The Rundown: Top headlines today: June 22, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:00 | 06/23/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: June 22, 2021
From from. What written. Officials are calling me highly contagious delta American and greatest threat in our fighting the fires but no atoning work what percent of new cases across the country anything doubling every two weeks. Strain known at least 47 states in this county for nearly half of all infections from Iowa to Colorado. Officials warning than younger people across the US. Be more vulnerable to the veering. Only 30% of eighteen to 29 year olds I've received at least one dose of reality is many younger Americans have felt like that in nineteen is not something to tax them. Today in the Biden administration saying it. Take longer than expected to reach their goal city 70% of American adults by the fourth of July. They're now calling Michael aspiration fast the goal line and ask me ask for regional gold. The goal line is completely crushed this outrage don't know what should pay that when we reach this 70% from across the country. And we're done and meanwhile. A student at Indiana university art suing the school or current vaccine requirement I think essential argument. Is that these vaccines are experimental heart sports an expert on the vaccine fund students Bentley from the reality is these are not experimental vaccines and ending the highly task that they are safe and effective and pledging that the school has finally have parents who don't India and Maxine passport mom and prohibits state and local government. I'm requiring taxi passports. You know we know schools are an anti vaccines are things like blue measles and are so it's not surprising that they would push for a received a university sitting in a statement that did it is confident it will prevail in this case. Authorities tonight investigating a deadly police shooting in Flint, Michigan the images are disturbing and. In the windshield and a silver Monte Carlo offering critical insights. Investigators reviewing video showing a police officer shooting nineteen year old Brea signs in her car. Authorities staged first while he was on. Traffic duty records from Rick. His looked like he mortally wounded somebody the opposite class into the ground and apparently overcome with emotion is there because. You know would remember that you know disposed of the celebration residents did it was a tragedy. A cup of coffee even on the street captains that cup of coffee may reduce the risk of certain liver diseases. When they found after looking at people who instantly tap dancing calling regular basically all types of coffee. A dramatically reduce the risk of all types of chronic liver disease researchers found that drinking three to afford cups of coffee or date. You can reduce your risk for chronic liver disease in my more than 20%. For some people on the capsule caused kid Arenas and Gagne can be a bad thing. But an overwhelming data and evidence supports the health benefits. Good news. Chris Brown is a suspect in a battery investigation according to law enforcement sources. The victim claims Chris Brown's lab dress and Fernando valley residents in 2009. Brown pled guilty to assaulting then girlfriend Rihanna Chris Brown's representation. I'm no comment. Minnesota Vikings player G intertwined and was one of several people injured at Washington DC shootings on Monday according to the team. He's expected to make a full recovery at 21 year old from we will not need surgery. Like to see apparent direct contact with family and that they are extremely angles. Anyone year old runner is headed in the Olympics representing the US in Tokyo and known for her vibrant look Kerry Richardson is more than just dial and you got this. Skills to back it she's the sixth fastest woman ever in the 100 meter dash the last American woman to win a hundred meter with Gayle dealers in 1996.

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