The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 6, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:50 | 05/07/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 6, 2021
When. Across the country workers going door to door and I mean encouraging Americans to get the shots we're just can't make out the amount of tonight Coleman's cases hitting their lowest levels in seven months and experts at UCSF project evening California is on track to reach her community might June 15. I want to get used the word unique combination. Resident and nation wide smiles songs you all what makes you my new poll shows just 9% of the unvaccinated Americans say they intend to get a shot as soon as possible and ensure that today recording its vaccine is 96%. Effectively ending twelve to seventeen year old isn't the FDA is expected to realign the Pfizer vaccines for adolescents after the company reported it was 100% effective in kids from twelve to fifteen with no serious sinus Beckham's. And here are your mom ambassador here earlier in the morning and health outcomes like older model will be. Diana's. Police say the woman in this photo is seen leading two year old Noah trial out of the church nursery and rebel leader Virginia authorities have identified her as 45 year old Nancy Ripley and we have been unable to determine I'm they say the child was found safe the next day about 2 hours away and eastern West Virginia according to police usually held at the home of Nancy Ridley and her boyfriend Bobby Taylor. Both are now facing felony abduction and drug charges police report doesn't childless unharmed say that all his hair which shaved off his hands. A major turn in the case of Colorado momma Suzanne Moore few for the win missing the last Mother's Day we believe that she's not alive her husband is in custody and charged with her murder. Nearly a due to the day after he made this terrible green for his wife Suzanne zebra turn. A judge today ordering him being held without bail but allowing him visits with us. Two daughters it was made happy Mother's Day last year when the 49 year old mother of the true to what sorting by pricing and never returns only signs of her and her bike helmet and a personal items that police will not describe we do you have. Good information that lettuce cheese disappointed today authorities interviewing more than 400 people are still a lot of questions. What happens when even from why he's. The army announcing it plans to put a civilian in charge of the command that can best criminal investigation is that we will continue to haunt us. The army and how long terms of making sure they enough bursts of rain criminal investigation. Division those changes are in the wake of violent crimes and gore and Texas he including academic specialist and Vanessa Guillen and they're now and the end. Did not die in thing. She won't need for abnormal arms associating. With our commitments for Lindsay and paying sexual harassment and sexual assault case is out of the GW man. From the New York city's mayor bill the bloody announcing New York block for the Johnson & Johnson vaccines from tiny tourist as long as a state of fruitless and this is gonna start as soon as. We have an approval rating though this weekend from the warm welcome more and more people into the vaccinations for. Well that's nations will be available in here is free Wednesday night tours in. We want to go the extra mile to make it easy. Ford Taurus. Good thing here they're Clearwater here. This coming soon after the announcement at York city's Broadway will reopen in September this summer you're gonna see doors were alive again in New York City there's a lot of jobs come back because of.

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