The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 12, 2020

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2:25 | 05/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 12, 2020
For. The. State. All roads back to work and school go through tests. Standing committee hearing from top health officials including doctor Anthony that sheet with the White House corona virus task force the president's current virus experts giving a warning if seats reopened prematurely. My concern is that we will saucy little spikes. Might turn into how brain scan how she says it researchers are hard at work on finding a vaccine but needy is still at least a year to eighteen months so weighing in. As are growing between people pushing to and stay at home restriction and officials trying to enforce that police in Fort Worth, Texas dodged a bullet as they broke up a massive crowd from. Today. Nine people were injured and all are expected did you recover. Elon Musk wants to get those that is Tesla factory in northern California back to work so he is open the doors backed up from Moscow is defined local waters and Alameda county and it has reopened that Tesla factory putting in place temperature Jackson other safeguards in the mosque is urging local authorities to arrest him. They wanna harass anybody if the plan now president trump who has never been a big proponent of electric vehicles as Wang in. Tweeting quote California issued by tasks like Ilan mosque opened the plan now. Las Vegas companies are out with new plans on how they'll operate casinos and hotels once they reopened its not clear win casinos will be allowed to reopen in mosques Vegas but the biggest companies caesar's and MGM are playing out their plans for when they are allowed to reopen their many properties and masks will be warring temperature checks will be Donna casino doors casino floors will be socially distanced wood tables are part hand washing stations will be sent out restaurant menus and hotel room he's a beyond your opponent senator physically and your hands. One of Russian president Vladimir Putin's closest aides Kremlin spokesman Dmitry had dropped admits he's gotten sick with Kobe 1980 he says he is in the hospital being treated brands is asking residents to show their patriotism by eating more cheese the French dairy industry as a massive surplus due to the quarantine and is calling on its citizens to quote eat cheese news solidarity free. She's experts here friends say they ask and the clock out they may. Play 5000. It.

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