The Rundown: Top headlines today: August 11, 2020

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
2:56 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: August 11, 2020
Presumptive democratic candidate Joseph Biden revealing his choice for V and he senator com Polaris is now officially been tapped as his running. Here's becomes the first woman of color on a major party ticket after dropping out of the presidential race don't be too wonders rivals early on his campaign here is Alan riding in one of the first debate. Over mustang last. Months photographers picked up no husband and I didn't had a hand written before a press conference. Under the header Connell Harris in red do not hold grudges cant believe me in jail and talented and great help us in the campaign and great respect for her. For arson case is now a top five million in the US and more than 340000. Of those case your children from. Cases are now only increasing imports stains and today Florida recorded a record high 276. New deaths from. And in this state nearly 43000. Children have tested positive for the virus economy is recovers well. Education isn't. A lot of things you can cover what you can't recover from his dad. Russia's president Vladimir Putin claims his country has approved the world's first coping nineteen vaccine that uses being met with skepticism. Commotion from Halifax but an inside and outside Russia has been very little you know in his apology on his president praising claiming it's an old necessary testing. Russia and essentially declaring victory people finishing its cardinals phase three trials. Protesters tonight are again trying to Canada and Belarus is capital Minsk and good night running the police are responding with cruel almost from the protestors who can to make president Alexander Lukashenko who steps down the key opposition candidates had Lana T canosa Condo has now blend in Belarus implying she may have made the decision because of a threat family. It was nineteen Kendall. Dozens of people can. Tonight. A full line of thunderstorms work. The midwest family is still in the dark meteorologists call these huge complexes and he ridiculed the thunderstorms that the region of British. I'm bringing new tropical depression it just formed in the Atlantic and it could strain innings in the year's next named storms. The system is now getting better organizes a news towards the Caribbean it could potentially become a tropical storm Josephine in the coming days the good news for now though its current track. Just know US impacts of the moment. I'm still going to jail. Police arrested. Eight year old boy in school in taking him to jail this happened at Gerald until makes me think he was pulling you nothing genes. Yeah thing you know are. Right it was charged with felony battery charges were finally dropped. Nine mostly.

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