Salvation Army opens grocery store

The organization enters new territory with the grand opening of its first nonprofit grocery store in Baltimore, Maryland.
1:57 | 03/09/18

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Transcript for Salvation Army opens grocery store
At first glance it may seem like any other supermarket but not in the disappearing landscape for grocery stores. That is Baltimore. Canady called arrogance. Some RIT as it is a lot more from dead six. And that's what they are still don't know the animal troughs the problem Miami I see it. What the houses if these loans and calling it but that's just pat Harry is living. All of that changed today in this community as city leaders cut the ribbon at the grand opening of the first non profit grocery store of its kind. In the country. The DMG grocery where it's doing the most good. This service as a beacon for the rest of this community if we can do this here. We can do this in other parts of the city. An idea which grew out of the rats almost three years ago the Salvation Army will now provide convenient affordable and nutritious food options. By running its own grocery store. Training as many as fifty workers per year in the process. A nonprofit organization easily could have abandoned its plans for the 7000 square foot supermarket after. Burglars struck three times within a week including Thanksgiving Day a few months ago making off with every piece of proper tools building materials meet slice there's. And even tens of thousands of dollars worth of toys for needy children. But after that. Half of the great thing is that people of the community began to knock on the windows and knocked on the doors and we don't they say listen we're sorry that that happened with us and that's not going to happen again listen when we're we're gonna protect that we understand what's going on. And protected they have allowing the Salvation Army to replace everything that was stolen. And to move forward to this day when it can finally deliver. A to have a place like this week its aid money pain you know eat good at fresh Charlotte saint tab I think is one.

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{"id":53641310,"title":"Salvation Army opens grocery store","duration":"1:57","description":"The organization enters new territory with the grand opening of its first nonprofit grocery store in Baltimore, Maryland.","url":"/US/video/salvation-army-opens-grocery-store-53641310","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}