. Well there's yet but it has alienated the the reality is for all of us we will be judged by the entirety at our actions. Will be. Will we can give it to that he was a brilliant tactician but when the most consequential decision is like our team. Weather this year secede with his Connell the Virginia answer is that earlier or stay and by United States or teachers to see. Send to me and team owners and eating it eases the video. Since the ET became a traitor to United States. And of course he is granted citizenship that was Lindsey president Gerald. In excess and we want to sell well already arm arm then the leader Billy need to examiner Patrick. There Reza moment in history when he had the opportunity to join the confederacy or the union any clues in your family tree if he chose the confederacy. Because he believed in defending slavery. Or was it perhaps out of loyalty tends southern roots and should there be a distinction made when it comes to his legacy. Look there's no distinction between. Fighting for your state which was ultimately to the state. IX two minutes lady people. Are we get to finish that sentence we are never finished at sincere when I was growing up. Even if he was cited recent state of Virginia. US fighting could continue to slip it in a black people and ask me is just that's not something that at least and a tattered city squares. Are our schools. I that's not something we can sober. And and lastly there are so many as you know die hearts people who are saying that they do not want their confederate. Monuments statues flags. To be erased or discarded. What do you say to them as a direct descendant of Robert. If I can change you'd NC. Burden is on us to address us. And he will be far better off as a country and as a people if we're honest with ourselves around the time after buying it not where it's street. Arm is tracks and headed idiot cause is our us. Reverend lane thank you so much for your time we really appreciate it. They used.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"Rev. Robert Lee IV, descendent of Robert E. Lee said: “If I can change, you can too.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71545893","title":"Robert E Lee’s descendent wants Confederate statues removed","url":"/US/video/robert-lees-descendent-confederate-statues-removed-71545893"}