The Rundown: Top headlines today: Dec. 4, 2020

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:40 | 12/05/20

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: Dec. 4, 2020
From the. For. The university of Washington's population health initiative is projecting the total number of corona virus deaths in the US by next April. I'm Jim 539000. New Mexico's Windsor rotary. America's freedoms we won't hurt America maybe computer screen one line and Johns Hopkins University according to US stealing east county exceeded 100000. For the first time. Now that number has more than double the numbers you know themselves are alarming. And then you realize that it is likely will see more sir just forget to tune in three weeks passed from the Thanksgiving holidays quickly enact scenes don't want to wait for most Americans and additional saint now's the time to double down on precautions and my mask wearing social distancing and hand washing of the California is prepared to issue regional stay at home warriors and you've capacity drops below 15%. We don't act now we'll continue to see and death brings clients more lives lost. President elect Joseph Biden delivering remarks and Delaware and a weaker than expected jobs report I don't labour government 345000. Jobs were added last month by calling for a new relief deal. Congress and president Charles failed attack by the end of December. Twelve million errors of those unemployment benefits that rely. Very Christmas. Momentum growing kind of 980 billion dollar compromise measure that includes 300 dollars in weekly federal unemployment benefits 160. Billion in steeped in local lanes but it doesn't include another round of checks for Americans struggling Dow closed at an all time high despite their jobs report. A Texas human smuggler investigation is underway after a man running down a street and yelling for anal and eventually it led to a troubling discovery. The man in his underwear led police to a house where two dozen other people were being held against their will also be in their underwear. Houston police lieutenant Jose Torres says the smugglers apparently stripped down has tried to blend in with their victims. So we've pulled out the ones that lives. Clean it and still had a jury most people were dirty and maybe mayor Torre on these few people here. The smuggling victims were from Mexico Honduras and China had been in the house from communities around the world we. Every sings former companion wants to be out of jail and home for the holidays and I'm Maxwell is going to make a renewed motion for release on bail and in a letter to court her attorneys requested a hearing before the holidays to you lawmaker formal application next week's government going to respond reforms proposed hearing December 21 ciresi successful she went beyond Christmas and Maxwell has complained repeatedly about the severity of her incarceration and has so much to say about it and judge her attorneys ask permission to go long and our court papers and proposals awaiting trial on charges she enabled Jeffrey Epstein is alleged abuse of. Minor. Not a big surprise that no fans will be allowed at the Rose Bowl for the college football playoff semi final on January 1. The tournament of roses says it requested special permission to allow a limited number of spectators at the stadium that was denied due to club in nineteen restrictions from the Rose Parade in traditionally held the morning of the game. Also. High school football Bradbury who was had a goal and had tacked on the field last player being Emmanuel Dhahran. Slammed into the official after he was ejected from the game dark glasses and warning from the stadium by police. He is now charged with assault. On the team won the game but they have been disqualified the layoff due to the incidental the referee was evaluated for concussion.

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